Nader for President Press Release

August 13, 2004

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Democratic Dirty Tricks Escalate
Democratic Lawyers Send Letters to Nader Oregon Petitioners Threatening Incarceration and $100,000 Fines

Washington, DC: Independent Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader today sharply criticized lawyers working in coalition with the Democratic Party for threatening Nader-Camejo signature gatherers in Oregon.

“This is an escalation of the dirty tricks of the Democrats.  Threatening signature gatherers with a felony, five years in jail or a $100,000 fine is a direct attack on the right to petition protected by the Constitution,” said Nader. “The Democrats are showing they have no respect for democracy and will do anything to keep Nader-Camejo off the ballot. They also have no respect for the Constitutional rights of free speech, assembly and to petition when they are used in the electoral arena.”

In a letter Margaret S. Olney of Smith, Diamond and Olney threatened circulators of Nader petitions saying they were investigating “whether fraudulent signature-gathering techniques were used in the circulation of those petitions” and saying their involvement “may result in a conviction of a felony with a fine of up to $100,000 or prison for up to five years.”

Theresa Amato, Nader-Camejo campaign manager, sent a letter to Ms. Olney saying her letter “constitutes a blatant attempt to intimidate campaign workers and disrupt and interfere with the Nader campaign, and may constitute a violation of Oregon Statutes (see e.g., O.R.S. Sec. 260.575) and Federal Election Law.” The letter, by copy to Mr. John Lindback, the Director of Elections Division for the Oregon Secretary of State, lodged a complaint and asked the Elections Division to demand
 that she cease and desist her actions.

Earlier in the campaign Democrats admitted they intentionally spoiled a Nader nominating convention by swelling the number of attendees and then refusing to sign ballot petitions. This effort prevented other people from attending the convention because the doors were closed by the government when over 1,000 people were in attendance and reduced the number of signers to just below the 1,000 people needed to get Nader on the ballot.

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