Let Freedom Ring, Inc. Press Release

West Chester, PA September 1, 2004

Winners of Radio/TV Spot Contest
Winners share $67,500 in prize money

Let Freedom Ring, Inc. today announced 10 winners in its recently-concluded creative contest for independent producers of radio and TV commercials consistent with the organization's mission statement: "Promoting Constitutional government, economic freedom and traditional values."  Contest rules stated that only positive spots would be permitted.  "Attack ads" that gratuitously vilify any candidate or party were specifically excluded.

The People's Choice Category was based upon online voting from visitors to Let Freedom Ring's website, www.letfreedomring.com.  The winning spot, for which the prize was $10,000, was "We Believe" by Brent Bahler of Alexandria, Virginia.  The most thematically-comprehensive of any spot in the contest, it touched upon each of Let Freedom Ring's three themes in its mission statement, and then concluded that George W. Bush's views and values were harmonious with those themes.

The second-place spot in the People's Choice Category was "Humane Humanity" by Jeff Yochim of Chandler, Arizona.  His spot was focused entirely on the sanctity of life, and did not draw any conclusions regarding the 2004 Presidential campaign.  This is consistent with Let Freedom Ring's status as a 501 (c)(4) organization rather than a 527; its primary purposes are philosophical and educational, rather than political.

The two best overall radio spot winners were both produced by one creative group from Saline, Michigan.  "Religious Freedom" ($5,000) was produced by Ken Alfano, Anthony Nielson, Andrea Parunak, and Gene Parunak. "Amendment Number 2" was produced by Anthony Nielson, Ken Alfano, and Gene Parunak.  Neither spot referred to a Presidential candidate.

The remaining category winners were the product of a "virtual panel" of judges operating independently through the Internet.  "Best Overall" ($10,000) was taken by Frank Di Bugnara's "I Approve This Message."  Brent Bahler's "We Believe" placed second in this category, worth $5,000.

"Most Original" ($10,000) was Frank Di Bugnara's "I Approve This Message" which makes creative use of the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law "stand by your ad" provision.  Second in the category was "Vanished," ($5,000) another sanctity of life spot by Jeff Yochim.

The winner in the "Most Patriotic" category ($10,000) was Rex Elsass' "Let Freedom Ring," a touching testimony from the fireman father of a fireman son killed on September 11.  Second place ($5,000) went to "American Optimism," by high-school student Mark Lester of West Chester, PA.

Nearly one hundred spots were entered in the contest. Seventy-four were posted on the Let Freedom Ring website. Some were rejected on the grounds that they were negative, and some were near-duplicates of accepted entries by the same creators.

Jerry McGlothlin