Dennis Kucinich-Campaign Organization, New Hampshire
Kucinich for President  

Kucinich for President New Hampshire Leadership

Campaign Headquarters: 913 Elm Street, Suite 201, Manchester (Kucinich officially opened Aug. 11, 2003)
16 staff as of Jan. 3, 2004
New Hampshire State Director Mary MacArthur
(Started Oct. 6, 2003--based in Portsmouth)  Resident of Milton Mills.  Most recently has taught cross cultural studies and conflict resolution in Massachusetts as an adjunct professor.  In the 1970s and 80s MacArthur served as assistant director of the literature program at the National Endowment for the Arts in Washington, DC. Publisher.  Peace Corps volunteer.
New England Student and Youth Coordinator Benjamin Eichert
On leave of absence from UC Santa Cruz, where he is studying politics and language studies, Eichert previously worked as a filmmaker at Big Noise Films. 
New Hampshire State Labor Coordinator Dick de Seve (also Sue)
(Started Oct. 6, 2003)  de Seve has been involved in NH politics since 1986, when he moved to the area from Maryland.  He was the lobbyist for the NH Sierra Club for 10 years while in private law practice. 
Intern/Canvass and Phonebank Co-Coordinator Kate Levin
(Started in Cleveland in September and in NH on Oct. 8, 2003)  Two years at University of Puget Sound studying History.  From Los Angeles
Intern/Canvass and Phonebank Co-Coordinator Payam Sadri
(Started Oct. 2003) 
Intern/Scheduler Deb Reitnenour
(Started Nov. 11, 2003 as Intern/Manchester Office Director)  Previously had been volunteering in the Portland, OR office.  From Massachusetts originally.
Intern/Manchester Office Director Megan Riley

New Hampshire Media Coordinator Richard Hendrick
(Started first part of Oct. 2003)  Has lived in Orford for the past 30 years.  Writer, producer and director of TV documentaries. 

F I E L D   O F F I C E S
Portsmouth -127 Daniel Street

Portsmouth and Event/Schedule Coordinator Jane Cowan
(Started early Nov. 2003)  Originally from Ohio; has lived in New Hampshire for 18 years.
Seacoast Coordinator and State Volunteer Coordinator Christina Kraich Rogers


Keene - 12 West Street, #6A opened on Sept. 24, 2003 

Keene Coordinator Allison Hirsch


Regional Coordinators (volunteer):
Monadnock - Jim Smart of Keene
Lakes - Lorie Budington, Sue De Seve, Beth McCarthy
Upper Valley - Jim Romer of Claremont
Merrimack Valley - Manchester office
Seacoast - Portsmouth office

New Hampshire Green Party   ...announced Oct. 27, 2003.  However, the Green Party of the United States sent out an advisory on Oct. 28 warning of a "misleading news story."  The advisory stated, "Green Party officials wish to clarify that the half-dozen individuals responsible for the news release in question are not affiliated with the Green Party of the United States.  Furthermore, New Hampshire is one of five states which still do not have a functioning state Green Party.

Keene Coordinator: Alyssa Shriber

also note
Will Reynolds of the national field staff helped set up offices and do trainings Sept.-Oct. 2003.

New England Campaign Coordinator Amy Hochadel
(Started in this position in September 2003; from the beginning of the campaign through early September Hochadel served as national field director, based in Ohio)  Worked on Kucinich's congressional staff as Special Projects Coordinator for the past four years, taking leaves of absence to run the field operation for his re-election campaigns.  Previously a union organizer for the AFL-CIO for four years; prior to that was a union organizer/community organizer for UNITE for one year in New Orleans

former (both resigned Sept. 2003)
New England Campaign Coordinator (ME, VT, NH, MA) Trevor Elkins
(started in this position beginning of May 2003, moved to NH in the second week in May)  Started with the campaign in Cleveland in February 2003 as assistant to Field Director Amy Hochadel.  Previously worked in Cleveland as financial advisor with a subsidiary of Citigroup.  Elkins moved from New York to Cleveland in 1995.  In New York he was elected to the Palmyra-Macedon school board at age 21.  Served as campaign manager on a number of local and county races in upstate New York in addition to volunteering on several state, congressional and gubernatorial campaigns.  First vote was for Jerry Brown in 1992.
Merrimack Valley Regional Coordinator (Manchester) Ted Wells
(August 2003)

Several key volunteers moved out of state in Fall 2003
New Hampshire Volunteer Coordinator Amy Snyder
(from March 21, 2003) Has not been active much in politics beyond voting; first heard of Kucinich about a year ago and is attracted to his idea of a Department of Peace.
New Hampshire Media Coordinator Lynda Smith Cowan

no longer active in the campaign
Monadnock Region -- Robert Riversong 

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