Kerry and Allies-Organization, West Virginia

Kerry-Edwards 2004, Inc.  |  602 Virginia Street  |  Charleston (Grand Opening June 15, 2004) 
State Director Terri Giles
On leave from Sen. Jay Rockefeller's office, where she has served as a senior staffer since 1998.  Ad-hoc executive director of the Discover the REAL West Virginia Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded by Rockefeller to spur economic development in the State, 1993-96.  Worked for former Gov. Gaston Caperton as director of the Governor's Internship Program.  Coordinated campaign strategy for the West Virginia State Democratic Party during the 1992 election cycle.  Graduate of Concord College; pursued further studies in history and politics at Kings College in London, England.  Native of Hinton, West Virginia. 
Communications Director Amy Schuler-Goodwin
Prior to joining the campaign Schuler-Goodwin served as press secretary to Gov. Bob Wise.
Sportmen for Kerry chair:  Bernie Dowler - worked for the WV Division of Natural Resources for over 30 years, including six years at Chief of the DNR's Wildlife Resources Section and as Deputy Director of the agency.


Coordinated Campaign  |  602 Virginia Street  |  Charleston      Field Offices
State Director Joe Eyer
Eyer served as Deputy Campaign Director for Political Affairs on Sen. Joe Lieberman's campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination (announced Feb. 10, 2003) after serving as Political Director for ROCPAC, Lieberman's leadership PAC, 2001-02.  In the 2000 general election campaign, Eyer directed the Gore-Lieberman effort in Oregon.  He worked at for six months.  From Jan.-Oct. 1999 he worked on fundraising for the Gore campaign.  In 1998, he was the Northeast Political Director for Gore's leadership PAC, Leadership '98.  Prior to that, Eyer served as a special assistant to the Deputy Chief of Staff for then Vice President Al Gore,1995-98.  Eyer has a Master's degree in political science from OU (1995).
Assistant to the State Director Molly Hooper

Political Director Anne Barth
Served as State Director for U.S. Senator Robert C. Byrd before the campaign (and returned to that position after the election).
Field Director Jess Knox
Veteran of Maine politics.
Southern Regional Field Director Ronce Almond
Worked on Kerry's Iowa caucus campaign and in Arizona, Utah, California and Pennsylvania.  Law degree from Duke; undergraduate degree from the George Washington University.  Graduate of Buckhannon-Upshur High School.  From Buckhannon, West Virginia.
Northern Regional Field Director Dan Wright
From Morgantown, WV.  Previously Wright served as Campaign Manager for Warren McGraw's re-election bid to the WV Supreme Court; he left the campaign during the primary. 

Field Offices

Press Secretary Samantha Dallaire

Research Director Dan Tompkins
From WV, graduate of WVU.
Operations Director Clete Johnson
From Georgia, worked on Max Cleland's campaign and in his Senate office.
Surrogate Scheduler Chai Komanduri
Served as a deputy national field director on Wesley Clark's campaign.
Comptroller Margaret Chapman
From Huntington WV.  Served as Operations Director for the State Democratic Party until Sept. 2004.  Graduate of Marshall University.
Voter File Director Gerrit Hall

Special Projects Director Greg Brazeal

Volunteer Coordinator Allison Ginsberg

Voter Protection Director Tracy Levine

According to an Oct. 4 report by the Associated Press there were a total of "69 paid staffers working statewide for the Kerry-Edwards ticket." 

Heidi Kraus worked briefly in field but then returned to Minnesota.  (She worked on the Kerry campaign's field staff in Minnesota during the primary phase of the campaign).

West Virginia Democratic Party |  5 Greenbrier Street  |  Charleston  
State Chair Nick Casey
G. Nicholas Casey, Jr. is a principal in Lewis Glasser Casey & Rollins PLLC, a Charleston law firm. Before becoming state chair he served as campaign treasurer for then Secretary of State Joe Manchin’s 2004 primary race for the gubernatorial nomination.  Casey earned his J.D. from West Virginia University in 1977 and his B.S. from the University of Kentucky in 1974.  Casey was born in Charleston, WV.
Executive Director Scott Sears
From Fairmont, WV.  Worked for then Secretary of State Joe Manchin and later as a Field Director for Manchin's 2004 gubernatorial campaign during the primary.  Sears  is also an elected at-large member of the Fairmont City Council.
Field Director Derek Scarbro
From Huntington, WV.  Also serves as President of  the WV Young Democrats. Graduate of Marshall University.
Partnership Program Coordinator Ashley Harper
From Hurricane, WV. Graduate of WV State College.
Democratic Legislative Council Executive Director Pam Van Horn
From Charleston, WV.  Served as DLC Director since its creation in 1996.  Previously worked for Gov. Gaston Caperton.  Graduate of Marshall University.

Americans Coming Together  |  1598 Washington Street East  |  Charleston 
West Virginia Director Lisa McMurray
Campaign manager for Gov. Ronnie Musgrove's unsuccessful re-election campaign in Mississippi in 2003.  Chief of Staff for Virginia Lt. Gov. Tim Kaine through Feb. 2003; headed Kaine's campaign in 2001.  Staffer on Sen. John Edwards' 1998 North Carolina Senate campaign.
Deputy Field Director Courtney Dozier

Communications Director Andrew Poag
Spokesperson on Gov. Ronnie Musgrove's 2003 campaign in Mississippi.  Assistant to the chief of staff in Sen. Robert Torricelli's (D-NJ) office.  Graduate of Muhlenberg College, 2001.

West Virginia AFL-CIO501 Leon Sullivan Way  |  Charleston  
President:  Jim Bowen
Secretary-Treasurer:  Kenny Perdue
Battleground Desk/State Director: Doris Crouse-Mays

NEXT's Get on the Bus (GOTB)
A group of DC-area young professionals, many of whom have worked their entire careers in politics, started NEXT to address their "collective frustration with the political climate and the lack of meaningful, concrete ways for people to change it."  A major project for NEXT was its Get on the Bus (GOTB) project which focused on two counties in West Virginia:

"NEXT focused on two counties in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia – Berkeley and Jefferson counties – where NEXT volunteers canvassed door to door with local activists to register, educate, and mobilize voters in an attempt to turn the state Blue.  After contacting 36,000 voters face-to-face, NEXT increased Democratic turnout by 38% and 39% in our two counties, and in the process trained hundreds of local volunteers in grassroots activism and left a venerable structure in place for future activity."  [more]
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