Kerry and Allies-Organization, Idaho

Kerry-Edwards 2004, Inc. 
State Director Jim Grossman
(July 2004)  Grossman is an environmentally progressive developer, notably of Hidden Springs, a 915-home, 1,700-acre national award-winning rural community in Boise.  Longtime friend with the Kerrys, going back to Teresa Heinz Kerry and the late Sen. Heinz.  He earned a B.A. in Political Science from Colorado College, 1988.  Ketchum resident.  Active in high action, adventure sports.

Idaho Democratic Party
Chairman Carolyn Boyce
(Moved up from vice chair in Spring 2000; elected in Feb. 2001 and Feb. 2003).  C.P.A. with a practice in Boise.
Executive Director Maria Weeg
(started Feb. 2003).  Field director of the coordinated campaign in 2002.  Served on the platform and executive committees of the state party.  Graduate student/adjunct teacher at Idaho State University; she has a graduate degree in public administration and has completed all of the coursework for a doctorate in political science.
Legislative Liaison Amber Pence-Fink

Office Manager Jill Ellsworth


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