July 1, 2004
Senator John Kerry
John Kerry for President, Inc.
P.O. Box 34640
Washington, DC 20043
Dear John:
I am both honored and flattered that you are seriously considering me for your running mate-as the Democratic Vice Presidential nominee-in the coming election.    Our recent discussion in Phoenix and the fullness of our dialogue with you and your team about your vision for our country and our shared commitment to a strong America at home and abroad have reinforced my firm belief that you are truly ready to lead our great nation in a new and promising direction.
As we discussed, America cannot long endure the failed polices of the current administration and any Vice President must be a capable and loyal soldier ready to work with you and Senior Administration Officials to implement the polices of providing good paying jobs and affordable health care to Americans, while strengthening our alliances overseas and securing our domestic shores.
Also, as we discussed, there are numerous experienced and talented leaders who you are also considering for your running mate.  As I told you, I believe any of these would make a superb Vice President.   It is with that knowledge and comfort that I must tell you that I respectfully remove myself from the selection process and withdraw my name from consideration for the Vice Presidential nomination.
As you know, when I ran for Governor, I made a commitment to the people of New Mexico to serve a full term.  We have tackled so many challenges in my state-raising teachers' salaries and reforming our schools; developing a high wage economy with good paying jobs for our citizens and cracking down on the scourges of DWI, domestic violence and drug abuse.  We have cut taxes, invested in our schools and have seen our crime rates drop and our job numbers climb.  Yet, there is so much more to do.
Too many New Mexico families lack affordable health care, too many New Mexico children go without good nutrition and immunizations, too many of our communities lack a solid economic base and too many students drop out of our schools or cannot afford a college education.   I have pledged to the people of New Mexico that I would work hard every day of my term as Governor to address these problems and strive to make a difference in the lives of ordinary New Mexico citizens.    I need to honor that pledge.
John, I know you share the commitment to fight for the people of this country just as I fight for those of New Mexico.  I pledge to you that, as Governor, I will do everything in my power to secure your victory-in New Mexico and nationwide.  Moreover, I promise to work closely with and support you, as President, in your efforts to create jobs, provide quality and affordable education and health care and protect our nation against foreign and domestic threats.
In closing, on a personal note, as an Hispanic, I am particularly touched by your willingness to consider me for the Vice Presidency.  It is further reassurance to the Hispanic and Latino communities that you are a man who respects and reaches out to our community and who will fight for our interests, our values and our culture.
Also, I  want to commend Jim Johnson's professionalism throughout the selection process.
Thank you most sincerely for your faith in me.  I stand ready, as Democratic Convention Chairman and Governor of New Mexico, to work my hardest to help make you the next President of the United States.
Bill Richardson