Dennis Kucinich-Campaign Organization, Oklahoma
Kucinich for President

Kucinich for President Oklahoma Leadership
Campaign Headquarters: in the Oklahoma State Democratic Party Building 
at 4100 Lincoln Blvd., in Oklahoma City

State Director Beth Skye
(Started September 1, 2003)  Skye has a background in small business, non-profit management and corporate training.  Her most recent emphasis has been on consumer education and health.  She first met Kucinich in 1986 in Cleveland while there on business. 

Tulsa Co-Coordinator:  Beth Cox
Tulsa Co-Coordinator:  Monica Griffin

Western Oklahoma Coordinator:  William George

Statewide Campus Coordinator:  Pat King
University of Central Oklahoma Campus Coordinator:  Josh Umar

National Indian and Environmental Coordinator:  Earl Hatley
Media Coordinator:  Nichols, Bob
Operations Manager:   Christy Bodine-Black
Webmaster:  Brendan Lalor

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