Kerry and Allies-Organization, Maine

Kerry-Edwards 2004, Inc.  |  137 Kennebec Street  |  Portland
State Director Jesse Connolly
(started June 1, 2004)  Connolly served as Kerry's Maine political director for the Feb. 8 caucuses.  Previously he worked as communications director for Senate President Beverly Daggett, and in the 2002 cycle he was director for the State Senate Caucus.  A Mainer, Connolly graduated from Bates College in May 2001 with a B.A. in political science.
Communications Director Jesse Derris
Spokesman for Howard Dean's Maine caucus campaign.  Worked for Rabinowitz Media, a strategic communications firm in Washington, DC.  Graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2002.

Volunteer Political Director - Justin Leites
(started Sept. 2004)  On leave from the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) where he served as a staffer to Administrator Mark Malloch Brown starting in 2000; promoted to head of the internal communications department in 2002.  (Leites' involvement in the campaign later became a subject of some controversy as the subject of  an official complaint with the internal investigative arm of UNDP on April 7, 2005; reported by the New York Sun in May). 

Victory 2004
Coordinated Campaign Director Dana Stinson
Worked as a program manager at National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI) handling their Bosnia portfolio.  Previously worked on educational programming for congressional staff at the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington, DC.  Served with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) mission to Bosnia-Herzegovina.  Started career in foreign policy as a civil servant at the Department of Defense in 1993.  Master's degree in public policy (international economic and security policy studies) from University of Maryland, College Park and B.A. in government from Colby College in Waterville.
Field Director John Hennessy
(Finance director for the last month)  Lobbyist.  Regional field director in Southern Maine on the 2002 Coordinated Campaign.  Originally from New York.
Deputy Field Director Anne Bagley

Communications Director Christopher Harris

Director of Information, Events, Audiences Jonathan Hillier

Road Trip To Victory Coordinator Liz McMahon

Operations Director Mercedes Marino

Legal Advisor Sarah Baker

Field Organization
Portland Office: 137 Kennebec Street
Regional Field Director - Maggie Allen
Field Organizer - Samantha Kurkjy
Adam Cowing
LGBT Field Coord. (MDP) - Ryan Anderson
Senate Caucus Field - Kevin Moynihan
Waterville Office - 16 Common Street
Field Director - Kate Nyhan
Bangor Office - 56 Main Street
Regional Field Director - Sarah Stevens
also Aymie Walshe
Deputy Field Director - Torvic Vardamis
Field Organizer - Eric Black
Field Organizer - Winthrop Roosevelt
Field Organizer - Kerry Wahl
House Caucus Field - Steve Ransom
Senate Caucus Field - Greg Olson
Lewiston Office - 110 Lisbon Street
Regional Field Director - Stephanie Hart
Deputy Field Director - Ben Buxton
Field Organizer - Mackenzie Keliher
House Caucus Field - Paul Brunetti
Volunteer - Jim Horwitz
East Millinocket Office - 101 Main Street
Field Organizer - Diane Gagnon
Presque Isle Office - 431 Main Street
Field Organizer - Rachel Smith
House Caucus Field - Dara Kidder

Maine Democratic Party  |  12 Spruce St.  |  Augusta
State Chair Dorothy "Dottie" Melanson
Elected in June 2003.  From Falmouth.  Delegate to the 2000 Democratic National Convention; neonatal nurse at Maine Med.
Executive Director Aymie Walshe
(started January 2003)  Born and raised in Maine.  Second District field coordinator for John Baldacci's successful gubernatorial campaign in 2002, then worked on the transition team to plan the Governor's inauguration.  Started full time political work in 2001 as the field director for Sean Faircloth's congressional campaign in a heated six-way primary.  B.S. in education and early child development from the University of Maine, Farmington. 
Voterfile Coordinator Steve Frampton

Finance Director Karen Sudbay

Compliance/Books Claire Pomerleau

Office Manager Diane Kirchner

House Caucus Director Toby McGrath
House Caucus Field Staff: George Austin, Paul Brunetti, Amelia Golden, Erika Helgerson, James Keiliszek, Sarah Ripley
Senate Caucus Director Ben Grant
Senate Caucus Field Staff: Lauren Debelius

Americans Coming Together  | 145 Lisbon Street, Suite 504  |  Lewiston (opened May 15, 2004) >>
other offices in Bangor and Fort Kent
ACT Maine was the smallest of the ACT state organizations with eight field staff and about 30 paid canvassers.  ACT focused most of its efforts on the 2nd CD.  Over the summer ACT registered about 11,000 voters.  ACT set a goal of contacting 20,000 infrequent voting Democrats and unenrolled voters eight times before the election (this was done using layered communications, for example an auto call, a door knock, a follow-up mail piece...).  In the final two weeks ACT workers focused on a GOTV universe of 17,000 people in 32 towns in the 2nd CD.  In sum State Director Rich Pelletier-Simpson described the effort as "a very targeted campaign" that reached "folks that weren't regularly communicated with." 
State Director Rich Pelletier-Simpson
Started with ACT as New Hampshire communications director in late 2003.  Political director for Think About It, an unsucessful November 2003 referendum to build a casino resort in Sanford, Maine.  Maine House Caucus Director in the 2000 and 2002 cycles.  Graduate of University of Maine at Fort Kent.  A Mainer.
Field Director John Murphy
A regional field director for John Baldacci's 2002 gubernatorial campaign.
Lewiston Jeremy Foster
Native of Waterville.
Bangor Roxanne Munksgaarde
Member of IBEW Local 1837.  Dean delegate to the 2004 Democratic National Convention.  Northern Maine Regional Organizer, Dean for Maine campaign.
Fort Kent (office on Main Street) Jeremy Lestage
University of Southern Maine.  Interned for Congressman Tom Allen in Fall 2003 and the Maine AFL-CIO in Spring 2004.
(Note. Fort Kent in St. John Valley is the highest Democratic performing area in the state).
Canvass Coordinator Julia Shannon

Communications Director Bill Brown
Hails from Maine.  Was the Legislative Director for Speaker of the House Michael Saxl and Pat Colwell.
Deputy Communications Director Zandra Rice


Maine AFL-CIO  |  Bangor Office: 157 Park St.  |  Augusta Office: 65-71 State St. 
President: Edward Gorham
Vice President: Brenda Kaler
Secretary-Treasurer: Ned McCann

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