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Senator Joe Lieberman announced his presidential campaign and filed papers with the FEC establishing his presidential campaign committee on January 13, 2003.  Craig T. Smith is Campaign Director and Senior Advisor.  The campaign has had its headquarters office in Arlington, VA since March 31, 2003, and it has a second headquarters office in Hartford, CT.  In mid-July the finance department underwent a major shakeup1, as Finance Director Shari Yost resigned and Deputy Finance Director Jennifer Yocham followed, reflected below.  In early August the campaign announced a strengthened management structure   Note 1. See Dan Balz. "Lieberman's Top Fundraisers Leaving."  Washington Post, July 15, 2003, page A3.
Joe Lieberman for President, Inc. Leadership
Arlington, VA.
Campaign Director and Senior Advisor Craig T. Smith
Responsible for setting the overall strategy and direction of the campaign.
(Announced Jan. 31, 2003)  Senior Vice President at mCapitol Management, a government and business relations firm; previously President of the public affairs firm Chief Advantages.  Smith is a native Arkansan and spent almost all of the 1990s working for Bill Clinton and Al Gore.  He served as Finance Director of the Clinton for President Exploratory Committee; Field Director of the 1992 Clinton/Gore campaign; Political Director of the DNC; Deputy Director of White House Personnel; Deputy Director of White House Office of Political Affairs; Deputy Campaign Manager and Political Director of the 1996 Clinton/Gore reelection campaign; Co-Executive Director of 53rd Presidential Inaugural Committee; White House Political Director; Campaign Manager for Gore 2000 from January 1999 until it moved to Nashville.
Deputy Campaign Director Brian Hardwick
Communications and Finance.
(Announced Aug. 5, 2003)  Most recently served as national political director for Senator Tom Daschle, the Democratic Leader in the Senate, directing DASHPAC and overseeing his activity at the DSCC.  Campaign manager and chief spokesman for Tom Strickland's 2002 US Senate race in Colorado.  In 2000 he served as national finance director for the DNC, raising over $185 million.  Earlier in the 2000 cycle he worked for Vice President Gore's leadership PAC and on Gore's 2000 primary campaign.  He has also worked for the DSCC, Sen. Bob Kerry, Sen.. Carl Levin and on many other campaigns. 
Deputy Campaign Director Cynthia Jasso Rotunno
Constituency outreach, administration, Hadassah Lieberman.
(Announced August 5, 2003)  Rotunno served as campaign manager for Hadassah Lieberman since February 2003.  Previously she served as the Southwestern States Campaign Director for the DNC. She has also served the DNC in the Chairman's Office, the Campaign Division as Deputy Director of Latino Outreach & Base Vote, and as the Deputy Southern Political Director in the '94 Coordinated Campaign.  In the Clinton/Gore Administration, Jasso Rotunno served as Special Assistant to the President and Chief of Staff for the White House Office of Political Affairs.  She was Deputy Director for Government, Business and Community Affairs on the 53rd Presidential Inaugural, and Deputy Public Liaison Director on the '96 Clinton/Gore Re-Elect Campaign.
Deputy Campaign Director for Political Affairs Joe Eyer
Helping to oversee the campaign's day to day political operations.
(Announced Feb. 10, 2003)  Eyer served as Political Director for ROCPAC, Lieberman's leadership PAC, 2001-02.  In the 2000 general election campaign, Eyer directed the Gore-Lieberman effort in Oregon.  He worked at for six months.  From Jan.-Oct. 1999 he worked on fundraising for the Gore campaign.  In 1998, he was the Northeast Political Director for Gore's leadership PAC, Leadership '98.  Prior to that, Eyer served as a special assistant to the Deputy Chief of Staff for then Vice President Al Gore,1995-98.  Eyer has a Master's degree in political science from OU (1995).
Deputy Political Director Chris Lavery

Southern Political Desk - Nadia Garnett
Midwestern Political Desk - Samerra Ali
(replaced Scott Tenley who left in Sept. 2003 to go to law school in Boston)
Director of Delegate Operations Matt Nugen
Help the campaign manage its relations with all potential delegates to the 2004 convention
(Announced Feb. 10, 2003) Most recently served as Vice President of Operations for Kwame Building Group, Inc. In 2000, he was Deputy Chief Operating Officer for the 2000 Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles. From 1998-2000, Nugen was the Deputy Director and then the Director for the Office of the Secretary at the DNC. He spent time as a regional field director for the '98 South Carolina Coordinated Campaign and as the field director for the 2000 South Carolina tracking operation.  Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the University of Missouri, Columbia
Deputy Director of Delegate Operations Brad Koplinski
Attorney.  Worked on Mark Shriver's campaign in the Sept. 2002 Democratic primary in Maryland's 8th CD.  Author of Hats in the Ring: Conversations with Presidential Candidates (Presidential Publishing, 2000).  J.D. from the New England School of Law, 1995.  Undergraduate degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago.  Originally from Kankakee, Illinois. 

Deputy Campaign Director/Communications Director Jonathan Sallet
Overseeing the press, research, policy and speechwriting operations.
(Announced as Communications Director on April 3, 2003; named a Deputy Campaign Manager in Sept. 2003)  In 2001 Sallet formed a consulting group, Quintessence, LLC, to advise start-up technology companies on marketing and business development.  He headed Lieberman's 2000 vice presidential debate team and and managed Lieberman's announcement and convention speeches.  From 1996 to 2000, he served as Chief Policy Officer of WorldCom.  From 1993 to 1996 Sallet headed the Office of Policy & Strategic Planning at the U.S. Department of Commerce.  He worked on Al Gore's vice presidential campaigns in 1992 and 1996.  Sallet practiced law in Washington, DC from 1980 to 1993.  He clerked for U.S. Supreme Court Justice Lewis F. Powell, Jr. in 1979-80.  Sallet is a graduate of the University of Virginia Law School and has his undergraduate degree from Brown University. 
Deputy Communications Director/Press Secretary Jano Cabrera
Day-to-day press operations and national spokesman.
(Announced Jan. 31, 2003) Served as former Vice President Al Gore's spokesman from Jan.-Dec. 2002.  Previously spokesman for the Recording Industry Association of America.  Deputy National Spokesman on the Gore-Lieberman 2000 campaign; worked in the White House communications office.  Started as an aide to Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-CA).
     Deputy Press Secretary Adam Kovacevich
        (May 1, 2003) Moved over from position as press secretary in Lieberman's Senate office.
Deputy Communications Director Tovah Ravitz-Meehan
Regional press operations and public events.
(Announced April 3, 2003) Most recently communications director at the DSCC.  In 2000 she was communications director in Washington State for the Gore-Lieberman campaign.  In 1996 she worked as assistant director for state communications on the Clinton-Gore campaign.
Deputy Communications Director Dan Gerstein
Long-term communications strategy and planning; emphasis on policy.
(Announced April 3, 2003, started July)  Started working for Lieberman as his Senate campaign press secretary in 1994, then became chief policy advisor for education, communications and cultural issues, with a special focus on media responsibility, and in 1999 became Lieberman's communications director in the Senate.  Gerstein took leave for several months in 2000 to serve as Lieberman's national spokesman for his vice presidential campaign.  Prior to working for Lieberman, Gerstein was communications director for Rep. Gerald Kleczka (D-WI).  From 1989-1992 he was a staff writer for the Hartford Courant, covering local news, politics and sports.  A graduate of Harvard University, Gerstein is a native of West Hartford, Connecticut.
Speechwriter Josh Greenman
(Annnounced August 5, 2003)  Most recently served as communications advisor for the Senate Committe on Governmental Affairs and Lieberman's Senate speechwriter.  Prior to that he served as speechwriter to New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and special assistant to the Deputy Mayor for Planning , Education, and Cultural Affairs in New York's City Hall.
Director of Internet Strategy (including fundraising) Mike Liddell
(July 2003) Mike Liddell founded Campaign Momentum, an online communications firm based in Austin, TX, where he worked with a number of Democratic candidates including Tony Sanchez, Governor and John Sharp for Lt. Governor, and current Austin Mayor Will Wynn. Before that he worked at Public Strategies, Inc. where he helped develop their Internet shop.
Policy Director Michele Stockwell
(Announced Aug. 5, 2003)  Stockwell had been serving as the campaign's deputy policy director under Elliot Gerson.  She previously served as Lieberman's legislative assistant for education, housing and the media, 1999-2003.  Prior to that she served as associate at Murray, Scheer, Montgomery and O'Donnell and was a legislative assistant for Rep. Dave McCurdy and later for Rep. Bart Gordon.  M.A in Public Administration from University of Oklahoma; undergraduate degree from University of Kansas.
Senior Policy Advisor Sally Katzen
Coordination and management of external policy advisory groups
(Announced Aug. 5, 2003)  Katzen served almost eight years in the Clinton Administration, starting as administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs in the OMB, then deputy assistant to the President for economic policy and deputy director of the National Economic Council, and finally deputy director for management at the OMB.  Previously she was a partner at Wilmer, Cutler & Pickering.  She served in the Carter Administration.  Most recently she was teaching American Government and Public Policy at Smith College and Johns Hopins University.
Director of Scheduling Melissa Winter
Moved over from position as scheduler in Lieberman's U.S. Senate office in Washington, DC.

National Trip Director and Director of Advance Steve Adamske
Before the campaign Adamske worked as communications director for Rep. Zoe Lofgren.

Finance Director Tracy Sturman
Overseeing the campaign's fundraising operations
(Announced July 15, 2003, replacing Shari Yost)  Previously served as Lieberman's California Finance Co-Director.  A longtime fundraiser to Reps. Cal Dooley and Jane Harman and the New Democrat Network.  She served as Finance Director on Rep. Adam Schiff's 2000 campaign, raising $4.2 million to defeat incumbent Rep. James Rogan.  Sturman also worked in marketing for three years and on Capitol Hill as an aide to Rep. Dooley and to Sen. Alan Cranston.
Regional Deputies
Finance Offices: Chicago, Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, New York.
Senior Advisor for Finance Fran Katz Watson
(Announced Feb. 10, 2003) Served as the Finance Director for ROCPAC and is President of the Katz Watson Group.  National Finance Director for the DNC from 1997-99 and Senior Advisor to the DNC Chairs through the 2000 Presidential election.  Deputy Political Director of AIPAC from 1992-97.  Prior to that Watson was National Finance Director for the McCarthy for Senate race in California and the Deputy Finance Director at the DSCC.
Finance Chairman Elliot F. Gerson
(from July 2003) Previously serving as issues director.  Gerson has worked in the corporate world since the mid-1980s.  He became president of FHC Health Systems in June 2000; previously, he was CEO of Lifescape, LLC, a joint venture between FHC Internet Services and Liberty Digital, Inc. He served as president and then CEO of a technology division of TCI Ventures and Liberty Media.  After starting as a vice president at the Travelers Corporation in 1986, he continued to work for Travelers and its successor companies in various senior executive positions for the next decade.  Gerson served as Deputy Attorney General of Connecticut.  He has practiced law in Connecticut and Washington, DC.  Graduate of Harvard College, Oxford University--as a Rhodes Scholar, and Yale Law School.  Law clerk for U.S. Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart. 
National Finance Co-Chairs: Mitchell Berger of Fort Lauderdale, FL; Francisco L. Borges of Simsbury, CT; Susanne Brody; Scott Heiman of Deerfield, IL; Peter Joseph of New York, NY; Marvin Lender of Woodbridge, CT; Mel Levine of Beverly Hills, CA; Michael Sonnenfeldt of New York, NY; Rep. Ellen Tauscher (CA-10) of Alamo, CA; and Brett Messing of Los Angeles, CA.

A N D (in no particular order)
Director of Information Technologies Dodd Guevara
Experience includes work as a systems engineer at Bitco Enterprises in Ashburn, Virginia.
Director of Community Outreach (Jewish Community) Jay Footlik
Served as Clinton's Special Liaison to the Jewish Community, or more formally Special Assistant to the President in the White House Office of Public Liaison.
Chief Financial Officer and Assistant Treasurer Brian Foucart
Foucart also held this position for Gore 2000, Inc. when it was headquartered in Washington, DC during much of 1999.  He was deputy chief operating officer for Clinton/Gore '96 under Ted Carter.  Foucart worked at the DNC for over 10 years through November 1992.

Hartford, CT. >
111 Founders Plaza, East Hartford, 10th Floor
Chief of Staff Sherry Brown
Responsible for day-to-day operations.
(Announced Jan. 31, 2003)  Lieberman's chief political aide since 1982.  Campaign Manager for his successful Attorney General bid in 1982, his 1986 reelection campaign, his 1988 Senate victory, and two Senate re-election campaigns.  Starting in 1989, in between campaigns she served as State Director in Lieberman's Senate office.  Most recently she served as Executive Director of ROCPAC, the leadership PAC Lieberman established in March 2001.
Campaign Treasurer Francisco L. Borges
(Announced Feb. 10, 2003) President and CEO of Landmark Partners Inc., a private equity advisory firm based in Simsbury, CT.   In 1998, he was Managing Director and a Member of the Board of Directors of Financial Guaranty Insurance Company.  Borges served as Treasurer of the State of Connecticut from 1987-1993, and prior to that was Deputy Mayor of the City of Hartford and legal counsel for the Travelers Insurance Companies.

Media Consultant Mandy Grunwald
(Announced April 15, 2003)  President of Grundwald Communications, a Washington, DC communications firm.  Has done strategy and produced ads for dozens of candidates. Served as media advisor and director of advertising for Clinton/Gore '92.
Polling Mark Penn, Penn Schoen & Berland

Senior Advisor Carter Eskew

Senior Advisor Harold Gist
(announced Sept. 8, 2003) focusing on African-American outreach and general field operations...Gist held senior positions in the Clinton Administration, DNC, and the 1992 and 1996 Clinton-Gore campaigns.  He is currently Managing Principal of the Lancer Group, a public affairs consulting firm.  Prior to co-founding the company, he was Senor Advisor to the Chairman and Director of African-American Outreach Strategies at the DNC in the 2002 campaign cycle.  He also previously served as DNC White House Liaison and coordinated its African-American voter turnout. Gist served as Acting Director and Associate Director of Intergovernmental Affairs in the Department of Transportation under President Clinton, working closely with elected officials at all levels.  He also has extensive campaign experience, serving as Deputy Campaign Manager for  Clinton-Gore 1992; Associate Deputy Campaign Manager for Clinton-Gore 1996; and Arkansas Field Director for both the Al Gore 1988 campaign and later the Dukakis/Bentsen 1988 campaign.  He is an Arkansas native and holds Masters of Public Administration and Bachelor of Arts degrees from Arkansas State University.

Key Early States:

Iowa State Director Rep. Kevin McCarthy
(Announced as State Director on July 25, 2003, replacing Ted Osthelder.  Announced as Political Director on April 28, 2003.)  McCarthy represents District 67 in Des Moines; he is the ranking member on the Public Safety Committee and serves as well on the Ethics, Natural Resources, and Transportation Committees and the Justice System Appropriation Sub-Committee.  McCarthy is a former Assistant Iowa Attorney General.  He served as a counsel in Washington D.C. for the Tobacco Project, which represents the fifty-two settling governments under the tobacco Master Settlement Agreement.  He served as campaign manager for Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller in 1994 and 1998. 

N E W   H A M P S H I R E
New Hampshire State Director Peter Greenberger
(announced March 3, 2003)  Most recently, Greenberger served as senior advisor to the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  He was Al Gore's trip director for New Hampshire during the 2000 primary, and Gore's state director for Western Pennsylvania in the general election.  In 1998, Greenberger served as field director for Gov. Jeanne Shaheen's re-election campaign.  He worked in the White House Office of Legislative Affairs from 1997-98.  During the 1996 general election campaign he served as the New Hampshire political director for Clinton/Gore, and during the NH primary campaign he did field.

More States:

S O U T H   C A R O L I N A (February 3 primary)
South Carolina State Director Barry Butler
(from June 2003, announced Aug. 8, 2003)  Directed the Oklahoma Coordinated Campaign in 2002.  Graduate of North Carolina Central University. 

A R I Z O N A (February 3 primary)
Arizona State Coordinator David Schapira
(announced July 1, 2003)  Native Arizonan.  Most recently worked with at-risk inner city students at Phoenix Union's alternative school Desiderata.  Managed Terry Goddard's successful campaign for Attorney General in 2002.  Taught at North Canyon High School (his alma mater).
O K L A H O M A (February 3 primary)
Oklahoma State Director Josh Geise
(announced June 26, 2003)  Managed two congressional campaigns during the 2002 cycle: Richard Romero in New Mexico and Jill Long Thompson in Indiana (both unsuccessful).  Successfully managed the Albert Pollard for Delegate campaign in Virginia.  A graduate of Indiana University, he also served as communications director to Congressman Peter Visclosky (D-IN).

D E L A W A R E  (February 3 primary)
Delaware State Director Larry Windley
(announced September 30, 2003) A former aide to Sen. Tom Carper and 20-year veteran of state campaigns.  Windley, who lives in Dover, began his state political career as driver and constituent services aide for then-Congressman Carper, and served as economic development policy advisor in Carper's 1992 and 1996 gubernatorial campaigns.  From 1985-1996, he served in the Delaware Economic Development Office as Director of Policy and Planning, Director of Business Development, and International Trade Specialist.  From 1996-2000, he was Assistant Secretary of State and Director of the Division of Corporations and E-Government.  Since leaving government he has worked in a number of private-sector ventures.

N E W   M E X I C O (February 3 caucuses)
Senior Advisor David Griffin
(announced Dec. 4, 2003)  Griffin formed his own company, High Desert Broadcast Communications, twelve years ago.  In 2000 he worked with the Gore-Lieberman campaign in 2000, producing and buying time for campaign commercials.  Worked as a news and sports anchor at KASA-TV, Albuquerque's Fox affiliate, from 1986-1992; he has also served as a news anchor at KKOB-AM radio in Albuquerque.  A graduate of the University of New Mexico.

V I R G I N I A (February 10 primary)
Lt. Gov. Tim Kaine is supporting Lieberman.

W I S C O N S I N (February 17 primary)
State Senator Jeff Plale has endorsed Lieberman.

N E W   Y O R K (March 2 primary) 
New York State Director Basil Smikle
(announced August 21, 2003)  Smikle came to the campaign from his position as deputy state director for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, serving as her liaison to elected officials, labor leaders, and community organizations throughout the state.  During Clinton's 2000 campaign he managed her events in the field.  He previously worked at the Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone and as a Special Assistant to Bronx Borough President Fernando Ferrer. He is a graduate of Cornell and Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs. Smikle was raised in the Bronx and lives in Harlem.

C A L I F O R N I A (March 2 primary) 

Lt. Gov Cruz Bustamante has endorsed Lieberman and is state chair.
Garry South is Senior Advisor.

Attorney General Ken Salazar has endorsed Lieberman.

Co-Chairs (announced Jan. 13, 2004) are: 
Philadelphia City Controller Jonathan Saidel and 
Pittsburgh City Councilmember William Peduto 

The campaign's website went up on Jan. 13, 2003.  Ross Garber, Erik Josowitz, and Dan Higgins did the site. On May 29, 2003 the campaign put up a major redesign featuring "a campaign trail diary from Joe and Hadassah Lieberman, personalized news based on users’ interests, and a number of tools to organize Lieberman supporters at the grassroots level."  Redesign by Convio, Inc.

See also Campaign Organization-1st Quarter 2003 FEC report.

Senior Advisor for Finance Shari Yost
(Announced as Finance Director Feb. 10, 2003 - resigned July 14, 2003)  Vice President for Government Affairs at Cablevision Systems Corporation.  Previously served as Finance Director for the DSCC under U.S. Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle. Served as Daschle's Finance Director.

Although Sen. Lieberman pegged a possible 2004 presidential run to Al Gore's decision, he prepared for over a year as if he would run.  Lieberman launched his leadership PAC, the Responsibility, Opportunity and Community PAC (ROCPAC) in late March 2001.  ROCPAC had its offices in the building at 236 Massachusetts Avenue NE in Washington, DC.  By Election Day 2002, it had a staff of 11.  Sherry L. Brown, who managed Lieberman's two campaigns for Attorney General and his three U.S. Senate campaigns, served as executive director.  Fran Katz Watson was finance director, Joe Eyer political director, Christopher Koob director of operations, and Heather Picazio national scheduling director. Craig T. Smith, who served as political director in the Clinton White House, advised ROCPAC.

In contrast to some of the other '04 prospects' leadership PACs, ROCPAC did not take soft money (non-federal) contributions, meaning the maximum amount any individual or PAC could contribute in a calendar year was $5,000.  Through Nov. 25, 2002 (Post-General FEC report), ROCPAC reported total receipts of almost $2.9 million, and total disbursements of close to $2.5 million, leaving cash on hand of $398,017.  (See Finances).  By Election Day, November 5, 2002, ROCPAC reported contributing a total of $729,878 to four gubernatorial candidates, 25 US Senate candidates, 87 US House candidates and 19 state parties, and Senator and Mrs. Lieberman had traveled to 31 states. Our analysis found $718,568 in contributions to candidates and committees, of which $98,600 (about 13.7 percent) went directly to New Hampshire candidates and committees and $ (about  percent) went directly to Iowa candidates and committees.

Groundwork continued after the Nov. 5, 2002 midterm elections as Lieberman hosted receptions for operatives returning to DC from campaigns around the country.  Sherry Brown stated, "Senator and Mrs. Lieberman hosted several receptions for political operatives who worked diligently in the 2002 campaign races across the country.  The Liebermans particularly wanted to say thank you to them for their hard work and additionally, sought their counsel on the prospect of the Senator's running for President, if Al Gore decides not to run."  On Dec. 15 Gore made that announcement.


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