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State Coordinator Bob Alexander
(On staff since June 20, 2003)  Bob Alexander has been involved in six presidential primary campaigns, starting in 1976 when he was Michigan co-chair of Sen. Fred Harris's campaign.  In the closing weeks of the1992 NH primary campaign he organized in Durham area for Sen. Tom Harkin, and in 2000 fulfilled a similar role for Bill Bradley's campaign.  In 1991 he led a recall effort against Gov. John Engler.  All told, Alexander has been involved in several hundred campaigns.  He has worked as a state employee, in the Michigan Senate, and as a teacher.  Alexander is a resident of East Lansing.

Alexander described the campaign as "totally grassroots."  On October 20 he reported the campaign has contacts in 43 of Michigan's 83 counties.  Among the most active areas are Oakland County, Ann Arbor , Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, and Marquette.  Among the more active leaders, all volunteer, are Jason Antrosio, a visiting assistant professor of Anthropology and Sociology at Albion College, Matt Freyer in Kalamazoo, and Kara Spencer in Detroit.

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