Kerry and Allies-Organization, Vermont
Kerry-Edwards 2004, Inc. 
Coordinator Robyn Schmidek
Schmidek has worked in the office of Senator Patrick Leahy since 2001.  She has been working on Democratic campaigns in Vermont since 1998. 

Vermont Democratic Party
Chairman Scudder Parker
Served in the administrations of Govs. Madeleine Kunin, Richard Snelling and Howard Dean as  director of the energy efficiency division at the Vermont Department of Public Service.  State senator for 8 years in the 1980s, including four years as chair of the Senate Finance Committee.  Congregational minister for 22 years.  Native of Danville; grew up on family farm there.
Executive Director Jon Copans
(Since Feb. 2003)  During the 2002 cycle he directed Vermont Democrats' state Senate campaign efforts.  Graduate of Macalester College, 1996.
Director of Communications, Policy and Research Mark Michaud
Served as director of operations on Howard Dean's campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination.  Preceded Jon Copans as executive director of the Vermont Democratic Party; he held the position for four years through the end of 2002 cycle. 
Field Director Jill Krowinski
Served as a research assistant at Carnegie Mellon's Center for Economic Development, 2001-02.  University of Pittsburgh graduate.  

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