Kerry and Allies-Organization, Georgia

Kerry-Edwards 2004, Inc. 
State Director Jan Prisby Bryson
Also served as Georgia State Director for Gore/Lieberman (official, but unpaid).  In 2003 became a partner in a small women-owned business; business owner since 1995 (chairman of TOC Inc.).  Worked for Delta Airlines for 15 years.  Has worked and volunteered on a number of campaigns in Georgia since 1992. 
Communications Director Caroline Adelman
Adelman has filled this role on the 1992, 1996 and 2000 campaigns.  Full-time mom; wife of State Sen. David Adelman.

Bryson and Adelman were official but unpaid.

Also note: Former Sen. Max Cleland was a co-chair of Kerry's national steering committee and one of the most active campaigners on his behalf.

Citizen Initiatives
The campaign in Georgia really depended on independent volunteer efforts.  The most noteworthy of these was Kerry Win Georgia, based in DeKalb County (greater Atlanta area).  Another example was East Cobb Citizens for Kerry/Edwards, based in Marietta.


Democratic Party of Georgia |  1100 Spring Street, Suite 710  |  Atlanta 
State Chair Bobby Kahn
(Elected chair Feb. 2004, after named as interim chair in January)  Chief counsel for LUC Media.  Executive secretary (chief of staff) to Gov. Roy Barnes.  Campaign manager on Barnes' successful 1998 campaign for governor.  Started LUC Media [lowest unit charge], a media placement firm.  Managed Roy Barnes unsuccessful campaign for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination in 1990.  Chaired the host committee for the 1988 Democratic National Convention in Atlanta.  Executive director of the Georgia Democratic party starting in 1985.  Private law practice.  Worked on Joe Frank Harris' 1982 gubernatorial campaign.
Executive Director/Director of Coordinated Campaign Jeff DiSantis
(Started Jan. 2003)  Worked with general consultant Jim Andrews; clients included Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman, U.S. Sen. Paul Wellstone, Bob Casey’s campaign for Pennsylvania Governor and Georgia Attorney General Thurbert Baker, Feb.-Dec. 2002.  Legislative assistant to Sen. Zell Miller, Feb. 2001-Feb. 2002.  Research director on Miller's 2000 campaign.  Communications director in the office of Georgia Attorney General Thurbert Baker after serving as Baker's campaign manager in 1998.  Research director on Lewis Massey's campaign for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination in Georgia, 1998.  Deputy Director of the DNC's Compliance Division.  Comptroller/Compliance Officer for the Pennsylvania Democratic Coordinated Campaign, fall 1996.
Political Director Pat Pullar

Communications Director Emil Runge
During the primaries took leave to serve as Georgia State Director Sen. John Edwards' campaign.  Experience also includes work as a research analyst for Bill Bradley's 2000 presidential campaign.
Research Director Mike Goodman
Research Analysts Taylor West
Josh White

Voter File Director Chris Huttman

Director of County Affairs Angelia Knight

House Caucus Director Paul Barsness
Deputy House Caucus Director Tahir Duckett

Director of Operations Michelle Spears

Finance Director Caroline McNulty


Georgia AFL-CIO  |  501 Pulliam Street, SW, Suite 549  | Atlanta 


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