Kerry and Allies-Organization, Oregon

Kerry-Edwards 2004, Inc.  | 2901 E. Burnside  |  Portland (started moving in June 1, 2004; grand opening June 27, 2004)
State Director Paige Richardson
Richardson has worked in campaigns and elections around the country for more than 15 years, managing races and projects in 20 states.  Notable races include former Oregon Congresswoman Elizabeth Furse's re-election in 1994; Washington Congressman Brian Baird's race in 1998; New Mexico Senator Jeff Bingaman's re-election in 2000; and Bev Stein's campaign for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination in Oregon in 2002.  She also helped on the Gore-Lieberman campaign in New Mexico.
Communications Director Lisa Sohn
Sohn came to the campaign after working in the Oregon State Legislature as a Senior Policy Advisor in the Senate President's office and as Communications Director for the Senate Democratic Leadership Office.  Previously she worked on Capitol Hill as Press Secretary to Congressman James Maloney and in the communications department at the DCCC.  She has worked in state, federal and initiative campaigns around the country.

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Carry Oregon (Coordinated Campaign)  |  2901 E Burnside St.  |  Portland   Field Organization
Director Kendra-Sue Derby
Derby previously served as Director of Grassroots Organizing for the DC-based Alliance for Justice; she joined AFJ in Sept. 2001.  In 2000 she was director of the Virginia Democratic Coordinated Campaign.  Worked for The Ron Brown-Paul Tully Institute for Political Action and as an independent contractor.  Trip director for Secretary of Labor Robert Reich and the Congressional liaison for the Peace Corps.  B.A. from the University of Cincinnati.
Political Director Jason Leon
Political coordinator for Oregon AFSCME.  Directed the DNCís Hispanic outreach program in Oregon in 2002.
Field Director Rob Hill
Field organizer in Waterloo on Kerry's Iowa caucus campaign.  Field organizer and then field director on Sen. Max Baucus' 2002 re-election campaign.  Worked as an environmental organizer with the PIRGs, first in Georgia and then in New Jersey.  Graduated from the University of Virginia with a B.A. in history.
Deputy Field Director Rostom Sarkissian
(arrived in Oregon July 26, 2004)  Coro fellow; worked in Pittsburgh, PA for over a year, including some time on Howard Dean's presidential campaign in Iowa.  Campaign manager on Mayor Rafi Manoukian's campaign in Glendale (CA) in 2003; volunteered on Manoukian's campaign for Glendale City Council in 1999.  Graduate of Occidental College with a degree in diplomacy and world affairs, 2002.
Base Vote Director Jared Spencer
Student in political science at Portland State University.   Studied physics and aeronautical engineering at the historically black Morehouse College in Atlanta for two years.  Graduate of Benson High School in Portland. 
Labor Liaison Tom Curtin

Latino Outreach Elizabeth Lopez
Nearly 15 years of public service experience working in state government administering and managing human services programs in Oregon. 
Volunteer Coordinator Jesse Bontecou
(started late May 2004)  Started working at the Democratic Party of Oregon in Feb. 2004.  Worked as a car salesman for a year.  Started political activity with Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility in 2000.  Attended Reed College.
Out of State Coordinator (Oregon Trail to Victory) Gavin White
(started Aug. 2004)  Party administrator for Multnomah County Democrats, Feb.-July 2004.  Member of Portland, OR grassroots coordinating committee for Howard Dean.  B.A. in mathematics from Reed College, 2002.
Press Secretary Adam Green
(started Aug. 2004)  Left position as spokesperson for the New Jersey Democratic State Committee to come to Oregon.
Research Director Kelly Steele

Surrogate Scheduler Anthony Veliz
College Access Program Director at Chemeketa Community College.  Candidate for House District 22 in the May 21, 2002 Democratic primary; school board member and city councilor in Woodburn.  Co-founded the Oregon Latino Voter Registration Education Program in 1996.  M.S. from the University of Rhode Island in Kingston, RI and B.S. in Business/Marketing from Portland State University in Portland, OR.  Lifelong resident of Woodburn.
Compliance Kim Alfred

Office Coordinator (vol.) Nita Brueggeman
Office Coordinator's trusty sidekick (vol.) Megan Cox

Daily Coordinators (vol.): John Goff, Albert Hanson, Jim Pettus, Cheryl Saunders.

Store Manager (vol.): Anne Hughes, Pam Wev.

Democratic Party of Oregon | 232 NE 9th Ave  |  Portland 
State Chair Jim Edmunson
(elected Jan. 10, 1999)  Eugene attorney.  Former State Representative, elected in 1988 and served through 1994.
Executive Director Neel Pender
(from June 1999)  Has worked on campaigns in half a dozen states.  Managed GOTV in the Dec. 1996 special election in Texas' 9th CD, a Democratic pick up.  Worked on the 1994 Virginia coordinated campaign.  In between campaigns Pender has held communication positions with Powell Tate, a Washington D.C. public affairs firm, the Walt Disney Company, and the Virginia Baseball Club, an investment group working to return Major League Baseball to the Washington, D.C. area.  Bachelor of Arts in public policy from the College of William & Mary.  Grew up in Virginia.
Party Affairs Sarah Schnoor

Events Jenny-Anne Kneisel

IT Bill McGair

Tech Stuff John Springer

Compliance Director Cindy Moody

Finance Director Kristine Phillips


Americans Coming Together  |  410 NE 18th Ave  |  Portland

  • From June to October ACT registered about 50,000 new voters, shifting the split between Democrats and Republicans.
  • ACT reported 1.2 million doors knocked in 16 counties.
Oregon Director Matt Schneider
President of Field Strategies in Washington, DC.  Notable experience includes GOTV for the municipal campaigns of David Roberts in Hoboken and Glenn Cunningham in Jersey City, NJ in Spring 2001 (for which named him one of New Jersey's best political operatives in 2001) as well as a number of DC municipal campaigns.
Field Director Jonathan Pugsley
Executive director of the Delaware Democratic Party, Feb.-May 2003.  Kansas City field director for the Missouri Democratic Party in Fall 2002; earlier he worked in two different states for EMILY's LIST.  In 2001, he worked with the AFL-CIO to defeat an anti-union state question in Oklahoma.  Staffer for Senator Metsger in the Oregon state legislature.  M.A. in Political Science from Colorado State University.  B.A. in Political Science from Southern Oregon University.  From Oregon.

Field Offices: Salem - Eli Levine       Eugene - Tricia Peebles         Bend - Stacey Dycus        Ashland - Steve Neuberger
Canvassing Co-Director Elon Hasson
Graduate of Lewis & Clark Law School.  PIRG experience.
Canvassing Co-Director Ben Tevelin
Most recently New York Public Interest Research Group's Energy Campaigns Coordinator since Fall 2002; joined NYPIRG in 1998.  Graduate of Syracuse University with a B.S. in Geography.
Communications Director Scott Ballo
Previously worked as a pokesman for the Oregon Economic and Community Development Department; spokesman for Gov. Ted Kulongoski; spokesman on Kulongoski's 2002 gubernatorial campaign.  Worked for Pac/West Communications, a Portland consulting firm.  Reporter for the News Register (McMinnville/Yamhill County).

America Votes
Organizing Director Kevin Looper
Political consultant has run campaigns at the local state and federal levels; including senior consultant on the Oregon Political Accountability Campaign in 2000, and campaign manager for Walter Capps' congressional race in 1994.  Strategic communications consultant to socially responsible businesses including Liefer Capital and Patagonia clothig.  Worked for four years as executive director of a national women's health research foundation based in Santa Barbara, California.  Graduate of Yale College, 1991.

Environmental Victory Project |  1411 SW Morrison, Suite 205  |  Portland (opened May 24)

  • LCV reported activists and volunteers knocked on 305,790 doors and made 144,535 contacts.  The canvass focused on Clackamas, Washington, Multnomah and Marion Counties.  On the weekend before Election Day some 700 volunteers knocked on 60,000 doors in swing precincts in the Portland area.
State Director Bill Petty
Ran John Edwards' field office in Carroll, Iowa during the caucus campaign.  Petty succeeded the initial state director Matt Blevins. 

(Blevins oversaw the Oregon Environmental Council's legislative, media and web programs starting in Nov. 2000.  His experience also includes: program director at the Oregon League of Conservation Voters; field director for the Coalition for School Funding Now!; and campus organizer for the California Public Interest Research Group.  He received a B.A. in political science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison).

"We are focused on canvassing a universe of 150,000 swing voters in the Portland metro area and Salem.  We are sending out canvasses mon-fri and the second saturday of every month during the summer.  We are also recruiting volunteers to join the campaign now and in the fall."  -Matt Blevins  06/17/04 


21st Century Democrats' Young Voter Project  |  410 NE 18th Ave  |  Portland >>

  • Organized young voters city-wide in Portland and Eugene.  "The Project registered, educated, and mobilized over 50,000 progressive young Oregonians, turning almost 70% of them out to vote Ė a new record for Oregon."
Director Anna Galland
(started summer 2004)  Founded and directed for nearly three years directed a new regional program of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC).  Graduate of Brown University, 2001.  Originally from Evanston, Illinois.

MoveOn PAC "Leave No Voter Behind"

  • This was MoveOn's effort, in a number of states, to convert online members into offline activists, as well as build membership, raise funds, and affect the outcome of the election.  The effort started in June but really ramped up the last six weeks when Grassroots Campaigns spread five hundred or so people around in the target states.  The idea was that staff people would recruit MoveOn members to become offline activists who would in turn recruit teams to go out and canvass their neighborhoods.  One element of this was the Web Action Center (WAC), essentially an online library where activists could check out walk lists, print them out, canvass, then update what had happened.  Unfortunately the WAC had just been designed and had some technical problems which hampered its effectiveness.  As a specific example, in Eugene the effort kicked off with meetings at Cozmic Pizza event space at 199 W. 8th Avenue on Sept. 26, 27, 28 and 29, 2004.  The goal was to identify 150 voters in each precinct "who have a spotty voting frequency but who are pro-Kerry" and then to make sure that they actually voted.  MoveOn was a bit different from other members of the America Votes coalition in that the places where it did its canvassing were more determined by where it had members, whereas for the other groups where targeting was preeminent.  MoveOn had not tried this before, so there were a lot of lessons learned, notably that they should have started earlier. 
State Director Elizabeth Outz
(last six weeks)  State director of NCPIRG, where she started in 1998. A 1997 graduate of Yale University, Outz began her work with the state PIRGs in New Jersey, where she completed service for NJ Community Water Watch, a project of NJPIRG Law and Policy Center.  Native of North Carolina. 
Field Organizer Amy Hojnowski
(worked on "Leave No Voter Behind" full time from June-Nov. 2004, first as director and for the last six weeks Tri-County area-Multnomah, Washington and Clackamas)  Portland campaign manager for M+R, managing grassroots and media advocacy campaigns for clients including the National Environmental Trust. and the Tobacco Free Coalition of Oregon.  Before joining M+R in 2001 she served as campaign field director for Basic Rights Oregon and a field organizer for two successful local ballot measures.  Prior to moving to Oregon, she was a project coordinator for NYPIRG and a case manager for the Nassau County Coalition against Domestic Violence.

Oregon Labor 2004  |  214 SE 18th Ave.  |  Portland
Battleground Desk/State Director Patrick Green
Oregon AFL-CIO  |  2110 State Street  |  Salem 
President: Tim Nesbitt
Secretary-Treasurer Brad Witt

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Copyright © 2004, 2005  Eric M. Appleman/Democracy in Action