John Kerry-Campaign Organization, Arizona
John Kerry for President Inc.
On December 4, 2002, Sen. Kerry filed papers with the FEC establishing John Kerry for President Inc., an exploratory committee.  James M. Jordan served as the national campaign manager through November 9, 2003; he was replaced by Mary Beth Cahill, who previously served as chief of staff to Sen. Edward Kennedy. 
John Kerry for President Inc. Arizona Leadership
Campaign Headquarters: 3806 N. 3rd Street, Suite 102, Phoenix (opened July 2003)
State Director Mario Diaz
(September 2003)  Before joining the Kerry campaign, Diaz was a longtime aide to Janet Napolitano.  He worked with Napolitano starting in 1993, when President Clinton appointed her U.S. attorney for Arizona.  Diaz ran Napolitano's campaigns for attorney general in 1998 and for governor in 2002, and was serving as deputy chief of staff for urban relations and boards and commissions.  He started in politics as an intern for Sen. Dennis DeConcini; he then worked on Rep. Ed Pastor's campaign and on his staff.  Diaz has a B.A. in political science from ASU (1991) and a master's degree in public administration, also from ASU.  He famously arrived in Arizona with $25 in his pocket as he transferred from a California community college to ASU. 
Field Director Greta Lundeberg
(Started volunteering with the campaign in NYC December 2002; started August 2003)  Previously, Lundeberg worked at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York where she served as special assistant to the executive vice president, and as staff member on the Council’s Task Force on America’s Response to Terrorism. Lundeberg worked at the 2000 Democratic Convention and has participated in political campaigns in California and New York. She received a B.A. in Political Science from Vassar College in 2001.
Pima County Field Director Rafaela Valenzuela
(September 2003)  A native Arizonan, Valenzuela has extensive experience as a field organizer on gubernatorial and state representative campaigns. She has also worked as a human rights advocate in the Hispanic community.
Field Coordinator Ernest Bustamante
(September 2003)  Bustamante received his B.A. in Political Science and Comparative Studies from Stanford University.  His political experience includes working on Democratic local, state and Congressional races in both Arizona and California.  Before joining the Kerry campaign, Bustamante worked for El Norte Productions, which produces the PBS television drama, "American Family."
Field Coordinator Claudio Gallegos
(August 2003)  Gallegos most recently worked as a field deputy to Los Angeles City Councilwoman Janice Hahn. Gallegos' experience also includes working as an intern and volunteer on the Loretta Sanchez campaigns.
Field Coordinator Tom Reade
(started July 2003, but later went to Iowa to work through to the caucuses)  Reade recieved his B.A. in Political Science from Arizona State University.  His political experience includes working field on Greg Stanton's City Council race, Field Director of Larry King's Congressional bid in Arizona's 5th District, and statewide Field Director for Jim Walsh's Corporation Commission bid.  He is currently the statewide director of programs for the Young Democrats of Arizona, an affiliate of Young Democrats of America  He was trained by Participation 2000, a Democratic training group to put young organizers in targetted races around the country.
Field Coordinator Michael Rossi
(Started as a volunteer on the campaign in Des Moines, Iowa in August 2003; moved to AZ and started October 2003) Previously, Rossi worked as a commodities trader for a Fortune 100 Firm.  He graduated from the University of Iowa in 1998. 

former: early work in Arizona; then went to Iowa to work on the campaign there.
Summer Oesch
Most recently the statewide field director for the 2002 Arizona Democratic Coordinated Campaign.  Oesch's experience also includes work as a field staffer on Gore's 2000 Iowa caucus campaign.

Steering Committee
· State Senator Bill Brotherton, Phoenix
· State Senator Harry Mitchell, Tempe
· Representative Amanda Aguirre, Yuma County    -initially endorsed Lieberman; announced switch to Kerry on Oct. 22, 2003.
· Representative Ernest Bustamante, Pinal County     -initially endorsed Lieberman; announced switch to Kerry on Oct. 22, 2003.
· Representative Ken Clark, Phoenix
· Representative Ted Downing, Tucson
· Mayor Woody Thomas, Litchfield Park
· Vice-Mayor Marie Lopez-Rogers, City of Avondale
· Stephen Ahern, Arizona's Top Consumer Watchdog (Arizona Republic)
· Scott Bales, Former Solicitor General
· Andrew Federhar, Attorney, Phoenix
· Peter Hershfield, Sun City for Kerry
· Dennis Jensen, Western Maricopa/Sun City Chair
· Ramon Jordan, Douglas City Council
· Judy Kennedy, Vice-Chair, Arizona Democratic Party
· Amy Kobeta
· Carl Leone, Peoria City Council
· Shirley McAllister, Sun City for Kerry
· George Miller, Former Mayor of Tucson
· Francisca Montoya, Executive Director, Stardust House Tucson
· Tom Morales, Former Mayor of Avondale 
· Robert Carter Olson, Pinal County Attorney and Arizona Democratic Party Treasurer
· Patricia Orozco, Yuma County Attorney
· Tony Reyes, Yuma County Supervisor
· Kristi Youtsey Ruiz, Pinal County Clerk of the Superior Court
· Lionel Sanchez, President of Vietnam Veterans of America - Chapter 432
· Billy Shield, President of the United Phoenix Firefighters
· Tom Solnit, Commandant, Marine Corps League Ira Hayes - Detatchment 002
· John Soltero, Former Chairman, Pima County Democratic Party
· Brian Tobin, President of the United Firefighters of Arizona
· Oscar Urrea, Founder In Country Vietnam Veterans
· Victor Walker, First Vice Chair, Cochise County Democratic Party

Congressman Ed Pastor (AZ-4)    -Jan. 28, 2004   ...had backed Gephardt 
Representative Gabrielle Giffords ...had backed Gephardt 
Mayor Carlos Galindo-Elvira, Hayden
Mayor Robert Robles, El Mirage 
Pat Dennis - Peoria City Council
Student Coordinators
Arizona State University - Matt Moellering 
ASU, West - Kari Singer 
Glendale Community College - Philip Ceja 
Goldwater HS - Suzi Lui 
Mesa Community College - Tom Alston 
Northern Arizona University - Franny Sharpe 
Phoenix College - Natasha Scofield 
Scottsdale Community College - Tristan Jones 
Thunderbird: The American School of Management - Josh Miller 
University of Arizona - Ricky Hernandez 

Website by Matt Moellering

Early List of Endorsements
Sen. Bill Brotherton (Phoenix)
Sen. Harry Mitchell (Tempe)
Rep. Amanda Aguirre (Yuma County)    -initially endorsed Lieberman; announced switch to Kerry on Oct. 22, 2003.
Rep. Olivia Cajero Bedford (Tucson)   -subsequently decided not to endorse
Rep. Ernest Bustamante (Pinal County)    -initially endorsed Lieberman; announced switch to Kerry on Oct. 22, 2003.
Rep. Ken Clark (Phoenix)
Rep. Ted Downing (Tucson)
Rep. Ben Miranda (Phoenix)  -initially endorsed Lieberman; announced switch to Kerry on Sept. 13, 2003.  Kerry campaign later disavowed Miranda's support.

Yuma County Supervisor Tony Reyes
Yuma County Attorney Pat Orozco

Mayor Carlos Galindo-Elvira, Hayden
Mayor Woody Thomas, Litchfield Park
Mayor Robert Robles, El Mirage
Vice Mayor Marie Lopez-Rogers, Avondale

Arizona Democratic Party Treasurer Carter Olson

Former Tucson Mayor George Miller
Former Arizona Solicitor General Scott Bales

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