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The Travels of Sen. John Edwards -- August 2004
   << July            1
Springfield, OH*
Bowling Green, OH*
(Miami, FL)
Miami, FL
Orlando, FL
Jacksonville, FL
Baton Rouge, LA
Alexandria, LA
Shreveport, LA
(No. Little Rock, AR)
Little Rock, AR
Memphis, TN
(Cape Girardeau, MO)
Cape Girardeau, MO
St. Louis, MO*
Jefferson City, MO*
(Kansas City, MO)
Smithville, MO*
Kansas City, MO*
(through Kansas)
Lamar, CO*
La Junta, CO*
Lawrence, KS
Chicago, IL
Flint, MI
Rosemount, MN
Belle Plaine, MN
Fargo, ND
Waterloo, IA
Des Moines, IA
Springfield, MO
Willard, MO
Atlanta, GA
Fort Smith, AR
Birmingham, AL
New Orleans, LA
(Washington, DC)
WDC-no events
WDC-no events
Roanoke, VA
Nitro, WV
Charlotte, NC
McAdenville, NC
Milwaukee, WI
Racine, WI
Oshkosh, WI
La Crosse, WI
Columbus, OH
Cleveland, OH
Cleveland, OH
Warren, OH
Oklahoma City, OK
(Las Cruces, NM)
Mesilla, NM
Golden, CO
St. Charles, MO
Washington, DC
Washington, DC
Wilmington, NC
Beckley, WV
September >>
Note: This calender is based on campaign schedules and news accounts.  See Rationale, Methodology and Limitations.  


Post-Convention "Believe in America" tour continues
Sun. August 1, 2004
-Kerry and Edwards attend church at Greater Grace Temple in Springfield, OH.
Kerry and Edwards speak during an impromptu stop at a parking lot in Springfield, OH.
-Kerry and Edwards rally at the corner of North Main Street and East Court in Bowling Green, OH.
[Kerry and Edwards separate; Edwards to Miami, FL].

Mon. August 2, 2004
-Rally at James L. Knight Theater in Miami, FL.  -after the rally he did a closed door meeting with Cuban Americans
-Makes a front porch visit at the home of Daniel and Shawn Morgan (identified in news accounts as Republicans voting Democrat) in the Cherokee Park section of Orlando, FL.
-Addresses 46th Annual Convention of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference at the Jacksonville Hilton in Jacksonville, FL.

Tues. August 3, 2004
-Rally on the West Lawn of the Old State House in Baton Rouge, LA.
-Discusses Kerry-Edwards plan to restore fiscal discipline at a town hall meeting at Alexandria Riverfront Center in Alexandria, LA.
-Family picnic at Ford Park, Lake Side in Shreveport, LA.
Overnights in North Little Rock, AR.

Wed. August 4, 2004
-Attends a rally at the North Shore Riverfront Park in Little Rock, AR.
-Tours the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, TN.
-Joined by his wife Elizabeth and Congressman Harold Ford Jr. attends a rally on Beale Street in Memphis, TN.
Overnights at The Victorian Inn in Cape Girardeau, MO.

Thurs. August 5, 2004
Remarks to supporters outside The Victorian Inn in Cape Girardeau, MO.
By bus from Cape Girardeau to St. Louis.
-After their separate campaign swings, Kerry and Edwards re-unite and kick-off their train trip to the West with a rally at historic Union Station in St. Louis, MO.
Kerry and Edwards stop to address the crowd at the station in Washington, MO.
-Kerry and Edwards make their first official train stop and hold an early evening rally at the State Capitol in Jefferson City, MO.
-Kerry and Edwards brief stop to address the crowd from the train in Sedalia, MO.
Overnight in Kansas City, MO.

Fri. August 6, 2004
-Kerry and Edwards tour Jim and Ruth Nelson's farm and discuss energy independence and issues facing small farmers with community members in Smithville, MO.  (Clay County, north of Kansas City)
-Kerry and Edwards rally outside Union Station in Kansas City, MO.
All night train trip through Kansas.

Sat. August 7, 2004
-Kerry and Edwards greet supporters at the station in Lamar, CO.
-Kerry and Edwards rally at La Junta City Park in La Junta, CO.

Sun. August 8, 2004
-Edwards and family do a thank you rally at Buford Watson Park (Train Park) in Lawrence, KS.  -on Friday night/Sat. a.m. the Kerry-Edwards train had sped past a throng of waiting supporters.

Mon. August 9, 2004
-Attends an AFL-CIO executive council meeting at the Drake Hotel, Chicago, IL.
-Stops at Manny's Coffee Shop & Deli with Sen. Dick Durbin and state Sen. Barack Obama in Chicago, IL.

Tues. August 10, 2004
Time off in NC.

Wed. August 11, 2004
Time off in NC.

Thurs. August 12, 2004
Time off in NC.

Fri. August 13, 2004
-Makes a front porch visit with Sue Duffiney, Philip Phelps and Shirley Woods at 4021 Cuthbertson and Crawford in Flint, MI.
-Attends a Kerry-Edwards 2004 rally at Mott Community College in Flint, MI.
-Attends an Olympic opening ceremonies watch party at Rosemount High School Gymnasium in Rosemount, MN.
-Elizabeth Edwards, on her first solo trip  >>

Sat. August 14, 2004
-Front porch visit at the home of Marian Fogerty on South Eagle Street in Belle Plaine, MN.
-Rally at North Dakota State University's Churchill Field in Fargo, ND.

Sun. August 15, 2004
-Makes a front porch visit to the home of Tom and Donna Powers at Campbell Ave & Euclid St in Waterloo, IA.
-Attends church at Payne Memorial AME Church in Waterloo, IA.
-Makes a front porch visit to the home of Peter and Patricia Peterson at Cottage Grove & 38th in Des Moines, IA.
Unannounced stop at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines, IA.
-Evening rally at Southwest Missouri State University's Historical Quadrangle at Carrington Hall in Springfield, MO.

Mon. August 16, 2004
-Discusses Kerry-Edwards rural plan at the farm of J.M. and Nancy Crighton at West Farm Road 84 and South AB in Willard, MO.
-Holds a rally at the Georgia International Convention Center in College Park (near Hartsfield Atlanta Int'l Airport), GA.
-Attends a DNC fundraiser at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Atlanta, GA.  ($)

Tues. August 17, 2004
Mid-morning arrival at Fort Smith Regional Airport, Fort Smith, AR.
-Town Hall at the University of Arkansas Fort Smith's Baldor Technology Center–Mechanical Engineering Lab in Fort Smith, AR.
(on the ground for a little over 3 hr) Departs Fort Smith Regional Airport for Birmingham Airport.
-Fundraiser at the Summit Club in downtown Birmingham, AL.  ($)
Visits Democratic headquarters at the Frank Nelson building on 20th Street; dinner at Bottega in Birmingham, AL.

Wed. August 18, 2004
Arrives New Orleans Lakefront Airport.
-Tours and participates in a roundtable with workers at the Job 1 Career Center in New Orleans, LA.
-Attends a Kerry/Edwards Victory Fund reception at the Loews New Orleans Hotel in New Orleans, LA.  ($)
Flight Lakefront Airport to Washington National, Washington DC.

Thurs. August 19, 2004
Washington, DC-no scheduled events.

Fri. August 20, 2004
Washington, DC-no scheduled events.

Sat. August 21, 2004
-Holds a town hall at Lucy Addison Aerospace Magnet School in Roanoke, VA.
-Holds a town hall at Nitro Community Center-Kathy Mattea Auditorium in Nitro, WV.

Sun. August 22, 2004
-Attends church at University Park Baptist Church in Charlotte, NC.
-Holds a front porch visit at Mockingbird Drive and Main Street/Hwy 7 in McAdenville, NC.
-Hosts a block party at Humboldt Park in Milwaukee, WI.

Mon. August 23, 2004
-Holds a town hall at Memorial Hall in Racine, WI.
-Holds a worker roundtable at Delta Family Restaurant in Oshkosh, WI.
-Rallies at Riverside Park Fountain in La Crosse, WI.

Tues. August 24, 2004
Arrives Columbus International Airport.
-Meets with laid-off workers and addresses the Ohio AFL-CIO Convention at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, OH.
Arrives Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.
-Attends Kerry-Edwards Victory Fund reception at the Intercontinental Hotel Conference Center in Cleveland, OH.  ($)

Wed. August 25, 2004
-Town hall at Friendly Inn Settlement in Cleveland, OH.
-"Rally in the Valley" at Warren Community Amphitheater in Warren, OH.
-Attends Kerry-Edwards Victory 2004 reception at the Westin Hotel in Oklahoma City, OK.  ($)
“Oklahoma Airport Send-Off” at Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City, OK.
Overnights in Las Cruces, NM.

Thurs. August 26, 2004
-Rallies with voters at the Historic Old Mesilla Plaza in Mesilla, NM.
-Hosts a town hall with voters at Jefferson County Fairgrounds in Golden, CO.

Fri. August 27, 2004
-Town hall meeting at Foundry Art Centre in St. Charles (St. Louis area), MO.

Sat. August 28, 2004
Sun. August 29, 2004
weekend in Washington, DC.

Mon. August 30, 2004
-Delivers a major national security address at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington in Wilmington, NC.
Flight to Raleigh County Memorial Airport in WV.
Unscheduled stop at Tamarack, an arts and crafts center in Beckley, WV.

Tues. August 31, 2004
-Makes a front-porch visit at the home of retired miner Dickie Todd (Flannery Rd. and Highway 41-Piney View) in Beckley, WV.
-Stronger America Begins at Home rally at Shoemaker Square in Beckley, WV.

Copyright © 2004, 2005  Eric M. Appleman/Democracy in Action
Note on the Aug. 8 Lawrence, KS thank you rally
Mrs. Edwards' Posting on the Kerry-Edwards Official Blog:

Missing Lawrence

After an unbelievable rally in Kansas City -- I mean 25,000 plus people who were really alive with energy, people as far as you could see, people who started gathering before 5 for a 10 PM rally -- we boarded the terrific train again. It was getting late by then, and we had no news of any crowds waiting for us as we sped in the darkness through Kansas. People onboard started falling asleep, dropping off slowly, pulling out pullmans, grabbing a pillow and blanket and curling up in a chair for our overnight on the train.

I was sitting up in the small lounge at the back of our car when I heard it: the growing sounds of cheers and screams, and then I saw it -- speeding by too fast to count, on both sides of the track, was it a thousand or more people waiting for us in Lawrence, Kansas? They were cheering and waving and smiling. We raised our hands to wave, but the engineer hadn't slowed and by the time we had waved even a little to the signs and cheers and camera flashes, it was dark again. We sat frustrated -- but we knew we were not as frustrated as the people of Lawrence, Kansas, who stood until 1 AM for the train to pass through -- a whistle stop, a slow roll, whatever. And then "whatever" was just a glimpse, a half-wave.

So we awoke this morning, scrambling to find a way to show Lawrence the same affection it had shown us. Our promise to Lawrence: we are juggling right now so that we can visit and thank you in person for that great gift in the darkness.

John and I have a special affection for Lawrence. In 1976, we drove my parents' old station wagon from North Carolina to the Grand Canyon and back. We had so little money that we ate in restaurants only twice -- a McDonalds in New Mexico and a Pizza Hut in Lawrence. We stayed in a motel once in Colorado, but only because there was a huge electrical storm that made camping with the gear we had too dangerous. As we came back through Colorado, coming down the Rockies, we inadvertently left the brake on -- we thought we had released it fully, the perils of a unfamiliar car -- and by the time we got to Kansas the car needed attention. We hadn't much money, but we found a compassionate mechanic in Lawrence who helped us out for an amount we could afford, and while he worked, we ate that pizza. So, Lawrence, we owe you twice. Don't worry, we'll repay that debt. And soon.

Posted by Elizabeth Edwards on August 7, 2004 at 10:57 AM

a">Posted by Elizabeth Edwards on August 7, 2004 at 10:57 AM