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This is a selection of independent pro-Kerry sites based on interest (rather than geography). Some of them show a bit of spark and others are quite run of the mill.  Among the more unique sites: Climbers 4 Kerry, Bikers Rallying to Support John Kerry, and Artists for John Kerry.

Armenian Americans for John Kerry (www.armeniansforkerry.com)
"Armenians for Kerry works in partnership with the Armenian American Democratic Leadership Council (AADLC), a long-standing ethnic council of the Democratic National Committee's National Democratic Ethnic Coordinating Committee."
Noteworthy: Section on Armenian Issues includes "Selected Statements by Senator John Kerry on Key Armenian-American Issues"
Sept. 9, 2004 Update:
The site highlighted a couple of events: an Armenian Women for Kerry Dessert Reception on July 11 in Boston and Armenstock 2004 - Kef for Kerry, a day-long music festival in celebration of John Kerry's nomination for President, held on August 28, 2004 at Camp Haiastan, in Franklin, Masssachusetts.

Artists for John Kerry (www.artistsforkerry.com)
"The Goal of Artists for Kerry is to create and nurture an active coalition of performing and visual artists and arts leaders who work together and with the campaign to elect John Kerry President."
Noteworthy: Section on "John Kerry's Support for the Arts and Humanities."  Forum is active with submissions from April and May on topics such as Arts Education and Art Students for Kerry.  Gallery not yet active although there are submissions of poems and art in the Forum.
Sept. 9, 2004 Update: Does not appear to have been updated.

Climbers 4 Kerry (www.climbers4kerry.com)
"A Seattle-based group founded by two climbers, Mary Sue Shafer and Darrell Jensen, to support the election of John Kerry for President."
Noteworthy: "Who We Are" lists six goals including "Motivate Climbers to Vote," "Raise $150,000 by July 25th for the Kerry campaign" and "Send a constant stream of climbers up the NA Wall on El Capitan in September to 'Take Back North America'.  Section on "Why Climbers Support Kerry" has six issue areas (Parks & Public Lands, Foreign Policy, Environment, Economy & Jobs, Civil Rights).  Merchandise consists of T-shirts ($9) and bumperstickers ($2).
Sept. 9, 2004 Update: A Colorado Climbers4Kerry branch kicked off
with an event at Spot Bouldering Gym on July 28.  Climbers4Kerry's major focus continues to be the September "Take Back America" effort in Yosemite, encouraging climbs up El Cap's N.A. Wall or another El Cap route.  While in Yosemite Climbers4Kerry plans to hold slideshows at the Lower River Amphitheater and bring in speakers such as Conrad Anker, Heidi Wirtz, Jim Donini, Ron Kauk, Pete Takeda and Timmy O'Neill.

Conservatives for Kerry (www.conservativesforkerry.com)
A blog launched Feb. 2, 2004, run by Jim Cook and Edward Planck.  "Conservatives have historically stood as guardians of America's moral heritage, civic standards and national resources.  Recently, however, this proud tradition has been sullied by an administration that uses the word "conservative" but betrays fundamental conservative principles."
Noteworthy: Merchandise consists of mugs and bumperstickers through Cafe Press.
Sept. 9, 2004 Update: No site.  "
This website is currently under re-construction"

Doctors for Kerry (www.doctorsforkerry.org)
"A national grassroots organization whose mission is to identify and mobilize students and doctors (MD, DO, DDS and PhDs in healthcare-related disciplines) supporting Senator John Kerry's candidacy for the Presidency."
Noteworthy: A National Steering Committee lists 37 people in 18 states and DC and indicates that Robert Friedlander Jr MD is the coordinator.  There is also a National Medical Leadership Committee listing.  Spread the word form encourages user to e-mail link to the site to a colleague.  A button links to health care section on Kerry campaign site.
Sept. 9, 2004 Update: Site has been taken over by the campaign (http://www.johnkerry.com/communities/doctors/).

Greens for Kerry (www.greensforkerry.com)
"The ramifications of a Bush second term could be catastrophic; the stakes are simply too high. To protect our nation and preserve a healthy future– economically, socially, environmentally and morally, we must defeat George W. Bush. We urge all Greens and Nader voters in swing states to vote strategically and join with people of all political stripes, united in our concern for America’s future, and support John Kerry for President." "Sarah Newman, the founder of Greens for Kerry, is a registered Green Party member in San Francisco, a two time Nader voter (96' and 00'), and a proud volunteer of Nader's 2000 campaign for President."
Noteworthy: Includes a Greens for Kerry pledge with a goal of 10,000 signatures.
Sept. 9, 2004 Update: Now formally a PAC called Change in '04.  Site very significantly upgraded.  On August 27 Greens for Kerry released "A Progressive Platform: Prospects and Expectations in a Kerry Administration."

Independents for Kerry (www.independentsforkerry.com)
"Our objective is to promote the beliefs and values of Senator John Kerry in a positive, energizing way, and mobilize voters to help elect John Kerry our next President of the United States."  Site by Jim Witkins.  "...as an Independent voter, I hope you will join me in supporting John Kerry for President of the United States. Two simple reasons: Common sense solutions for challenging problems.  Priorities that make America a better place for all."
Noteworthy: Most recent update appears to be a link to a March 26 article "Republicans for Kerry?" on Salon.com.  Photo at top of main page was taken from Democracy in Action site and used without permission or attribution.
Sept. 9, 2004 Update: A considerable amount of new material including Witkins' photos from the Democratic Convention and new articles.

Moms for Kerry (www.momsforkerry.com)
"Over the last few years, we have watched as our children's future has eroded under the Bush administration.  We are uniting to lend our support to John Kerry and send him to the White House and send George Bush packing his bags! ...No matter how many children you have or how old they are, we moms are very busy and have a lot on our plate.  We want this site to serve as a gathering place  - where you can find out information about the issues, John Kerry and what his plan is for our future and that of our children."
Noteworthy: Message BoardOperation Mom Hugs section encourages users to send care packages to soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Some sections undeveloped (Kids for Kerry, Regional Contacts).
Sept. 9, 2004 Update: Now Moms for Kerry-Edwards.  Site is promoting a "Moms for Kerry Rally Day" on Sat. Oct. 30 at 3:00 p.m. EDT. 
"We will gather across this country at federal buildings and town squares, parks and plazas and city halls. We will gather together, all of us moms united across this country on the same day at the exact same time to send a message of unity and support."

Nurses for Kerry (www.nursesforkerry.com)
"Nurses For Kerry is a growing group of RNs, LPNs and LVNs, who believe that George W. Bush does not represent the interests of the nursing profession, or what's best for nurses individually.  John Kerry on the other hand, has a history of fighting for nurses in his home state, and has pledged to fight for us when he is elected President in 2004."
Noteworthy: Main page lists nine policy pledges Kerry has made (Combat the Nursing Shortage, End Mandatory Overtime, Ensure Safe Staffing Levels..."  One section has Kerry's responses to the United American Nurses (UAN) AFL-CIO survey; Bush did not respond to the survey.
Sept. 9, 2004 Update: Does not appear to have been updated.

Teens for Kerry (www.teensforkerry.com)
"The best site on the net devoted to get teens involved in John Kerry's bid for the Whitehouse!"
Noteworthy: Lots of graphics and material from the Kerry campaign site.  There is another, independent teen site, teens4kerry.com which also has the address teens4clark.com.
Sept. 9, 2004 Update: Still mainly a lot of material from the Kerry-Edwards site.

Young Professionals for John Kerry (www.yp4johnkerry.com)
"...dedicated to encouraging young voters to learn about and support John Kerry's vision for the future of America in order to help bring that vision to the White House."  Chair is Stephanie Wade.
Noteworthy: Seems to be a Boston-based site as all the events in the Events section are in Boston.  Encourages young professionals to phone bank at Kerry's Boston headquarters ("Another opportunity to prove our worth to the campaign!")
Sept. 9, 2004 Update: Not much activity on this site.

Bikers Rallying to Support John Kerry (www.rallytojohnkerry.com)
Tom Mullins, a Vietnam era Navy veteran and member of the Communications Workers of America from Thousand Oaks, California, put up this site to present the idea of a mass of motorcyclists riding across the country through as many battleground states as possible, arriving in Boston  in time for the convention.  He proposes to leave from Santa Monica on July 20.  "I've heard way too much talk about the lack of passion for John Kerry's candidacy.  I figure it takes some passion to ride a motorcycle on a 6,000 mile round trip. I don't have a lot of money to give, and I have a full time job so I don't have a lot of time.  What I do have is two weeks vacation, a motorcycle and a belly full of Bush...  I would like to have some company on this ride, because I believe that there at least 1,000 motorcycle riders like me in the country who would like to show their support in a visible way."
Noteworthy: A good example of using the internet to attempt to organize an action; it will be interesting to see if this happens.
Sept. 9, 2004 Update: Mullins appears to have made it to Massachusetts but site offers no details.

Kerry Support.com (www.kerrysupport.com)
"This site is dedicated towards helping the grassroots efforts for those who want John Kerry to be the next President of the United States and beat George Bush in November, 2004."
Noteworthy: Site has news, print outs, wallpaper, videos, but why not just go to the Kerry site for this?  Counter shows 2,118.
Sept. 9, 2004 Update:  This site is being kept current and does have some interesting material.

Addition: May 19, 2004  Caution: Language
John Kerry Is a... (johnkerryisadouchebagbutimvotingforhimanyway.com)
Alan Blevins, a senior Computer Science major at Texas A&M University and creator of this site writes that, "It is beyond vital that we all overlook these minor blemishes and unpleasantries, and unite in electing John Kerry to be the next president of the United States of America."  Blevins set out to write five essays in April and May 2004.  He posted the first, "Instances of Doucheitude and Why it Doesn't Matter," on April 21.
Noteworthy: The site generated considerable word of mouth buzz.  The inordinately long address surely runs counter to prevailing wisdom on concise addresses, but it is memorable and provocative.  Beyond the address, this site is effective because of its simple, clear premise; it shows some thought beyond the daily back and forth and marks a useful addition to the dialogue.

Addition: June 11, 2004
Seniors for Kerry (www.seniorsforkerry.com)
Created and paid for by HL Vicini, San Francisco.  "Our mission is Senior & Elder Outreach in support of Senator Kerry's Presidential bid, promoting issues of concern to Seniors, and fundraising & other campaign activities ..."
Sept. 9, 2004 Update: A map shows member communities in 26 states.  There is also a letter writing project to seniors in Arizona.

Addition: July 7, 2004
Concerts for Kerry (www.concertsforkerry.org)
"Concerts for Kerry is a grassroots group organizing benefit performances nationwide to raise money for John Kerry's presidential campaign. Our fundraising is straightforward: 100% of every ticket sale is a direct donation to John Kerry for President."

Addition: Sept. 17, 2004
Catholics for Kerry (www.catholicsforkerry.org)
"Catholics for Kerry 04 is a grassroots effort by Catholics to support John Kerry and John Edwards in their bid for the White House.  As Catholics for Kerry, we strongly believe in the dignity of life, and therefore we believe in helping the poor and homeless, protecting American jobs, a strong economy that helps all families and children, protecting our environment, affordable health care, effectively ending terrorism, defending the Constitution, law and order, defending the homeland, a strong military, respecting Catholic Just War principles, and restoring America's credibility in the world. We think these policies truly protect the dignity and sanctity of life.  Since we are not one issue voters, Catholics for Kerry 04 believe that John Kerry and John Edwards represent the majority of our issues and views."  The site lists an 11-person advisory board: President - Catholics for Kerry 04 - SK Robert McFadden - Knights of Columbus.   Rev. William John Fitzgerald.   Rev. Michael Flynn - MA, MDiv.   Alexia Kelley - Master of Theological Studies - Harvard Divinity School.   Patrick Whelan MD PhD - Harvard Medical School.   Jana C. Richardson JD.   Mary A. Parker JD.   Annette Pritchard - Catholics for Peace.   Linda R. Flynn - Spiritual Director & Religious Educator.   Lynne Kelly - Graphic Design.
   Tim Steineman - USAF - Veterans for Kerry.  [more]

Addition: Sept. 17, 2004
Republicans for Kerry (www.republicansforkerry04.org)
According to a July 22, 2004 press release on the Republicans for Kerry site: "Republicans for Kerry '04 is an outgrowth of a Yahoo online community founded in March 2004.  The group's membership recently passed 650 and it boasts participation from every geographical area of the country.  The group's immediate objective is to reach out to dissatisfied Republicans through writing letters to editors, op-ed pieces, and via their web site, http://www.republicansforkerry04.org.  Republicans for Kerry '04 plans to use its national membership to help coordinate with state groups, assisting in get-out-the-vote efforts and other activities."  According to an Aug. 8 release "the group has identified state group leaders in Arizona, Florida, Nevada, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Washington.  The state groups will focus on spreading the "Country Before Party" message to local media, and will team up with other organizations in supporting the Kerry-Edwards campaign and get-out-the-vote efforts."  Leaders included David Griffith (OR), Allan Tweddle (WV), Harry Wettig (AZ).  The mailing address is Clifton, NJ.  John Bugay, a writer who lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania created an earlier Republicans for Kerry site.

Addition: Sept. 17, 2004
Kids for Kerry (www.kidsforkerry.org)
Ilana Wexler, 12-year old from Oakland, CA launched this site; she later gained a bit of fame when at the invitation of Teresa Heinz Kerry she addressed the Democratic National Convention in primetime, asserting that  Vice President Dick Cheney, "should be put in a timeout" for using bad language.  According to the website, "Our goal is to let AS MANY KIDS AND PARENTS AS POSSIBLE  know that we do have a voice, and what we believe matters TODAY!! We CAN and WILL make a difference in this election. It is up to us to let other KIDS, PARENTS, GRANDPARENTS, TEACHERS, AND ANYONE WHO CARES ABOUT KIDS ISSUES OR ANYONE WHO WAS EVER A KID know how they can help by getting involved in this process...

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