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FOX Begins Airing Bush, Kerry Spots as Part of Its Free Airtime Offer

60-second spots to air during primetime programming and post-season baseball on FOX

New York, NY (October 19, 2004) - News Corporation announced today that President George W. Bush and Senator John Kerry have accepted the Company’s offer of free airtime on the FOX network. Mr. Kerry’s spots began airing Saturday. President Bush has largely completed the taping of his spots and they will begin airing tomorrow night on FOX, alongside Mr. Kerry’s.

The free airtime provided by FOX gives both candidates a unique opportunity to reach voters directly, without any editing or comment from an intermediary. Millions of viewers of FOX’s high-rating Major League Baseball playoff and primetime entertainment broadcasts will be able to see and gauge both candidates’ views on the critical issues of this election in a format that airs their answers nationally within minutes of one another.

The free airtime will comprise ten 60-second spots for each candidate to give uninterrupted statements answering questions on the key issues of the current campaign. Both sides agreed on the list of questions to be answered, and the answers are being broadcast unedited on FOX.

The questions answered by President Bush and Senator Kerry are:

1. What are your plans to address the issue of jobs moving overseas?
2. What steps will you take to provide more access for Americans without health insurance?
3. What steps need to be taken to increase the security of the U.S. homeland?
4. What is your plan for winning the war in Iraq?
5. What steps can be taken to advance the cause of peace in the Middle East?
6. What is the best way to tackle the issue of illegal immigration?
7. How do you strike the right balance between protecting civil liberties and increasing security in the U.S.?
8. What can be done to bring Americans together and decrease partisan divisions?
9. Are your religious beliefs important in your decision-making?
10. Is our educational system improving or deteriorating?

In 1996, FOX was the first and only broadcast network to offer free primetime spots to candidates. The offer was repeated to, and accepted by, former Vice President Al Gore and then Governor George W. Bush in 2000 as part of FOX’s policy of promoting the vigorous exchange of ideas on matters vital to the future of the nation.

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Andrew Butcher