MoveOn PAC Staff
(from MoveOn PAC website, 10/23/04)

Wes Boyd and Joan Blades

Eli Pariser
Executive Director

Senior Staff
Carrie Olson
Chief Operating Officer

Adam Ruben
Field Director

Hannah Pingree
National Candidate Outreach Director

Laura Dawn
Event and Cultural Director

James Rucker
Grassroots Mobilization Director

Program Staff
Diane Jones
Program Support Coordinator

Sam Dorman
Deputy Director

Mathew Jacobson
Director of the "Other" States

Rosalyn Lemieux
Online Organizer

Justin Ruben
Deputy Field Director

Field Staff
David Edeli
Central and Northern Florida Field Organizer

Matt Ewing
Missouri Field Organizer

Amy Hojnowski
Oregon Field Organizer

Ray Murphy
Eastern Pennsylvania Field Organizer

Jose Quinonez
South Florida Field Organizer

Jonathan Sclarsic
Western Pennsylvania Field Organizer

Katherine Smith
Central/Southern Ohio Field Organizer

Raiyan Syed
Iowa Field Organizer

Edward Sullivan
New Mexico Field Organizer