Kerry and Allies-Campaign Organization, Wisconsin

Kerry-Edwards 2004, Inc.  |  31 South Henry St., Suite 300  |  Madison   - and -   2040 W. Wisconsin Ave.. Suite 2024  |  Milwaukee 
State Director Richard J. Judge
(announced June 17, 2004, officially started June 28, 2004)  A public affairs advisor with Foley & Lardner's Public Affairs Practice Group.  Judge previously served as Political Director for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.  In 2002 he served as Field Director for the state’s Coordinated Campaign.  Judge has worked as a legislative aide and research assistant in both the State Senate and Assembly, and as a senior policy analyst for Assembly Democrats. 
Communications Director George Twigg
(started May 1, 20040)  Served as State Director for Kerry's Wisconsin primary campaign (announced Sept. 17, 2003, officially started Oct. 1, 2003)  Twigg has been in Wisconsin for the past five years.  Before the campaign he had been doing media communications on the Senate Chief Clerk's staff; he has worked for the Democratic Leaders of both the Assembly and Senate in Wisconsin.  He also worked on former U.S. Rep. Tom Barrett's campaign for Governor in 2002.  Prior to moving to Wisconsin, Twigg was in Washington, DC, including a stint as a press intern in Kerry’s Washington, DC Senate office.  Twigg is a native of Gilmanton, NH; he started out in Democratic politics in 1994, as a volunteer for Wayne King's gubernatorial campaign in the Granite State. 
Chief Wisconsin Strategist Teresa Vilmain
(for the final month of the campaign)  General Election Strategist at the Democratic National Committee; Gore-Lieberman Wisconsin state director in the 2000 General Election campaign; general consultant to Tom Vilsack's gubernatorial campaign in Iowa in 1998; Wisconsin state director for Clinton/Gore 96; consultant for the Human Rights Campaign's OutVote 96 project; political director of Emily's List; campaign manager for Geraldine Ferraro's 1992 U.S. Senate race; worked on the Iowa caucuses for Gary Hart in 1987 and Michael Dukakis in 1988.

Statewide Leadership Team
(as announced June 17, 2004; veterans added later)
Co-chairs:  Sen. Herb Kohl, Sen. Russ Feingold, Lt. Gov. Barbara Lawton, Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager, Cong. David Obey, Cong. Jerry Kleczka, Cong. Ron Kind, Cong. Tammy Baldwin, and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

African-Americans for Kerry Chairs:  State Sen. G. Spencer Coggs, Milwaukee City Council President Willie Hines, Milwaukee County Democratic Party Chair Martha Love, and Dane County Supervisor Rob Fyrst.

Latinos for Kerry Chairs:  State Rep. Pedro Colón, Milwaukee County Supervisor Peggy West, Madison School Board Member Juan Jose Lopez, Milwaukee School Board Member Jennifer Morales, and UW Regent Jesus Salas.

Women for Kerry Co-Chairs:  Lt. Gov. Barbara Lawton, Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager, Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Linda Honold, and Milwaukee County Democratic Party Chair Martha Love.

Veterans for Kerry Coordinators:  Don Eggert (Madison), Tracey Sperko (Milwaukee), Jack Krueger (Green Bay)

Milwaukee Chair:  former Milwaukee Mayor Marvin Pratt. 

Coordinated Campaign  |  W. Washington Ave.  |  Madison  (opened July 1, 2004)      Field Offices
Director Brian Weeks
(start July 1, 2004)  On leave from position as political director for AFSCME in Wisconsin.  In 1998 Weeks directed the Democratic coordinated campaign in Iowa.
  Assistant: Jackie Gran
Deputy Coordinated Director Andy Engel
Political director for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.  Director of campaigns for the Wisconsin State Senate Democratic Committee in the 2002 cycle.
Operations Director Kasara Williams
Worked Sen. Kerry's New Hampshire Primary campaign out of the Manchester office. Went on to work in the Virginia, Wisconsin, and Ohio primaries.  Returned to Wisconsin to start the field operations in Milwaukee before becoming Operations Director.
National Trip Director Paul Vornholt
Senior advisor on attorney Matt Flynn's unsuccessful 2004 campaign for the Democratic nomination in the 4th CD.  Advisor to Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager. Worked in the office of Assembly Minority Leader Spencer Black, D-Madison, and for the Assembly Democratic Caucus.  Assistant to Brown County Executive Nancy Nusbaum.

P O L I T I C A L  /  C O N S T I T U E N C Y

Political Director Marilyn Davis
(started July 2004)  Political action representative for AFSCME.  Deputy state director to U.S. Sen. Jon Corzine (D-NJ).  Constituency director for the 2000 coordinated campaign in New Jersey.  Chief of staff to New Jersey Assemblyman Neil Cohen, 1997-2001.  Staff assistant to Congressman Bob Torricelli (D-NJ), 1995-96.  Worked for Congressman Herb Klein (D-NJ).  Graduate of the University of South Carolina with a degree in government and international studies, 1994.
Deputy Political Director Andy Gordon
Gordon came to the campaign after working for a number of years as an attorney in London.  He served as Democrats Abroad's regional chair in Europe, Middle East & Africa, and chair and legal counsel for UK..  While in the UK he helped the Kerry campaign with fundraising and the Gore-Lieberman campaign with GOTV and as a surrogate.  Worked on the Dukakis campaign in Virginia.  Has worked on state and local campaigns in Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey and Massachusetts.  Served as a kegislative aide to Congressman Edward Markey (D-MA).  J.D. from the College of William and Mary, Marshall-Wythe School of Law, and undergraduate degree in government and philosophy from Clark University.
Deputy Constituency Director Stephanie Weix
(based in Madison, started September 2004)  Previously assistant director of public affairs for a non-profit organization in Washington DC; a policy assistant at the University of Michigan’s office of Human Resources and Affirmative Action; and legislative assistant for U.S. Sen. Russell Feingold (D-WI).  Also served on Sen. Feingold’s campaign steering committee.  Graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a degree in political science and journalism.
Base Vote Director Sherwin Hughes
(based in Milwaukee; hired June 30, 2004)  A field representative to congressman Tom Barrett (D-WI); also served as Director of Community Development for the Northside YMCA.  B.A. in sociology from the Univesity of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
Latino Outreach Coord. German Trejo
(based in Milwaukee)  A chair of the Ohio Mexican American Association.  Has worked as an international electoral observer in  Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Nicaragua, and Russia.  B.A. in political science and B.A. in international studies, both from the Ohio State University. 
LGBT Outreach Coord. Andy Szekeres
(based in Milwaukee)
Women's Outreach Coord. Karen Nelson
(based in Milwaukee)  replaced Andrea Rowe.
Native American Outreach Coord. John Powless III



DNC Press Secretary Lesley Sillaman
Press Secretary to Congresswoman Rosa L. De Lauro (D-CT).  Communications director for the Wisconsin Democratic Coordinated Campaign in 2002.  B.A. degree from the University of Dayton.  Master's degree in communications from the University of Pennsylvania, where she served as a research assistant for Dean Kathleen Hall Jamieson. 
Research Director Stuart Rosenberg
Assistant Research Director Sam Sankar

Press Secretaries: Toby Hyde, Andrea Powers, Robert Johnston, Seta Hovagimian. 
Madison Press Office: Katie McCormick-Lelyveld, Rachel Stauch-Nelson.


Deputy Political Director Linda Chappetto
Deputy Political Director/Scheduler on Sen. Kerry's Iowa caucus campaign, started on that campaign February 17, 2003.  Assistant to First Lady Kristi Vilsack on the Vilsack-Pederson campaign in 2002.  Worked on a state assembly race in Wisconsin in 2000.  Graduate of the University of Florida in Gainesville with a degree in political science and sociology.
  Assistant: Peter Butler
In-State Surrogate Scheduler Robbyn Corbyn
Surrogate Advance Jesse Rosen
Ali McJunkin
Lisa Ellman
Surrogate Trip Directors Brett Blomme
Eric Couto
Jonathan Ward
Jim Mulhern
Deb Sutinen
Events Volunteer Coordinator Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson was initially Sign-In Coordinator; he replaced Michael Schroeder
Coordinator ?

Crowd Builders: Elise Braun, I-Ming Shiou, Chris Lyons, Kara Anderson, Zach Mason, Mike Cassaday, Aaron McCormick, Andrew Dowds, Shane Siemers, Ron Carson


Field Director Michael Teter
In the 2004 Iowa caucus campaign, Teter ran the Kerry campaign's field office in Decorah.  Graduate of Pomona College and Yale Law School.
Deputy Field Director Amanda Howe
On leave from position as special assistant to the Secretary of Commerce in Virginia.
Deputy Field Director Joanna Beilman-Dulin
Assistant Field Director Kate Sienicki

Regional Field Directors
Milwaukee-Kris Schultz     Southeast-Jocelyn Bogdan    Central-Casey Slaughter     Northwest-Andrew Sullivan    Northeast-Craig Trost

Field Offices

Statewide Campus Coordinator: Emily Anderson  (12 paid staffers total related to students)
Statewide Student GOTV: Al Acker  (Oct. 2004 - national youth outreach director; worked in WI for the last month of the campaign) 

Statewide Road Trip to Victory Coordinator: Alexandra Simbana
  Assistant: Jen Chau

Rural Organizers: David Ricketts, Micah Bycel, Jefry Robison, Brendan Rose, Debbie Sitrin, Andy Robichaud, Zach Stewart, Connolly Keigher  (nine total)

Canvassing Team Leaders: Ben Golombek and Bill Schwulst
Canvassing Team Members: Liz Quinn, Katie Ingebretson, Darryl Teske, Daniella Puls, Lauren Perkins, George Gillis Jr., CJ Frogozo, Travis Laird, Katie Harrigan


GOTV Director Robby Mook
DNC deputy field director for programs.  Deputy field director for Howard Dean's New Hampshire primary campaign, starting April 20, 2003.  Worked for NYC councilwoman Eva Markowitz.  Field director for the Vermont Democratic Party Coordinated Campaign in 2002.  2002 graduate of Columbia University.    Worked for the Vermont Democratic House caucus in 2000 and the Vermont Democratic Party as a canvasser in 1998.
Deputy GOTV Directors Andrew Moyer
Brooke Lierman
Lierman served as Wisconsin state field director for Dean for America. She was a field organizer on Sen. Paul Wellstone's campaign in 2002.  Worked on her father Terry Lierman's congressional campaign in Maryland in 2000.  B.A. from Dartmouth College. 
GOTV Logistics Coordinator, then La Crosse/Eau Claire student coordinator
(official title "helper")
Sam Arora
(In Wisconsin for the last five weeks of the campaign, first doing GOTV, then student coordinator)  Political analyst at the DNC writing political briefings and tracking polling for the Chairman and senior staff; joined the DNC in August 2003 as a Political Operations Coordinator.  Previously, he was an intern for John Kerry for President and the Office of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.  He graduated from Columbia University with a B.A. in Political Science, 2003.
GOTV Production Coordinator, then Green Bay student coordinator Adam Jentleson
Graduate of Columbia University, 2003.
Voter Protection Coordinator Neal Higgins
Deputy Voter Protection Coordinator Jennifer Anderson

GOTV Assistant Aaron Galarowicz



Finance Director Katie Belanger


Democratic Party of Wisconsin  |  222 W. Washington Ave., Suite 150  |  Madison 
State Chair Linda Honold
Became State Chair in June 2001. Honold had served as chair of Sheboygan County Democrats and chair of the Northshore/Eastside Democrats in Milwaukee.  Delegate at the 1984 Democratic National Convention.  Started her involvement in Democratic politics in 1977, joining Young Democrats as a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin.  Honold has also earned a PhD in Human and Organizational Systems, 1999. 
Executive Director Kim Warkentin
Warkentin previously worked as a political consultant in Oregon.  She served as executive director of the Iowa Democratic Party from March 1999 through May 2000.
Communications Director Seth Boffeli 
Previously served as a spokeman for Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA).
Voter File Manager Dan Langer
   Deputy Voter File Manager: Joel Gratz
Compliance Director Michael Childers



Americans Coming Together   | 122 State Street, Suite 500  |  Madison 
State Director Tamara Pogue
Started working on the Dean campaign in Burlington, VT in February 2003 doing Special Operations, moved to field role and officially titled as Field Director on November 13.  Campaign manager for John Baldacci's successuful 2002 gubernatorial campaign in Maine.  Graduate of Bates College ('99).
Communications Director Phillip Walzak
Press for Rep. Jerry Kleczka.  Press secretary for Rep. Tom Barrett starting in April 2002.  Director of public affairs for the American Maritime Congress.  Deputy director of communications for Sen. Herb Kohl (D-WI)'s 2000 re-election campaign.  Worked as a freelance writer for the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.  AB from University of Chicago ('99).  From the east side of Milwaukee.
Outreach Director Jasper Hendricks
In the Wisconsin primary Hendricks worked on the Dean campaign as a Milwaukee field organizer.
Field Director John Marchant
Served as Wisconsin field director on Wesley Clark's campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination.  In 2003 Marchant managed the Ellen Karcher's race in the New Jersey 12th State Senate district, unseating the Senate President, a 23-year incumbent and the highest-ranking Republican elected official in the state.  Ran the
South Carolina House Caucus in 2002.  Dennis Moore's congressional campaign in KS-3rd in 2000.  Graduate of Rockhurst University. 

Regional Field Directors
305 East College Avenue
Alex Rabb
Kim Puglio
207 Buffalo St., Suite 212
Molly Richardson
Stevens Point
17 Park Ridge Dr., Suite 100
Dan Robinett

"ACT-WI aggressively pursued independent, undecided voters and the progressive base alike.  In just seven months of activity, the ACT-WI team knocked on almost one million doors before beginning its GOTV program.  For the four days leading up to and including Election Day, ACT-WI made 400,000 phone calls, direct mailed 229,000 households three times for a total of 687,000 pieces of mail, and knocked on 336,000 doors three times.  On Election Day, we had 5,377 canvassers deploy from 12 staging areas across the state.  Not only did ACT-Wisconsin drive voter turnout across the state, our movement engaged and energized new voters to participate.  From minorities to young people, ACT-WI inspired a new legion of voters to get involved and share their voice with our political process.  For example, in Milwaukee, where we knocked on 156,000 unique households, the average ACT ward outperformed expected turnout by 4.8%.  Some city of Milwaukee wards reported turnout of over 115% due to new voter registrations and turnout.  In ACT targeted wards in Brown  County, we beat Gore’s vote total percentage by 1.54% and Doyle’s vote total from 2002 percentage by 4.33%."
America Votes   | 122 State Street, Suite 500  |  Madison 
Wisconsin Organizing Director Peter Shakow
Wisconsin State Director for Wesley Clark's campaign, starting Dec. 27, 2003; previously, starting Sept. 21, 2003, Shakow was Deputy Political Director in Little Rock.  Before joining the campaign Shakow worked as a lawyer in Los Angeles for four years.  He worked in Political Affairs at the White House, 1993-94, and worked on Clinton/Gore '92 in Texas.  Shakow earned his undergraduate degree in History from Brown in 1992, and his law degree from the University of Texas at Austin. 

Environmental Victory Project  |  League of Conservation Voters, 160 S 2nd St.  |  Milwaukee 
Wisconsin State Director Mike Palamuso
(started Feb. 2004)  Palamuso worked on Sen. John Edwards' New Hampshire primary campaign starting as Manchester Area Regional Field Coordinator on May 8, 2003 and then serving as Voter Contact Coordinator.  After the NH primary he worked field for the campaign in Buffalo, New York for the March 2 primary.  Palamuso left his position as deputy director at the NHDP to join the Edwards campaign.  In the 2002 cycle he worked as a regional field director for the New Hampshire Democrats' 2002 Coordinated Campaign, then worked on Sen. Landrieu's runoff in Louisiana.  Staff associate at Fingerhut, Powers, Smith and Associates.  Graduate of St. Bonaventure University, 1999.
Field Director Ben Nuckels
(started May 2004)  From Feb.-April 2004 Nuckels co-developed and co-founded Redraw America, a project to focus grassroots energy to state legislative races subsequently incorporated into Democracy for America.  He worked on Howard Dean's presidential campaign, first directing the field office in Clinton, Iowa for the caucuses, and then in Michigan and Wisconsin.  Graduate of Governors State University in University Park, Illinois.
Volunteer Operations Director Hollin Kretzmann

Milwaukee Team Leaders Lauren Goldberg
Tassos Coulaloglou
Trish Kelly
Milwaukee Organizers: Andy Watson, Audrey Chan, Brian Rolison, Carrie Maas, Christopher Peterson, Dan Bass, Dana Spindler, Emma Tai, Laurel Steele, Liz Lundeen, Richard Lindsay, Sarah Grenzeback, Sarah Tulley, Virginia Weihs, Will Bernstein 

Madison Office: 210 N. Bassett Street
GOTV Program Coordinator Chris Warshaw

Madison Team Leaders Rick Coelho
Aaron Freidman
Madison Organizers: Alicia Robinson, Andrea Sorum, Brendan Detzner, Chris Hayes, Colin Barreno, Crystal Martzall, Daniel Favre, Darrow Vanderburgh-Wertz, Matt Schneider, Robbie Adams, Tim Gondek

According to the Environment Victory Project's website in mid-2004, "With Madison and inner Milwaukee expected to fight the northern reaches of the state to a draw, the suburbs and exurbs of Milwaukee will decide this contest."

The website further states, "The ten county cluster around Milwaukee and along the lake shore comprise the Milwaukee media market. The Environmental Victory Project will canvass in all 10 of those counties, knocking on close to 400,000 doors in the summer and fall. From the inner suburbs in Milwaukee County itself, to precincts of undecided voters from Kenosha to Sheboygan, we will spread the word of the Bush Administration's radical anti-environmentalism."

According to an October 26 press release, in Wisconsin the Environmental Victory Project had 33 staff and over 1000 volunteers, "LCV has knocked on over 250,000 doors in key swing precincts in Milwaukee, Dane, Waukesha, Sheboygan and Racine counties," the release stated.  And after the Election, organizer Dana Spindler noted that, "By Election Day, LCV's Environmental Victory Project had mobilized 4,899 volunteer canvass shifts in more than 300 targeted swing precincts in Southeast Wisconsin...ran major canvasses every weekend during the final months of the campaign, and had knocked on the doors of more than 365,000 voters."  "Besides ACT, which relied on paid canvassers, we ended up as the single largest independent grassroots campaign in the state." Spindler stated. 

Wisconsin State AFL-CIO  | 6333 West Blue Mound Road  |  Milwaukee 
President: David Newby
Executive Vice President: Sara Rogers
Secretary Treasurer: Phil Neuenfeldt

In Madison: 
AFL-CIO Desk Coordinator (MN, WI & IL): Tanya Bjork

 A November 1 press release trumpeted, "In the largest member mobilization in Wisconsin’s history, the union movement has marshaled 322 full-time staff, recruited 11,522 volunteers, set up 15 phone banks with 184 lines, and distributed 2,115,100 leaflets across the state."
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ACT Wisconsin Environmental Victory Project Wisconsin State AFL-CIO Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin

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