Kerry and Allies-Organization, Iowa

Kerry-Edwards 2004, Inc.  |  1408 Locust Street  |  Des Moines 
State Director Mike Malaise
Political director for Kerry's Iowa caucus campaign starting in June 2003, then ran Kerry's North Dakota campaign (Feb. 3), and served as political director for his Wisconsin campaign (Feb. 17).  Communications director for the Iowa Democratic Party from January 2003.  Communications director for the House and Senate Caucus, April-Dec. 2002.  Press secretary to Congressman Ken Lucas of Kentucky in Washington from January 2000. 
Communications Director Colin Van Ostern
Press secretary for Sen. John Edwards NH Primary campaign started March 1, 2003.  Communications director for Gov. Jeanne Shaheen's U.S. Senate campaign in 2002.  Previously (and for several months after the 2002 campaign) press secretary for the NHDP.  Prior to that he lived in Washington, DC and worked as a producer for The McLaughlin Group and press secretary to Congressman Jim Turner (D-TX).  He also served as press secretary to Texas congressional candidate Loy Sneary.  Van Ostern earned a B.A. from the Elliot School at the George Washington University, 2000.
Political Director Marcia Nichols
Legislative political director for AFSCME Iowa Council 61.

also note
John Norris, who served as Kerry's state director for the Iowa caucus campaign, is the campaign's National Field Director.  In that role he worked out of DC until the later part of September; ABC's The Note reported on Sept. 28, 2004 that he is being dispatched to the state.

Julie Andreeff, a veteran of Kerry's Iowa caucus campaign, served as political director early on but spent the last five months of the campaign in Ohio.


Victory 2004|  1408 Locust Street  |  Des Moines  Field Offices
Coordinated Campaign Director Ben Foecke
Served as Caucus Director for the Iowa Democratic Party, responsible for organizing the Jan. 19, 2004 precinct caucuses.
Co-Canvass/Field Director Jayson Sime
Started working at the Iowa Democratic Party in June 2003 doing community outreach and then served as Deputy Caucus Director.  Graduate of the University of Northern Iowa.  Native of Burlington.
Co-Canvass/Field Director Matt de Ferranti
During the Iowa caucus campaign de Ferranti ran the Kerry campaign's Council Bluffs field office.
Deputy Canvass/Field Director Sue Monahan
Office manager/scheduler on Rep. Dick Gephardt's Iowa caucus campaign.  Previously worked on a state senate race in Carroll, Iowa.  Graduate of the University of Northern Iowa in Waterloo.

Assistant Gavin Daly
Student at Drake University.  From Glen Ellyn, IL.

GOTV Director Mike Marshall
Consultant from San Francisco.

Note: When GOTV started Jayson Sime, Matt de Ferranti and Sue Monahan then served as Deputy GOTV Directors.

Field Offices
16 Regional Field Directors
19 Team Leaders
11 GOTV Directors

Research Director Amanda Mahnke
Deputy political director of the Minnesota DFL Coordinated Campaign in 2002.
Early Vote and Volunteer Czar Heather Hargreaves
Regional director on Wesley Clark's NH primary campaign, based in Hanover, after serving same role on Sen. Bob Graham's NH primary campaign (Upper Valley field organizer).
Volunteer Coordinator Craig Davis

Out of State Travelers Coordinator Aaron Silverman

Surrogate Scheduler Janet Haselhoff
with AFSCME Iowa Council 61.
Human Resources/Operations Director Francis Boggus
Council Bluffs attorney. Delegate to the 2004 Democratic National Convention.
Voter Protection Director Matt Gannon
(From September 2004)  Took a leave of absence from position as an Associate at Arnold & Porter, LLP in Washington, DC.  J.D., University of Iowa, 1998.  B.A., University of Notre Dame, 1994.
General Consultant Craig Varoga
Principal partner of Varoga Rice & Shalott, a Houston-based political consulting firm he co-founded in 1995.  Served as National Field Director on Wesley Clark's campaign.

Iowa Democratic Party  |  Victory 2004  |  1408 Locust Street  |  Des Moines
Main office at 5661 Fleur Drive is serving as a field office for Polk County Democrats through to the election.
Chair Gordon R. Fischer
Partner in a Des Moines law firm (attorney in general practice, specializing in employment law).  J.D. from Southern Illinois University, 1994.  B.A. from the University of Iowa, 1991.
Executive Director Jean Hessburg
(January 2002)  Previous experience includes senior vice president of programs for ProChoice Resource Center; California Director, People For the American Way Foundation; Hollywood Women’s Political Committee; and Development Director of California Human Rights Watch.  Campaign director and legislative director for Congressman Dave Nagle (D-IA).  B.A. from the University of Northern Iowa.
Communications Director John McCormally
With the IDP since 2002.  Masters in Public Policy from Pepperdine University, 2000.
Spokesperson Carrie Giddins
(started latter part of July 2004)  Experience includes account executive at Terris & Barnes, Political Media Inc. in  San Francisco, 2001-02; program manager at League of Conservation Voters Education Fund, 2000-01; and account administrator at Greer, Margolis, Mitchell, Burns & Associates, 1997-99.   MS from Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism, May 2004; MA from the Graduate School of Political Management at The George Washington University, 2001; BA from Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY, 1996.
Director of Technology David Vogelaar

Deputy Technology Director Andrew Brown

Base Outreach Joseph Jones

Latino Outreach Francisco Hernandez

Vol. Coordinator/Women's Outreach Amy Kearns

Controller John Schmacker

Office Manager Donna Latessa

Iowa Senate Campaign Director - Emily Parcell
Iowa Senate Fundraising Director - Heather Johnk
Iowa Senate Fundraiser - Melissa Peterson
Iowa Senate Field Director - Andy LaVigne
Iowa House Campaign Director - Tim Gannon
Iowa House - Kevin Boyd, Karen Erickson

America Coming Together  | 1500 Locust Street  |  Des Moines >>

Operating from eight offices around the state, including the headquarters in Des Moines, ACT Iowa had 20 staff, 138 canvassers, almost 1,100 volunteers prior to Election Day.  ACT Iowa focused on Democrats, Independents and marginal voters (people who had voted in one of the last three general elections).  ACT Iowa:

-Ran an aggressive absentee ballot campaign, going after very infrequent voters who are particularly difficult to turn out.  Through this specific program, ACT-IA reached its goal of getting 22,000 absentee ballot requests turned in. 
-From June through Election Day, ACT-IA canvassers knocked on some 560,000 doors.  Heading in to Election Day, canvassers had conversations with 266,000 people. 
-For GOTV (the last three weekends of the campaign) and on Election Day, ACT-IA continued to focus on going after the “hard to reach fruit” by running a turnout program in rural areas.  Over 600 staffers and volunteers spanned across Iowa and talked to 60,000 voters in 195 small towns.  These are Iowans who almost never get a knock on their doors in the days before an election, voters that the parties want to talk to, but never have the time for in the last days of an election.  This effort helped boost a number of winning Democratic challenge candidates for the state legislature; local candidates ran ahead of Kerry in each of the five winning open seat or challenge races. 
-Another success was the communications program.  The ACT-IA communications team organized and executed creative, attention-grabbing protests, filled the inboxes of local reporters with messages highlighting the failures of Republicans up and down the ticket, and shaped the coverage of federal, state and local races. 

Iowa Director Jeff Link
Principal of Link Strategies, an Iowa-based political and government relations consulting firm he founded during law school.  Campaign manager for Sen. Tom Harkin’s successful 1996 and 2002 campaigns.  Iowa State Director for Gore-Lieberman in 2000.  Chief of Staff for Sen. Harkin, 1997-99.  Directed Democrats' efforts to maintain their majority in the Virginia House of Delegates, 1995.  Executive assistant to Speaker Robert W. O’Donnell of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives from 1991-94; managed O'Donnell's gubernatorial campaign in 1994.  Law degree from Drake University, 2002.
Deputy Iowa Director Sharon Haselhoff
Iowa Finance Director on Citizen for Harkin, Sen. Harkin's 2002 re-election campaign, starting in March 2001.  Worked briefly in Secretary of State Chet Culver's office.  Regional field director for EMILY's List Women Vote! starting July 2000.  Deputy political director on Vice President Gore's Iowa caucus campaign, starting April 1999, and did surrogate scheduling for the final month; after the caucuses went on to serve as political director in Washington State.  Worked on the Schools First Initiative, starting Feb. 1999.  Iowa Democratic Party House Truman staffer, managing four Iowa House races, 1998.  Graduate of Iowa State University, 1998.
Field/Canvass Director Nader Halawa
One of seven regional field directors on Gov. Howard Dean's Iowa caucus campaign, and in the fall served as deputy canvass director for Dean’s “Iowa Storm.”   A GOTV coordinator on Sen. Mary Landrieu’s successful 2002 re-election runoff in Louisiana.  Worked on the 2002 the Iowa Coordinated Campaign as a team canvass leader in Ames; earlier was a fundraiser on John Norris’ congressional campaign in Iowa's 4th CD.  Graduate of Iowa State University.
Des Moines/Polk County
Devin Mehaffey
Aaron Bratcher
Alec Johnson
Matt Unger
Blackhawk County
Blacks Building
501 Sycamore St. Suite 200, Waterloo 
Arti Panjwani
Scott County
826 E. River Dr. Suite 2, Davenport 
David Meggers
Johnson County
102 2nd Ave., Coralville
Tawny Wilson
Linn County
1117 1st Ave. S.E., Cedar Rapids
Kim Pieper
Pottawattamie County
622 4th St., Council Bluffs
Liza Albright
Story County
207 Stanton #4, Ames
Jeffe Happe
Woodbury County
Orpheum Building
520 Pierce St. Suite 256
Sioux City
Ric Silber
Communications Director Bo Berntsen
Worked on Sen. Edwards Iowa Caucus campaign as a Polk County field organizer.  Younger brother of Rob Berntsen.

America Votes  |  1500 Locust Street  |  Des Moines 
Rob Berntsen
Iowa Caucus Director for Sen. John Edwards campaign starting Feb. 14, 2003.  Chief of Staff to Secretary of State Chet Culver, after serving as Director of the Business Services Division in Culver's office.  He gained his law degree with distinction at University of Iowa College of Law in 1998.  Prior to that, he worked in Washington, DC for three years, after graduating from Georgetown University (1992).  He is a native of Marion, Iowa. 

Iowa Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO  |  2000 Walker Street, Suite A  |  Des Moines  >>
President: Mark Smith (member of  AFT).
Secretary-Treasurer: Ken Sagar (member of  IBEW).
Executive Vice President: Jan Laue (member of  BCTGM).
AFL-CIO - Deborah Dion

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