This release put out by the Lieberman campaign raises the question of whether Gen. Clark is trying to soft-sell Republican leanings.  Sen. Lieberman, a centrist, has been portrayed as the most Republican-oriented of the Democratic candidates.

For Immediate Release
Contact: Jano Cabrera
Tuesday, December 30, 2003
Wesley Clark's Complete Résumé

ARLINGTON, VA -- In today's Washington Post, a strategist for the Wesley Clark for President campaign did not dispute that Clark is primarily "running on his résumé."  The paper noted that Clark's ads "are almost entirely devoid of specifics... [and] do not discuss taxes, health care, the environment or other staples of his rivals' commercials."  In response, the more substantive Joe Lieberman for President campaign responded today with:

"Wes Clark is entitled to run his campaign as he sees fit," said Jano Cabrera, a Lieberman spokesman. "But if Clark or his strategists believe that his bio is the key to winning over voters, they are mistaken.  The more Democratic voters learn about Clark, the less likely they will be to support his candidacy.  Democratic activists aren't exactly crying out for a nominee whose political résumé includes fundraising for George W. Bush, publicly praising a key Bush economic advisor, registering as a lobbyist before registering as a Democrat and voting more often for Republican candidates than Democratic ones."

Clark Running On His Résumé
Clark's ads are almost entirely devoid of specifics, using images and swelling music to dramatize his military background and depict him as an inspiring leader. They do not discuss taxes, health care, the environment or other staples of his rivals' commercials... [A] Clark strategist... did not dispute that Clark is running on his résumé.  He said the ads avoid policy specifics because most voters are not following them. [Washington Post, 12/30/03]

As a resource for voters in New Hampshire and beyond, the Lieberman campaign today released a more complete and accurate résumé for Wesley Clark

Wesley K. Clark
P.O. Box 2959
Little Rock, Arkansas 72203
(501) 537-2004

To become President of the United States, commander in chief, and leader of the free world.
1997 - 1999                 North Atlantic Treaty Organization       
                                    Supreme Allied Commander
January 2002               First Registers as a Lobbyist
September 2003          "Registers" as a Democrat
October 2003              Actually Registers as a Democrat
POLITICAL ACTIVITY - 1972 to 1992, Always Voted Republican
November 7, 1972      Voted for Republican Richard M. Nixon for President
November 2, 1976     Voted for Republican Gerald Ford for President
November 4, 1980      Voted for Republican Ronald Reagan for President
November 6, 1984      Voted for Republican Ronald Reagan for President
November 1, 1988      Voted for Republican George H. W. Bush for President
May 11, 2001              Keynoted Republican fundraiser,
                        ·        Praised George W. Bush
                        ·        Praised a key Bush economic advisor
January 22, 2002         Addresses Harding University (Searcy, Arkansas)
                        ·        Again praised George W. Bush
"Speaks" Four Languages: English, German, Spanish ("un poco") and Russian (“with the help of Vodka”)

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