Candidate Profiles
News organizations have put together series of feature-length profiles on the candidates:

Associated Press: Profiles
Nancy Benac.  "Daunting intellect sets Clark apart, and some people off, in soldier's life ringed by success."  October 30, 2003.  (1,870 words).
Nicole Ziegler Dizon.  "A lifelong struggle against long odds brings Braun into toughest race of career."  October 23, 2003. (1,650 words).
Darlene Superville.  "An agonizing moral stand turns an average Joe into a contender for high office."  October 16, 2003. (1,640 words)
Calvin Woodward.  "An ambition to lead powers Kerry through maelstrom of war and jarring career turns."  October 9, 2003. (1,850 words)
Libby Quaid.  "For veteran Gephardt, a second shot at showing he is tomorrow's leader.  October 2,  2003. (1,540 words)
Malia Rulon.  "Cleveland's one-time boy mayor aiming for the White House."  September 25, 2003. (1,520 words)
Chaka Ferguson.  "Preaching prodigy pursues Democratic nomination on the presidential stage."  September 18, 2003. (1,560 words)
Siobhan McDonough.  "Dean's hard-talking, self-assured ways mark a life of achievement and flying elbows."  September 11, 2003.  (1,740 words)
Will Lester.  "Working to fanfare for the common man propels multimillionaire to political heights."  September 3, 2003. (1,580 words)
Nancy Benac.  "Edwards: Young Southern driven to conquer mountains, real and political."  August 28, 2003. (1,730 words)

New York Times: "2004: Presidential Prospects"
Carl Hulse.  "A Dark Horse Fights the Odds Again."  April 23, 2003.   -Kucinich (1,521 words)
Jodi Wilgoren.  "Leaping Past Triumphs and Debacles."  March 14, 2003.   -Moseley Braun (1,768 words)
Todd S. Purdum.  "An Elder Statesman Offers Steadiness, Not a Jolt."  March 4, 2003.   -Graham (1,802 words)
Adam Nagourney.  "A Wily Contender, But Unlikely Winner, Eyes the Presidency."  January 13, 2003.   -Sharpton (1,814 words)
Katharine Q. Seelye.  "Veteran Lawmaker Is Restyling Himself As Can-Do Candidate."  January 6, 2003.   -Gephardt (1,932 words)
Richard L. Berke.  "Freshman Senator Sees the Presidency as His Next Office."  December 30, 2002.   -Edwards (2,017 words)
Adam Nagourney.  "Trying Out the Perilous Leap From No. 2 to No. 1."  December 24, 2002.   -Lieberman (1,754 words)
Todd S. Purdum.  "The Doctor is In, and Busy Hanging a Bigger Shingle."  December 18, 2002.   -Dean (1,794 words)
Adam Nagourney.  "Antiwar Veteran Eager for Battle."  December 9, 2002.   -Kerry (1,936 words)
New York Times: "Challenging Bush"
"...a series of articles examining the lives and careers of the candidates seeking the Democratic presidential nomination."
Michael Slackman.  "Sharpton Runs for Presidency, and Influence."  December 5, 2003.
Todd S. Purdum. "Storied Past, Golden Resume, but Mixed Reviews for Kerry."  November 30, 2003.
N.R. Kleinfield.  "General Clark on the Hustings: Complexity and Contradiction." November 23, 2003.
Robin Toner.  "For Gephardt, Congress Role is Both Platform and Hurdle."  November 16, 2003.

Washington Post: "The Contenders"
The Post series seeks to "examine three essential elements of the campaigns: their message, their ambition and their ability to connect with voters."  Each profile begins with a column on page A1 and continues for a full page inside.   The inside page has three or four photos, a headshot and summary profile, and an "In His Own Words" excerpt from a stump speech.
Lois Romano. "A Hero To Some; To Others, Headstrong."  October 19, 2003.  -Clark
Manuel Roig-Franzia.  "Changed By Terror, A Nice Guy Converted: New 'Outrage' Drives Graham."  July 26, 2003.  -Graham
Jim VandeHei.  "A 'Moral" Mission In Political Final Act: Gephardt Crusades On Health Care."  July 19, 2003.  -Gephardt
Darryl Fears.  "On a Mission in a Second Political Act."  July 13, 2003.  -Braun
Evelyn Nieves.  "Short-Fused Populist, Breathing Fire at Bush."  July 6, 2003.   -Dean
Michael Powell.  "Outspoken Activist Takes National Stage."  June 29, 2003.  -Sharpton
Juliet Eilperin.  "Campaign Pulls Bright Spot From Dark Story."  June 22, 2003.   -Kucinich
Edward Walsh.  "Pragmatic Centrist In Debt to JFK: Living Religion, Honing Ambition."  June 15, 2003.  -Lieberman
David S. Broder.  "Running on The Story of His Life."  June 8, 2003.   -Edwards
Laura Blumenfeld.  "Hunter, Dreamer, Realist: Complexity Infuses Senator's Ambition."  June 1, 2003.   -Kerry

Boston Globe: "Candidate in the Making"
Michael Kranish.  "Boy from Little Rock chooses military path."  November 16, 2003 (Part 1); and "An Arkansas alliance, and high ranking foes."  November 17, 2003 (Part 2).   -Clark
Brian C. Mooney.  "With 2nd presidential bid comes a personal touch."  October 19, 2003.   -Gephardt
Patrick Healy.  "From mill town to the national stage"  October 5, 2003.   -Edwards
Tatsha Robertson and Sarah Schweitzer.  "Born to privilege, searching for a purpose."  September 21, 2003 (Part 1); and "A meteoric rise in Vermont politics."  September 22, 2003 (Part 2).   -Dean
Seven-part series on Kerry:  Michael Kranish.  "A privileged youth, a taste for risk."  June 15, 2003. -  Michael Kranish.  "Heroism, and growing concern about war."  June 16, 2003. -  Michael Kranish.  "With antiwar role, high visibility."  June 17, 2003.  -  Brian C. Mooney.  "First campaign ends in defeat."  June 18, 2003.  -  Brian C. Mooney.  "Taking one prize, then a bigger one."  June 19, 2003.  -  John Aloysius Farrell.  "With probes, making his mark."  June 20, 2003. -  John Aloysius Farrell.  "At the center of power, seeking the summit."  June 21, 2003.

Los Angeles Times: "The Democratic Hopefuls"
The articles in the Times series ran tucked away on inside pages of the front section with no front page notice.  However, each filled a full page and the distinctive layout helped them stand out.  Each article included  Q&A in a column down one side of the page, a large photo, and a biographical summary with a very small photo.
Eric Slater.  "Carol Moseley Braun: Former U.S. Senator Is Campaigning In Defense Of Her Past And Against The Bush Administration's Post-9/11 Policies."  July 20, 2003.

David Lamb.  "Dennis Kucinich: The Onetime Boy Mayor of Cleveland Is Still a Maverick After All These Years and Proudly Wears the Liberal Label."  July 13, 2003.

Josh Getlin.  "Al Sharpton: The outspoken activist, given little chance of winning, softens his rhetoric as he redefines his image in his run for the presidency."  July 6, 2003.

Nick Anderson.  "Bob Graham: Florida senator, who blends liberal stances with strong national security record, tries to shed image as a longshot."  June 29, 2003.

Faye Fiore.  "Joe Lieberman: Senator Says His Centrist Politics, Integrity and Faith Make Him the Party's Most Formidable Match for Bush."  June 22, 2003.

Mark Z. Barabak.  "John F. Kerry: The Massachusetts Senator, A Decorated Veteran, Mixes Strong Liberal Credentials With Pro-War Stands on Iraq."  June 15, 2003.

Mark Z. Barabak.  "Richard Gephardt: Missouri Congressman, in Second Run at the White House, Says His Vast Experience and 'Steady Hands' Set Him Apart."  June 8, 2003.

Elizabeth Mehren.  "Howard Dean: Wealthy Former Doctor and Longtime Vermont Governor Established Himself as Outsider by Condemning Iraq War."  June 1, 2003.

Janet Hook.  "John Edwards: Millionaire lawyer and senator hopes to turn his humble beginnings and brief political career into selling points."  May 25, 2003.

CQ Weekly: "The Road Up Pennsylvania Avenue"
These seven to nine page articles include a biographical summary, score card graphs, information on the candidate's inner circle, and key votes.  The covers of issues with these articles have a graphic on the lower right corner.
Jonathan Allen.  "Kucinich Strives to Beat The Unbeatable Foe."  July 19, 2003, pages 1812-17.
Gebe Martinez.  "Gephardt's Uneven History Left Behind for 2004 Run."  May 31, 2003, pages 1314-19 and 1322-24.
John Cochran.  "Edwards Has the Style, Seeks to Prove Substance."  May 17, 2003, pages 1176-1182.
David Nather.  "Kerry's Complex Record and His Pursuit of the Presidency."  April 26, 2003, pages 980-983 and 986-989.
Supplement to the CQ Weekly Fall 2003.  "Challengers 2004: The Democrats who would be president."  Vol 61, No. 44.

National Journal: Special Report
James A. Barnes, Abby Samolis and the staff of the Hotline.  "Who's Next?  A guide to the presidential candidates, their records, their views, their aides."  September 27, 2003.

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