Anti-Kerry Websites
    June 2004    See also Pro-Bush Websites and Republicans on the Web.

New Addition:

Free Republic
"Free Republic is an online gathering place for independent, grass-roots conservatism on the web. We're working to roll back decades of governmental largesse, to root out political fraud and corruption, and to champion causes which further conservatism in America. And we always have fun doing it. Hoo-yah!"  Free Republic was founded in 1996 by Jim Robinson, a private citizen from Fresno, California. Funding for Free Republic is provided strictly by donations from our membership and readers.
"Patrick Hynes, a political consultant who now lives in the Washington DC area, started in January 2004 after John Kerry won the New Hampshire primary.  Hynes fled Massachusetts during the Dukakis-Kerry years as a young boy because they had literally made the state unlivable.  Since January, has grown into a grassroots news and activism site with thousands of members.  We have been featured in The Washington Times, The Economist, numerous local newspapers and talk radio shows."  Hynes further stated, "Conservative Americans are deeply frustrated.  They don't feel like their point-of-view is respected by Big Media.  And they don't feel like their point-of-view is given as much credence as other ideologies."  [Patrick Hynes, 06/23/04 e-mail]

Kerry Haters
A blog launched on February 28, 2004.

The Official John Kerry Waffle House Page
By Roger R. Estrada.

Swift Boat Veterans for Truth
" is a tax exempt non-partisan public advocacy '527' organization consisting of, and limited to, former military officers and enlisted men who served in Vietnam on U.S. Navy 'Swift Boats' or in affiliated commands...  Now that Senator John Kerry is the presumptive nominee of his Party for president, numerous questions have been raised concerning Mr. Kerry’s service in Vietnam and concerning his subsequent antiwar activities.  Our  mission is to provide solid factual information relating to Mr. Kerry’s abbreviated tour of duty as a member of Coastal Division 14 and Coastal Division 11."

Vietnam Vets for the Truth, LLC
In a May 14, 2004 press release CEO Terry Garlock, who served as an Army Cobra helicopter pilot in Vietnam, stated, "Our new VVT organization is not challenging Kerry’s Vietnam service.  We are going to tell the good news stories about Vietnam vets at our rally and how America should have welcomed them home with pride and gratitude.  We will contrast that truth with the lies told about them by John Kerry.”  Larry Bailey, CAPT, USN (Ret.) of Mt. Vernon, VA is President; Garlock, the CEO, is from Peachtree City, GA.  This group is organizing a "KERRY LIED...while good men died" rally to be held at the U.S. Capitol on September 12, 2004.

Veterans Against Kerry
"Veterans Against Kerry exists to inform America's voters, especially veterans, that John Kerry is unsuitable to be President of the United States."  Provides a bulletin board system forum for members.

Catholics Against Kerry
"Vote Catholic is a small group of lay Catholics who have banded together to encourage other Catholics to "Vote Catholic."  John Berns, a political independent from Minnesota founded the group in March 2004.  The initial impetus was our outrage over Kerry's shameless abuse of using 'church visits' as photo ops.  Despite his lack of political experience, he started a website,, and recruited several talented and likeminded individuals.

"Our National Coordinator is Kevin Collins who is an ex-police officer from New York, and is currently working in political research.  Mike Pearce, an 8th grade American history teacher from Texas who has been active in Republican politics and pro-life circles, is the Public Relations Coordinator."  [John Berns 07/12/04 e-mail]

Sportsmen for Kerry?
"I am sick and tired of political candidates saying and doing whatever is necessary to fool voters who they know they will eventually betray.  This is my attempt to get past their words. The candidates will not provide a clear and concise statement.  Being on both sides of this issue, along with many others, he [Kerry] is not a man that should be elected dog catcher."

Conservative Media Fund's
"The Conservative Media Fund is a PAC that creates and runs political ads to challenge liberal organizations. provides creative, internet, and consulting services."  Soft launch in late April 2004.  The Conservative Media Fund was founded by  by Jim Valentine and Concho Minick.  In a May 5, 2004 press release Valentine stated, "We're just a couple of average Joes from Atlanta who are alarmed at the thought of a Kerry Administration. The stakes are too high this year."  Minick stated, "This Presidential Election is being hijacked by a small group of liberal elite donating huge amounts of money to left wing 527s.  There hasn't been a response from the right to counter their actions."  The May 5 release announced "a nationwide contest for TV, radio and print advertisements to best define Senator John Kerry's habit of changing positions on important policy matters."

The Committee for Justice's Kerry's
On July 23, 2004 the Committee for Justice (CFJ) rolled out its "Kerry's Scary" project "to call attention to the type of judiciary a President Kerry would appoint, and what effect it would have on the nation."  In a press release CFJ Chairman C. Boyden Grey  stated, "Given the polarization between the two parties over judges' proper role as pioneers of law and social policy, or neutral arbiter of established law the Kerry's Scary' project is a light-hearted effort to call attention to the senator's judicial philosophy."

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