John Kerry-Campaign Organization, Maryland
John Kerry for President Inc.
On December 4, 2002, Sen. Kerry filed papers with the FEC establishing John Kerry for President Inc., an exploratory committee.  James M. Jordan served as the national campaign manager through November 9, 2003; he was replaced by Mary Beth Cahill, who previously served as chief of staff to Sen. Edward Kennedy.

John Kerry for President Inc. Maryland Leadership

State Headquarters: 110 N. Washington Street, 5th Floor, Rockville
Baltimore office: 5913 Harford Road (Building Trades)  - James Dukes
Annapolis office: 191 Main Street, 3rd Floor
Landover office: 4301 Garden City Drive
State Director Nick Clemons
Field director of Kerry's New Hampshire primary campaign for a full year starting Jan. 27, 2003.  Previously Clemons served as field director of Gov. Jeanne Shaheen's 2002 U.S. Senate campaign and her 2000 re-election campaign.  Campaign manager on Manchester Mayor Bob Baines' 2001 re-election campaign.  Worked for Gov. Jeanne Shaheen in the Office of Citizen Affairs and as scheduler.  Graduate of UNH with a degree in history. 
Political Director Ken Robinson
State director for Kerry's New Hampshire primary campaign for a full year starting in January 2003.  Previously Robinson served as executive director of the New Hampshire Democratic Party from January 1999 through January 2003.  In 2000 and 2002, he also served as the Coordinated Campaign director for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  He has worked on numerous campaigns including Gov. Jeanne Shaheen's 1998 reelection campaign.  In 1996 he served as field director of Joe Keefe's campaign for Congress (1st CD).  Robinson is a 1991 graduate of Brown University. 
Field Director Courtney Wheeler

Communications Director Katharine Lister
Served briefly as communications director for Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. Catherine Baker Knoll;  previously communications director for Congressman Adam Smith (D-WA); deputy press secretary for the Democratic Leadership Council and Progressive Policy Institute.   Graduate of Yale University; native of Philadelphia.
Campaign Chair Wayne Rogers
Past chair of the Maryland Democratic Party (through the end of 2002).  President of Synergics, Inc., an Annapolis-based firm which develops energy projects.

Baltimore Sun (02/29/04)

On February 26, 2004 Latino leaders announced creation of Latinos for Kerry, co-chaired by Maryland State Delegate Victor Ramirez, alumni from University of Maryland William Campos and Ariel Oxman, Latino media specialist Erick Oribio, and Montgomery County activist Jose Vasquez. 

On February 24, 2004 leading Maryland Democrats announced their support for Kerry: U.S. Sen. Paul Sarbanes, U.S. Sen. Barbara Mikulski, Maryland Comptroller William Donald Schaefer, Attorney General Joe Curran, U.S. Rep. and House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer, U.S. Rep. Ben Cardin, U.S. Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger, U.S. Rep. Chris Van Hollen, Maryland House Speaker Mike Busch, Montgomery County Executive Doug Duncan, Baltimore City Mayor Martin O'Malley, Howard County Executive Jim Robey, and Baltimore County Executive Jim Smith. 

On February 20, 2004 the campaign announced the endorsement "of more than 75 Maryland Democratic leaders from across the state - state legislators, county officials and other prominent local Democrats, including former supporters of Richard Gephardt, Howard Dean and Wes Clark."

Maryland Democratic Leaders Supporting John Kerry for President

  (Key: * = former Gephardt supporter; ** = former Clark; *** = former Dean)

  Former County Councilmember Bruce Adams

  Former Delegate Rushern Baker 

  County Central Committeemember Alan Banov

  Delegate Kumar Barve

  County Central Committeemember Dan Besseck

  Delegate and former County Exec. Elizabeth Bobo ***

  County Councilmember Bill Burlison

  Delegate Jon Cardin *

  Delegate Jill Carter

  Former Delegate Bill Cole

  Former Delegate Michael Comeau 

  Councilmember Bobby Curran *

  Former Delegate Dick D'Amato

  Delegate Tiger Davis **

  Delegate Dereck Davis

  Central Committeemember Kevin Doyle

  Delegate Kathleen Dumais 

  County Central Committeemember Arthur Edmunds

  County Councilmember Jim Estepp

  Delegate Brian Feldman ** 

  County Central Committeemember Steve Fisher *** 

  Central Committeemember Arlene Fisher

  County Councilmember Nancy Floreen

  State Senator Jennie Forehand ** 

  Delegate Barbara Frush 

  County Central Committeemember Louise Gallun 

  State's Attorney Doug Gansler

  Former Delegate Gil Genn

  Delegate, Montgomery Mike Gordon 

  County Council President Guy Guzzone 

  City Central Committeemember Nina Harper 

  Delegate Hank Heller ** 

  County Central Committeemember Susan Heltemes **

  Delegate Sheila Hixson 

  State's Attorney Glenn Ivey 

  Former Delegate Cheryl Kagan 

  Delegate Anne Kaiser

  Sheriff Ray Kight

  Delegate Nancy King ** 

  City Councilmember Jim Kraft

  State Senator Rona Kramer 

  Former Mayor Rose Krasnow

  County Central Committeemember Gaylen Kreiser 

  County Central Committeemember Mike Lennett

  Delegate Jimmy Malone

  Delegate Adrienne Mandel

  State's Attorney Tim McCrone

  County Central Committeemember Tony McGuffin

  County Central Committeemember Michael McPherson 

  City Councilmember Heather Mizeur 

  Delegate Brian Moe 

  Delegate Karen Montgomery

  City Central Committeemember James Ward Morrow

  Delegate Shirley Nathan-Pulliam

  Delegate Rosetta Parker

  Delegate Shane Pendergrass 

  County Councilmember Marilyn Praisner 

  Delegate Neil Q! uinter ** 

  County Councilmember David Rakes 

  County Central Committeemember Raymond Rankin

  County Central Committeemember Sandy Raymond

  Former State Party Chair Wayne Rogers 

  County Central Committeemember Dee Schofield

  County Council President Steve Silverman

  Delegate Luiz Simmons **

  County Central Committeemember Paul Stankus

  County Councilmember Mike Subin ***

  Former Speaker of the House of Delegates Casper Caz Taylor

  State Senator Len Teitelbaum 

  Delegate Victoria Turner

  County Councilmember Ken Ulman *** 

  Former County Executive Ted Venetoulis

  County Central Committeemember Bob Ward

  County Central Committeemember Vilma White

  City Central Committeemember Sylvia Williams

  Delegate Bobby Zirkin 

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