Joe Lieberman-Campaign Organization, Iowa
Joe Lieberman for President, Inc.
Senator Joe Lieberman announced his presidential campaign and filed papers with the FEC establishing his presidential campaign committee on January 13, 2003.  Craig T. Smith is national campaign director and senior advisor.
On October 20, 2003 the New York Times' Adam Nagourney reported that, "Mr. Lieberman's advisers said on Sunday that they would pull out all but one of his 17 staff members in Iowa and send them to states considered more receptive to his appeal, like Arizona."  State Director Kevin McCarthy confirmed, "The campaign is shifting resources immediately to its targeted states."  
Joe Lieberman for President, Inc. Iowa Leadership
Campaign Headquarters: 2605 Ingersoll, Des Moines (Lieberman opened June 8, 2003)
State Director Rep. Kevin McCarthy
(Announced as State Director on July 25, 2003, replacing Ted Osthelder.  Announced as Political Director on April 28, 2003.)  McCarthy represents District 67 in Des Moines; he is the ranking member on the Public Safety Committee and serves as well on the Ethics, Natural Resources, and Transportation Committees and the Justice System Appropriation Sub-Committee.  McCarthy is a former Assistant Iowa Attorney General.  He served as a counsel in Washington D.C. for the Tobacco Project, which represents the fifty-two settling governments under the tobacco Master Settlement Agreement.  He served as campaign manager for Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller in 1994 and 1998. 
Deputy Director Brian J. Meyer
(started Aug. 18, 2003)  On leave from the Iowa Attorney General's office where he worked as a lobbyist for the Attorney General.  In 2002 he directed field operations for Progress Pottawattamie, the referendum to reauthorize slot machines and riverboat gambling.  Earlier he served as a grassroots lobbyist for the Racing and Gambling Association through Bob Beckel & Associates.  In 1998 he served as field director for Chet Culver's campaign for Secretary of State.
Deputy Field Director Phil Lorenzon
A native of Philadelphia, PA, Lorenzon most recently managed legislative races in Western Iowa.  Before graduating from Virginia Tech in 2000, he managed fundraising campaigns for a non-profit radio station with listeners spanning four states.

Regional Field Directors

Rep. Mike Reasoner - First term member of the House, elected in Nov. 2002.  From Creston, represents District 95 (Clarke, Decatur, Union Counties) Owner/operator of Reasoner Oil Company.  Reasoner earned his B.S. and J.D. degrees from Creighton University.


John Degner - Native of Northwest Iowa.  Recently came from Florida where he worked in public relations for a short time.  Previously he worked in political campaigns in the Northeast and Midwest United States .

Cedar Rapids -The Coventry Gardens Mall, 215 1st, SE, 2nd Floor
 - office grand opening Sept. 21, 2003 -

Kelleen McIntyre - A native of San Jose, CA, Kelleen most recently worked as a field organizer for SEIU's Colorado For Healthcare campaign in the 2003 municipal election.  Prior to that she worked for the coordinated campaigns in the 2002 Louisiana Senate runoff, and South Dakota's coordinated campaign for the 2002 general election.

Field Staff

Cedar Rapids Organizer: Kombiz Lavasany - Originally from Corona, CA, Kombiz most recently worked with the DCCC during the 2002 election cycle to turn out the vote and support field operations in congressional elections. He volunteered with Chris Van Hollen's congressional campaign on field, office support, and GOTV efforts. Mr. Lavasany just completed the DNC voter File Management Training.

Julia Franklin - graduated from Yale University in May 2003 with a degree in History; interned in Lieberman's Senate office in Washington, DC.

Toby Friesen - a May 2003 graduate of the University of Oklahoma; while there he was active in the Cleveland County Democrats.

Field Staff/Assistant Press Secretary
John Kott - (started Aug. 18, 2003)  Served as press secretary for Charlie King, a Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor of New York in 2002. Previously press secretary for New York City Councilman, Tony Avella. 

Kate Hokans - Native of Wisconsin.

Kate Sienicki - Native of New Jersey.

Cory DeGarno - From Norman, Oklahoma.
Scheduler Jill Altringer
Most recently worked as a lobbyist in Des Moines; formerly worked as a patent attorney at Davis, Brown, Koehn, Shors and Roberts, P.C. in Des Moines.
Director of Advance Erin Suhr
Erin most recently worked for Secretary of State Bill Bradbury in Oregon.  Prior to that she served as the Assistant to the First Lady of Oregon and as a staff assistant to Governor Gray Davis in 1999.  Ms. Suhr earned her B.A. in Sociology from the University of Montana.
Vice Chair
National co-chair for state legislative outreach
Rep. Phil Wise
(Announced June 8, 2003) Represents District 92, Keokuk.

Key Supporters
Attorney General Tom Miller - became Iowa Attorney General in 1978, re-elected to a sixth term in 2002; a friend of Lieberman's from his time as Connecticut Attorney General, 1982-88.   ...announced May 10, 2003

Rep. Kevin McCarthy (District 67, Des Moines)

Rep. Mike Reasoner (District 95, Creston)

Rep. Doug Struyk (District 99, Council Bluffs)   ...announced July 17, 2003

Rep. Phil Wise (District 92, Keokuk)   ...announced June 8, 2003

Rep. Paul Shomshor (Council Bluffs) - at the time he endorsed Lieberman, Shomshor was a Council Bluffs city councilman; in 2002 he was the Democratic nominee for the 5th CD.   ...announced April 10, 2003

Paulee Lipsman - House Democratic director, ex-DNC member.

Tim Brien - Polk County Recorder.

Steve Wandro - Des Moines attorney.

Muriel and Stan Rogers - Cedar Rapids activists.

Eric Tabor - Former Iowa Democratic Party chair.

Som Baccam - Des Moines School Board member.

Jo Corigliano - chair, South Des Moines Revitalization Partnership.

Kelly Willis -community activist.

Ray Blase - Bureau Chief, Polk County Attorney's Office.

Brian Meyer - community activist.

Betty Brien - community activist.

Rick Runez - chairman, Filipino-American Assn. of Blackhawk County.

Frank Krauf - local labor leader in Dubuque.

Laura Sands - Des Moines School Board member.

formerly with the campaign.
On July 25, 2003 the campaign announced its first State Director, Ted Osthelder, was stepping down at the end of the month to return to Wisconsin for family reasons.
State Director Ted Osthelder
(Announced February 12, 2003, started March 1)  Osthelder, a Wisconsin native, most recently served as director of operations for Bill Richardson's successful 2002 gubernatorial campaign in New Mexico.  He was the campaign manager for Antonio Villaraigosa's 2001 Los Angeles mayoral campaign.  In 2000 he managed Adam Schiff's challenge of Rep. Jim Rogan of California, one of the most expensive congressional races ever.  Osthelder served as executive director of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin in 1996. 
Regional Field Director/Outreach Director Debra Rosen
(April-August 2003)  Before joining the Lieberman campaign, initially as a regional field director, Rosen served as the Iowa Democratic Party's Northeast Regional Director.  Previous experience includes field organizer for Progressive Majority in St. Louis, MO; campaign manager at M&R Strategic Services where she managed a nationwide pubic health campaign; national NARAL-PAC associate; and student voter coordinator for Santa Cruz County Elections Department. 

Field Staffer Sadie Stellish
(for about a month starting in late July 2003)  Founder and president of the Cherokee County (Iowa) Young Democrats; worked as a page in the Iowa House of Representatives in 2003. 

also briefly with the campaign
Jonas Kieffer

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