Kerry and Allies-Organization, Missouri

Kerry-Edwards 2004, Inc.   8415 Wornall  |  Kansas City 
State Director Tony Wilson
After a decade in politics, Wilson moved to the private sector in 1997, serving as Government Affairs Manager for Sprint Corporation from 1997-2000 and then as Manager of Government Affairs for Microsoft Corporation from 2000 to present.  His political experience includes National Campaign Director for the DCCC, 1996; Vice President Gore's Political Director at the DNC, 1995; Director of Scheduling, Office of Vice President Gore, 1993-95; Northeast Campaign Director for the DCCC, 1993-94; Coordinated Campaign Director in Connecticut, 1992; Director of the DNC's Job Talent Bank, 1990-91; Political Liaison at the DSCC, 1989-90; Scheduler for Lautenberg For Senate, 1988; Trip Director for Gephardt for President, 1988; and staffer for Congressman Alan Wheat (MO-5), 1986-88.  Wilson is a 1985 graduate of the University of Missouri with a BA in political science.
Communications Director Michael Golden
Golden most recently managed Gery Chico's 2004 campaign for the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate in Illinois.

Missouri Victory 2004  |  3234 LaClede Station Road  |  Maplewood (St. Louis area)
According to a Democratic source, the Missouri Coordinated Campaign had a budget of $4 million dollars and more than 80 employees in 26 offices across the state.  (An AP report said the Democratic campaign had about 76 people and 25 field offices).  However, after the St. Louis debate both the Democratic and Republican campaigns shifted much of their resources out of Missouri to other states. For the Democratic campaign the DNC pullout caused a week or so of disruption, but a reduced staff, including many with Missouri origins, carried on, and the McCaskill campaign helped fund what was left.  
Director Jim Kottmeyer
Executive director of the Missouri Democratic Party Jan. 2003 through July 2004.  Deputy director of the 2002 Coordinated Campaign.  Directed Democrats' legislative redistricting efforts in 2001.  Worked on the 2000 Coordinated Campaign.  M.B.A. from the University of Missouri in Columbia; B.S. in Mathematics also from the University of Missouri in Columbia.
 ...Kottmeyer finished the campaign doing GOTV in Colorado.
Deputy Director Jason Cohen
Joined the Dewey Square Group in 2001.  Worked at the direct mail firm of Crounse Malchow Inc. during the 1998 election season.  Account manager with the leading public affairs internet startup company  B.S. degree in Public Affairs from Indiana University in Bloomington. 
...Cohen ran the campaign at the end.
Field Director Dave Barnhart
Western regional field director on Kerry's Iowa caucus campaign (from March 1, 2003 continuing through the Jan. 19, 2004 caucuses), then field director for the campaign in Wisconsin.  Regional campaign manager for three successful legislative races in Western Iowa in 2002.  Vice-president of sales for the University Travel Corporation in Virginia.  Served on the board of directors for Camp L.E.A.D. (Leadership, Education, and Diversity).  B.S. in psychology from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. 
...Barnhart finished the campaign in Ohio.
Deputy Field Director Phil Lorenzon
Deputy Iowa field director on Joe Lieberman's presidential campaign before he pulled out of the state.  Managed legislative races in Western Iowa.  Before graduating from Virginia Tech in 2000, he managed fundraising campaigns for a non-profit radio station with listeners spanning four states.  Native of Philadelphia, PA.
...Lorenzon served as field director at the end.

St. Louis - Jack Ryan ...finished the campaign in Iowa.  Angela Elsbury ...did this after the DNC pulled out.
Mid-Missouri - Angie Robinson
Kansas City - Joe Maloney ...finished the campaign elsewhere.  Mike Talboy ...did this after the DNC pulled out.
Political Director Leigh Walton
Experience includes director of legislative affairs to Gov. Bob Holden.
Deputy Political Director Angela Elsbury
Experience includes director of scheduling to Gov. Bob Holden (appointed on Aug. 23, 2002).
Communications Director Christine Glunz
Previously press secretary to Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren (D-CA).  Deputy communications director on Senator Jean Carnahan's (D-MO) 2002 campaign.  Worked at Georgetown in the Public Affairs office.  Worked in the Clinton administration, first as a White House Intern in Vice President Gore's press office and then on staff as the Special Assistant to the Director of Communications. Graduate of Catholic University in 2000.  Chicago native.

Press Assistants: Gannet Tseggai, Molly Dunn
Research Director Jessica Salazar
Formerly a television reporter in Dodge City.
Surrogate Scheduler Kathryn Jane

Technology and Targetting Josh Kershner
previously same role for Missouri Democratic Party.
Deputy Targetting Brian Roche

GOTV Dino Martino

Consultant Julie Gibson
Directed 1996 and 2000 Missouri Democratic Coordinated Campaigns, served as chief of staff to Missouri's Lieutenant Governor Joe Maxwell and chief of staff to Governor Bob Holden. 
Operations Ian Graves
Worked in the Kerry's Manchester office during the New Hampshire Primary and served as College Coordinator in the California primary.  Prior to joining the Kerry campaign, Graves worked in Washington DC for the National Venture Capital Association and the Democratic Leadership Council.  He graduated from Santa Clara University in 1999 with degrees in Economics and Political Science. 
...finished the campaign as a regional field director in Iowa.
Maplewood Office Manager Amy King


Missouri Democratic Party  |  208 Madison Street  |  Jefferson City 
Offices: St. Louis - 3234 Laclede Station Road Kansas City - 8415 Wornall Street    Columbia - 916 Walnut Street    Springfield - 1700 South Campbell, Suite K
State Chair Gov. Roger Wilson
(appointed by gubernatorial nominee Claire McCaskill following her win in the Aug. 2004 primary, succeeding May Scheve Reardon)  Wilson served as governor for about three months following the death of Gov. Mel Carnahan in an Oct. 2000 plane crash.
National Representative Joe Carmichael
Missouri State Democratic Party Chair and as a member of the Democratic National Committee from 1994 to March 2003; President of the Association of State Democratic Chairs from Feb. 2001 to March 2003.  J.D. from University of Arkansas, 1974.  B.A. from Missouri State University, 1969.
Executive Director Corey Dillon
(named to replace Jim Kottmeyer Aug. 2004)  Previously legislative affairs director in Missouri Auditor Claire McCaskill's office.
Communication Director Jack Cardetti
(Aug. 2004)  Previously Gov. Bob Holden's press secretary, started in Jan. 2003.  Press assistant in Attorney General Jay Nixon's office.  Graduate of the University of Missouri with a B.A. in Political Science.
Special Events Angie Robinson

Delegate Selection and State Convention Stacie Temple

Compliance Director Jamie Elkins

Information Director Bill Kottmeyer

Women's Outreach Stacey Newman

House Campaign Director Sam Hall

House Finance Director Lindsay Marsh
Senate Campaign Director Stacy Henry


Americans Coming Together  |  393 Euclid Ave. Suite 340  |  St. Louis (Elizabeth Gaines)
Regional Offices:  Kansas City - 1719 1/2 West 39th Street (Mark Logan)    Columbia - 800 Providence Road, Ste 104  (Casey Ruckeyser)   Springfield - 1219 East Commercial  (Kay Mills)    St. Louis - 5585 Pershing Ave. Suite 110 (Tracy Williams)
State Director Grant Williams
On leave from position as President of SEIU Local 2000. 
[initially named was Donald Redmond--Political Director for Philadelphia Mayor John Street in both his 1999 and 2003 campaigns.  Field director for Ed Rendell's successful 2002 gubernatorial campaign.  He has also provided organizing and tactical services to the NAACP Voter Fund and the Philadelphia Voter Mobilization Coalition].
Sara Howard
Deputy communications director on Mel Carnahan's 2000 U.S. Senate campaign.

America Votes  |  St. Louis
Missouri Organizing Director Mike Dolan
[initially Todd Patterson]

MoveOn PAC
Missouri Field Organizer Matt Ewing


Missouri AFL-CIO  |  227 Jefferson Street  |  Jefferson City 
President: Hugh M. McVey
Secretary-Treasurer: Herb Johnson
Battleground Desk/State Director: Ken Nickell (at St. Louis CLC in Bridgeton)

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