Dennis Kucinich-Campaign Organization, Iowa
Kucinich for President Committee  

Kucinich for President Iowa Leadership
Campaign Headquarters: 3407 Ingersoll, Des Moines (the Iowa Savings Bank building).

Midwest Political Director John Friedrich
(started latter part of March 2003; officially April 1 as State Director/Coordinator)  Midwest political director for Clean Water Action, from Aug. 2002.  Founder and executive director of Community Harvest, a Washington, DC non-profit, 1997-2002.  National political director of Clean Water Action, 1993-97.  Friedrich served as Illinois campaign manager for Harkin for President in 1991-92 and as a field organizer on Harkin's 1990 Senate campaign.  He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison (1987) and a native of Iowa City.
Iowa Field Director Anna Franker
(started mid-August 2003) In 2002 Franker worked as a field organizer in Minnesota's 3rd CD for the late Sen. Wellstone.  She worked on Hillary Rodham Clinton's 2000 campaign in the fundraising department.  Franker is a graduate of Smith College, where she was active in global justice and anti-racist causes. Originally from Iowa City, Franker's first campaign was as a high school volunteer on Sen. Harkin's 1996 campaign.
Iowa Administrative Director David Rogers
(started June 1, 2003 as special projects coordinator)  Rogers and his wife started a salon and day spa five years ago in Des Moines.  Previously he worked as a film and video maker in Minnesota and Iowa.  [Rogers came up with the idea for the "kernels of truth."].
Friedrich, Franker and Rogers comprise the Iowa leadership team.


Scheduler Jessica Ireland
(started May 19, 2003)  Grew up in and around a political family, May 2003 graduate of Iowa State University. 
Central Iowa Field Organizer, Press Liaison Terre Lundy

Website Development, Technical Support--Turo Dexter


Southwest Iowa Field Organizer Sharon Gradischnig
(started late July 2003)  Lifelong Iowa resident.  Previously worked in PR, advertising, and marketing.  Managed several successful local political races including Connie Cook's race for Des Moines City Council; ran for Polk County Board of Supervisors in the early 1980s.  Longtime political and community activist with a focus on inner city, children's, and peace issues; member of STAR-PAC steering committee.  Early supporter of Bruce Babbitt's 1988 campaign; volunteered on Bill Bradley's 2000 campaign.
Southwest Iowa Field Organizer Bryan Wokich


Cedar Rapids: 2333 Blairs Ferry Road, N.E.

Eastern Iowa Field Organizer Jaelle Dragomir
Eastern Iowa Field Director Kathleen Lane
(started beginning of August 2003)  Member of such groups as Women for Peace and Women, Food and Agriculture Network (WFAN).  Nutritionist in private practice.  A native Iowan.
Eastern Iowa Field Organizer Maggie Anderson


Davenport: 131 West Third Street, 2nd Floor (opened mid-August, fully functional later in the month)

Eastern Iowa Field Organizer Patrick Rigg
(started August 2003)  Rigg grew up in Davenport, Iowa and moved across the river to East Moline, Illinois where he now lives with his wife and two children.  In 2002 he worked on the absentee ballot project and as a canvasser for the Iowa Democratic Party's coordinated campaign.  He has been very active in both Iowa and Illinois politics since 2000.  His grandmother, who was a member of NOW, gave him his first taste of politics in 1984, helping out on Congressman Lane Evans first re-election campaign.  Rigg states that he strives "to get more people participating in our democracy."

Fairfield: 121 West Broadway, Suite A 

Southeast Iowa Field Organizer Deborah Williamson

Sioux City: 520 Pierce St. Suite 256

Northwest Field Organizer Stephanie Weisenbach
(starting first part of August 2003)  Weisenbach has focused on food and agriculture issues.  In 2003 she worked as an organizer for the U.S. Human Society's farm animal welfare campaign.  In 2002 she worked with Clean Water Action.  Weisenbach has a license in massage therapy from the Eastwind School in Iowa City.  From Urbandale; a native Iowan.

Dubuque: 663 Fenelon Place

Field Organizer Marcos Rubenstein


Council Bluffs:2307 Third Ave

Field Organizer Warren Yaple

Iowa City: 620 So. Dubuque Streetoffice open October 21, 2003

Field Organizer Megan McGrorty

Ames: 207 Stanton #4

Field Organizer Terre Lundy

                                                                    Waterloo: 124 E. 9th St.
Field Organizer Jennifer Kuhlman


Key Supporters
On September 1, 2003 the campaign announced the formation of "Iowa Rank and File Labor for Kucinich" headed  by a 32-person Steering Committee.

On September 2, 2003 STAR*PAC (Stop The Arms Race Political Action Committee of Iowa) announced its endorsement of Rep. Kucinich. >

The Des Moines office is approx. 1,300 sq ft.; rent is $1,200/month.

John Friedrich  Duties: Oversee Iowa constituency group strategy together with field and political staff.  Work toward organizational endorsements.  Develop communication plan, together with Iowa and national media/communication staff.  Prepare/edit internal and external written materials (Iowa update, web content, communication with Dems). Cultivate support for Iowa from all surrounding states.  Recruit surrogate speakers to represent Dennis in Iowa.  Communicate regularly with Democratic Party leaders, elected officials, top Kucinich supporters etc. to gain endorsements and support.  Help jump start county organizations.  9/30/03
Anna Franker  Duties: Oversee the Iowa Field operation, and provide direct assistance to Western and Central Iowa operations.  Work with Kathleen Lane to help field staff implement the field plan through additional hiring, training, regular meetings and ongoing communication and evaluation.  Communicate with and connect all aspects of the Iowa operation into the field organization.  Compose and implement GOTV/Caucus plan.  Support Polk County and south-central Iowa field organizing. 9/30/03
David Rogers  Duties: Oversee and manage budget creation and management for Iowa organization; oversee and assist in facilitating fundraising efforts and house parties in Iowa; oversee and assist in facilitating campaign events and special projects in Iowa; coordinate intern program; serve as Iowa headquarters office manager and Dennis' Iowa driver.   9/30/03

Formerly with the campaign:
Field Assistant Brian Depew
(started part time in April 2003; full time from May 1; left in August to go to graduate school)  Former Green Party member; in 2002 at age 21 Depew was the Green Party's candidate for Secretary of Agriculture.  He is a self-employed farmer on a diversified family farm and studied environmental science and philosophy at Simpson College in Indianola, graduating in May 2003.

Field Organizers: Frederick Jones, Mike Dolny

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