Sen. Joe Lieberman 

Iowa Travel 
14 visits, 20 days
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2004: 2 visits, 2 days.
-Sen. Lieberman participated in the Brown & Black Forum at the Polk County Convention Complex in Des Moines, Iowa on the evening of January 11, 2004

-Sen. Lieberman participated in the National Public Radio Forum at Iowa State Extension Campus in Des Moines, Iowa early afternoon on January 6, 2004

2003: 10 visits, 15 days.
-Sen. Lieberman visited Northwestern Iowa on September 17, 2003.  He met with local activists at Lighthouse Cafe in Le Mars; spoke to students at Buena Vista University in Storm Lake as part of "Joe's Jobs Tour;" and met with Ida County activists at Stubbs Memorial Library in Holstein.

-Sen. Lieberman visited Iowa on September 1, 2003.  He attended a reception with local activists at the home of Sen. Joe Seng in Davenport; toured, visited with workers and held a press avail at Genesis Medical Center in Davenport; attended a reception with local activists at the Clinton County Democratic headquarters in Clinton; and attended a reception with local activists at the home of Frank Kraus, president of the local AFGE in Dubuque.

-Sen. Lieberman visited the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines, Iowa on August 15, 2003.  With Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller he visited the 85-foot Iowa Watershed Model in the Natural Resources Building, spoke and answered questions at the Des Moines Register Soapbox, and visited fairgoers at the Varied Industries Building. 

-Haddassah Lieberman visited Iowa on August 10-11, 2003.  On August 10, accompanied by Attorney General Tom Miller, she attended a reception at the home of Des Moines School Board member Sam Baccam; and visited the Iowa State Fair, in Des Moines.  In the evening she attended a reception with local activists at the Elmcrest Country Club in Cedar Rapids.  On the morning of August 11 she toured Mercy Hospital in Cedar Rapids.

-Sen. Lieberman campaigned in Iowa on August 6-7, 2003, continuing his "Joe's Jobs Tour."  On August 6 he attended a reception with Warren County Democratic activists at the home of state Rep. Mark Davitt in Indianola; attended a roundtable discussion with Iowa Manufacturing Extension Partnership (IMEP) leaders in Ankeny; and attended a reception with Polk County Democrats at the home of Attorney General Tom Miller in Des Moines.  On the morning of August 7 he met with local residents for a "Cup of Joe with Joe" stop at the Cedar Rapids Coffee Company in Cedar Rapids; and spoke at Kirkwood Community College in Marion.

-On July 17, 2003 Sen. Lieberman spoke at Iowa Western Community College in Council Bluffs, Iowa accompanied by Dan Kinney, IWCC president, and attorney general Tom Miller as part of "Joe's Jobs Tour."  [The planned first stop of the trip, a meeting with supporters at the home Rep. Doug Struyk in Council Bluffs, was cancelled when Lieberman missed a flight in Florida].

-Sen. Lieberman visited Iowa on June 8, 2003.  He attended the Governor's Picnic in Mt. Pleasant and officially opened his campaign office at 2605 Ingersoll Avenue in Des Moines.

-Sen. Lieberman visited eastern Iowa on May 25-26, 2003.  Starting early afternoon on May 25, he attended a reception with Scott County Democrats at the Isle of Capri Resort in Bettendorf; made an impromptu stop at the Dairy Queen in Dubuque; and attended a reception with Dubuque County Democrats at the home of state Rep. Pat Murphy in Dubuque.  On May 26 he breakfasted with veterans at American Veteran Post 49 in Cedar Falls; met with Waterloo and Cedar Falls firefighters at Cedar Falls Fire Station; attended a reception with Black Hawk County Democrats at a private residence in Waterloo; and attended a reception with Linn County Democrats at the home of Fred and Muriel Rogers in Cedar Rapids.

-Sen. Lieberman visited Iowa on May 11-12, 2003.  On May 11 in Des Moines he attended a Mother's Day brunch at Beth El Jacob Synagogue.  [A planned lunch with his mother at Latin King Restaurant was cancelled].  Proceeding to Ames, he met with his mother, Marcia Lieberman; attended a reception with Story County Democrats at the home of Pat Brown in Ames; and had dinner with a small group of undecideds at Centro, an Italian restaurant in Des Moines.  He overnighted in Des Moines and attended a morning reception with Polk County Democrats at Hotel Fort Des Moines.

-Sen. Lieberman visited Iowa on April 10-11, 2003.  Arriving in Des Moines mid-day, he met privately with the DLC caucus; met with South Des Moines community leaders; and met privately with Attorney General Tom Miller.  He traveled to Council Bluffs, where he attended a meet and greet reception at the home of Paul Shomshor.  He then traveled to Fort Dodge.  On the morning of April 11 he attended an activists breakfast at Fort Dodge Public Library in Fort Dodge and met with firefighters at the Fort Dodge Fire Department.  [Lieberman returned to Washington for a late Friday vote, missing a planned lunchtime meet and greet reception at the home of Pat Brown in Ames; Matt Lieberman phoned in and gave a speech via speakerphone].

-Sen. Lieberman made his first trip to Iowa as a presidential candidate on February 16-17, 2003.  He arrived on the evening of February 16.  On February 17 he ate breakfast with Attorney General Tom Miller at Drake Diner in Des Moines; met privately with activists at the Des Moines Marriott; met privately with Gov. Tom Vilsack at the State Capitol then held a press availability; addressed the House Caucus; addressed the Senate Caucus; and spoke at the Iowa Federation of Labor's Annual Legislative Conference at Adventureland Inn in Altoona. 

-Sen. Lieberman had planned to make his first trip to Iowa as a presidential candidate on February 2-3, 2003.  but the trip was cancelled after the loss of the space shuttle Columbia.  On February 2 he was scheduled to tour the America's River Project in Dubuque and attend a reception with a Democratic activists hosted by Teri Goodman, former chair of the Dubuque County Democrats at Bricktown Brewery.  Proceeding to Cedar Rapids, he was to have held a media availability at the Best Western Hotel; and spoken at a fundraiser for the Linn Phoenix Club at the home of Bridget and Glenn Janus.  On February 3 in Bettendorf, he planned to join Mayor Ann Hutchinson to visit patrons at Village Inn Restaurant and then visit Art Voellinger Fire Station #601.

2002: 1 visit, 2 days.
-Sen. Lieberman campaigned with candidates in Iowa on August 14-15, 2002.  On August 14 he did a breakfast fundraiser for Ann Hutchinson at the Isle of Capri convention center in Bettendorf and a Social Security event with Hutchinson at the Center for Active Seniors in Davenport.  He did a lunch fundraiser for Julie Thomas in Cedar Rapids and a corporate responsibility roundtable with Thomas at Brewed Awakenings Coffee Shop in Cedar Rapids.  He visited the Iowa State Fair with Governor Tom Vilsack and did a dinner event for Vilsack in Des Moines.  On August 15 he did an event for the House/Senate Truman Fund in Des Moines and a homeland security event at Des Moines airport.

2001: 1 visit, 1 day.
-Sen. Lieberman did brunch and dessert reception fundraisers for Sen. Tom Harkin, and then dropped in at a Hanukkah party at Beth El Jacob Synagogue, all in Des Moines, during a brief visit to Iowa on December 9, 2001.

More Iowa Activity
Approximately 12.2 percent of the ROCPAC's contributions to candidates and committees ($88,496 out of $727,068***) went directly to Iowa candidates and committees:
Contributions by ROCPAC
IA Contribs. Total Contribs. ($) to Candidates and Committees (#) in the Quarter
Post-Special-March 23-July 9, 2001 $11,000 to 2
-- --
Year End 2001-July 10-Dec. 31, 2001 $167,000 to 71 
12/13/01-Iowa Democratic Party-federal
12/13/01-Citizens for Harkin
12/18/01-Norris for Congress
12/18/01-Boswell for Congress
1st Q 2002 $189,500 to 68 
3/20/02-Iowa Democratic Party-federal
3/26/02-Citizens for Harkin
3/12/02-Norris for Congress
3/27/02-Boswell for Congress
3/7/02-IDP/Senate Truman Fund-nonfederal 
May 2002 Monthly $25,000 to 5
-- --
June 2002 Monthly $25,000 to 5
5/13/02-Iowans for Vilsack-Pederson-nonfederal
5/13/02-IDP/Senate Truman Fund-nonfederal
July 2002 Monthly $42,250 to 24
6/26/02-Julie Thomas for Congress
6/26/02-Shomshor for Congress
6/26/02-Norris for Congress
6/26/02-It's Time for Ann Hutchinson
6/26/02-Boswell for Congress
August 2002 Monthly  $15,500 to 5
7/30/02-Iowa Democratic Party-nonfederal $5,000
September 2002 Monthly $32,000 to 8
8/15/02-Julie Thomas for Congress
8/15/02-It's Time for Ann Hutchinson
8/20/02-Iowans for Vilsack-Pederson
October 2002 Monthly $37,000 to 14
-- --
Pre-General-Oct. 1-Oct. 16, 2002 $138,300 to 46
non-fed contribs. to statewide candidates:
10/3/02-Chet Culver Committee
10/3/02-Iowans for Patty Judge
10/3/02-Iowans for Fitzgerald
10/3/02-Iowans for Miller
10/3/02-Citizens for Deluhery
Post-General-Oct. 17-Nov. 25, 2002 f$21,718 to 9
nf$8,300 to 3
10/29/02-Norris for Congress
10/29/02-Iowans for Vilsack-Pederson
Total $88,496 $727,068***
*does not include $9,099 for "in-kind mailing"(9/19/02)
**does not include $7,511.25 for "in-kind mailing" (10/8/02)
***Note there is a slight discrepancy.  ROCPAC reported total contributions to candidates and committees of $729,878, while this tally shows $727,068.  This does not include the two "in-kind mailings."


-Most of the presidential prospects had representatives on hand for the IDP state convention June 15, 2002 in Des Moines: Sen. Edwards appeared in person; also present were Joe Eyer (ROCPAC), Mona Mohib (Leadership '02), Jonathan Parker (DASHPAC), Matt Rodriguez (Effective Government Committee), and Harry Bookey (a Kerry supporter-is managing partner of BH Equities, Inc. in Des Moines). 

Sen. Lieberman at the Iowa State Fair on Aug. 14, 2002.


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