Kerry and Allies-Organization, California

Kerry-Edwards 2004, Inc.  |  10350 Santa Monica Blvd, Suite 330  |   Los Angeles 
State Director Sky Gallegos
Gallegos served as deputy campaign manager/political director for Sen. John Edwards' presidential primary campaign (announcement that she had joined the campaign came in March 2003) then ran his One America Committee.  Before joining Edwards' team she served as COO and political director of EdVoice, a California education and advocacy organization.  In the 2000 campaign she was California state director for the Gore primary campaign, and Western Regional Political Director for the Gore/Lieberman campaign.  Prior to the campaign she was Western political director for Leadership '98, Gore's leadership PAC.  Gallegos worked in the White House Office of Intergovernmental Affairs.  She served as deputy political director for the Clinton/Gore '96 campaign in California.

Communications Director (in DC): Luis Vizcaino

"Every Vote Counts" [Coordinated Campaign]  |  888 S. Figueroa, 4th Floor  |  Los Angeles
Director Van Parish
(announced July 2004)  "As staff and advisor to numerous policymakers, elected officials, and political candidates, Parish has worked with leaders throughout the country, at every level of government, from city council to Congress."  Worked with the Gore/Lieberman recount effort in Florida.  Northern California Political Director for the State Coordinated Campaign in 2000.  Political director for the California Democratic Party, the youngest, as well as the first African American to do so.  Alameda County Regional Director for Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley's gubernatorial campaign, 1982.  Interned in the Carter White House,1979.  First electoral campaign working for the late California Congressman Julian Dixon, 1978.  A graduate of the University of Southern California's School of Public Policy, Golden Gate University's School of Law and the Coro Fellowship in Public Affairs.
Political Director Teri Holoman
(oversaw all outreach to various political figures and community based organizations, as well as assisting field staff to plan events and GOTV activities).  Holoman has a long history of political and community work in the Los Angeles region, including staff for Sen. Kevin Murray.
State Field Director Levin Sy
Previously served as national field manager for Rock the Vote.  Lead field staff for the San Diego area on the California Democratic Party’s 2002 Coordinated Campaign.  
Consultant for Training and Data Management Cathy Keig
On leave from a long and varied tenure with the California State Senate.
Deputy Political Director/Deputy Field Director Solomon Rivera

Communications Director Mary Gutierrez

Controller Chiarra Sithichai

Computer Systems Manager Kyung Park

Promote and Protect the Vote (P2TV) Director Erin Walsh
A Los Angeles attorney.

Regional Office Coordinators:

Rafael Gonzalez, Sandra Gonzalez-Castro, LaNiece Jones, Richard Martinez Jr, Elliot Petty, Iley Whiting, and Lisa Williams

California Democratic Party  |  1401 21st Street, Suite 100  |  Sacramento   and   888 S. Figueroa Street, 4th Floor  |  Los Angeles
State Chair Senator Art Torres (Ret.)
Appointed Chairman to finish the term vacated by Bill Press in 1995, elected in 1996, re-elected, unopposed in 2001.  Served twenty years in the California State Legislature, eight as an Assembly member and twelve as a State Senator.  Ran for Insurance Commissioner in 1994.  Bachelors degree from UC Santa Cruz and J.D. from UC Davis. 
1st Vice Chair (So. Cal.) - Alexandra "Alex" Gallardo-Rooker 2nd Vice Chair (No. Cal). - Alicia Wang
Secretary - Reginald Byron Jones-Sawyer
Controller - Antonio Salazar-Hobson

Regional Directors (21)
Executive Director Kathy Bowler
Executive director since 1995.  Took a leave of absence to serve as California state director on Gore 2000 (named July 26, 1999, left the position Jan. 2000).  Chief of staff to State Senate President David Roberti, 1994.  CEO of a political voter file firm.  Chief consultant to Roberti, 1985.  Directed the Mondale/Ferraro campaign in Northern California.  Controller for the Host Committee for the 1984 Democratic National Convention in San Francisco. 
Research Director Chris Masami Myers
Deputy Director Robert Jordan

Campaign Advisor Bob Mulholland
Campaign advisor to the California Democratic Party since March 1991 (Mulholland managed Phil Angelides' successful campaign to become state party chair in March 1991).  He has been involved in hundreds of campaigns and initiatives, local and statewide, and played a key role in California Democratic Party campaigns since 1992 and in many presidential campaigns.  Active with the Democratic Party for more than 30 years.  Vietnam veteran, he served with the 101st Airborne and was wounded in the Tet Offensive. 

California Labor Federation, AFL-CIO
Headquarters:  600 Grand Av., Suite 410, Oakland
Legislative Office:  1127 11th Street, Suite 425, Sacramento
Los Angeles Office:  3303 Wilshire Blvd #415, Los Angeles
President: Connie Leyva 
Executive Secretary-Treasurer: Art Pulaski

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