Lyndon LaRouche
Photo: Stuart K. Lewis/EIR News Service, Inc. 
May 1, 2002.  LaRouche spoke on the topic of "The Middle East: The Blow-Back Effect" to a Washington, DC audience; his remarks were also webcast.  He stated that the conflict in the Middle East "threatens, under present circumstances, to bring an end, for generations to come, to civilization, worldwide, as we have known it."  "Because if what is proposed now, the 'Clash of Civilizations,' of Samuel Huntington, of Bernard Lewis, of Zbigniew Brzezinski, of Henry Kissinger, and other swine--if these things are allowed to continue, this kind of war, which they've got young Bush tied into right now, then I assure you, given the realities of the economic situation, given the military realities, given the political realities, you will not have civilized life on this planet for generations yet to come: a dark age for all humanity," LaRouche said.

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