Former Rep. Cynthia McKinney

January 9, 2004 letter and Green Party response.

Speaking at Anti-War Demonstration in Washington, DC, Janauary 18, 2003

The site "is meant to be a focus of the efforts to draft Cynthia McKinney for Green Party Presidential candidate."  It went up on October 15, 2002 and is the handiwork of Steve Herrick. 

Herrick is an editor/designer formerly of Ann Arbor, Michigan, but living in Managua, Nicaragua.  He stated in a February 3 e-mail, "I've been intensely active in the Green Party, and even sat on the Coordinating Committee of the national party during the Nader campaign."  Although he was in Managua, he remained on a half-dozen Green e-mail lists, including two in Michigan.  Herrick wrote: 

"A self-organized group of us had been discussing how to promote the idea of Cynthia for Green Party candidate, and I volunteered to put up a website.  So far, it seems to be one of our more successful ventures, though it's never mentioned in articles about her and us. It does well on Google, though...   I've been pleased to see that people are dropping by to leave comments.  There have been one or two things that were patently offensive, which I deleted.  I make no apologies for that.  But things that are critical-but-reasoned, I leave up." 

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