Joe Lieberman-Campaign Finances
Joe Lieberman for President, Inc.
Senator Joe Lieberman announced his presidential campaign and filed papers with the FEC establishing his presidential campaign committee on January 13, 2003.  Craig T. Smith is Campaign Director and Senior Advisor.  Tracy Sturman is finance director, replacing Shari Yost, who served as finance director from February through July 14. Fran Katz Watson is senior advisor for finance and Mitchell Berger is national finance co-chair.
Joe Lieberman for President, Inc. Finances
FEC Filings
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Cash On Hand
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2nd Q 2003 (April 1-June 30)
1st Q 2003 (Jan. 1-March 31)

2nd Q 2003: The Lieberman campaign, which at $5.1 million finished third among Democratic candidates for money raised in the quarter, emphasized the significant improvement upon its first quarter showing "a more than 70% increase over its first quarter intake of $3 million."  However this was overshadowed by the shakeup in the campaign's finance department in which finance director Shari Yost resigned the day before release of the numbers.  Also, the $4.0 million in cash on hand placed the campaign fifth among the Democrats.

1st Q 2003:  The first fundraiser for the committee was held January 15, 2003 in NYC.  The campaign raised $300,000 in January, $600,000 in February and $2.1 million in March.  In a press release Craig Smith observed, "Despite a late start, once our fundraising operation was firmly in place, we hit our stride, raising over $2.1 million or approximately 70% of our total in a single month."  Of the $3 million total raised, $50,600 (about 1.7 percent) came from 26 political committees.  See also 1st Q Disbursements.

Although Sen. Lieberman pegged a possible 2004 presidential run to Al Gore's decision, he prepared for over a year as if he would run.  Lieberman launched his leadership PAC, the Responsibility, Opportunity and Community PAC (ROCPAC) in late March 2001.  ROCPAC had its offices in the building at 236 Massachusetts Avenue NE in Washington, DC.  By Election Day 2002, it had a staff of 11.  Sherry L. Brown, who managed Lieberman's two campaigns for Attorney General and his three U.S. Senate campaigns, served as executive director.  Fran Katz Watson was finance director, Joe Eyer political director, Christopher Koob director of operations, and Heather Picazio national scheduling director. Craig T. Smith, who served as political director in the Clinton White House, advised ROCPAC.

In contrast to some of the other '04 prospects' leadership PACs, ROCPAC did not take soft money (non-federal) contributions, meaning the maximum amount any individual or PAC could contribute in a calendar year was $5,000.  Through Nov. 25, 2002 (Post-General FEC report), ROCPAC reported total receipts of almost $2.9 million, and total disbursements of close to $2.5 million, leaving cash on hand of $398,017.  By Election Day, November 5, 2002, ROCPAC reported contributing a total of $729,878 to four gubernatorial candidates, 25 US Senate candidates, 87 US House candidates and 19 state parties, and Senator and Mrs. Lieberman had traveled to 31 states. Our analysis found $718,568 in contributions to candidates and committees, of which $98,600 (about 13.7 percent) went directly to New Hampshire candidates and committees and $ (about  percent) went directly to Iowa candidates and committees.

Groundwork continued after the Nov. 5, 2002 midterm elections as Lieberman hosted receptions for operatives returning to DC from campaigns around the country.  Sherry Brown stated, "Senator and Mrs. Lieberman hosted several receptions for political operatives who worked diligently in the 2002 campaign races across the country.  The Liebermans particularly wanted to say thank you to them for their hard work and additionally, sought their counsel on the prospect of the Senator's running for President, if Al Gore decides not to run."  On Dec. 15 Gore made that announcement.
ROCPAC Finances
Total Receipts
Total Disbursements
Cash On Hand
(at end of reporting period)
FEC Filings 2001-02
2002: $1,651,003.89
2001: $1,244,702.27
2002: $1,821,998.60
2001:    $675,690.22
Post-General (Oct. 17-Nov. 25)
Pre-General (Oct. 1-Oct. 16)
Oct. '02 Monthly (Sept. 1-Sept. 30)
Sept. '02 Monthly (Aug. 1-Aug. 31)
Aug. '02 Monthly (July 1-July 31)
July '02 Monthly (June 1-June 30)
June '02 Monthly (May 1-May 31)
May '02 Monthly (April 1-April 30)
April '02 Quarterly (Jan. 1-Mar. 31)
Yr End 2001 (July 10-Dec. 31)
Post Special (Mar. 23-July 9)



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