BELKNAP The Lakes Region 
The Campaigns in Belknap County
updated January 11, 2004

City: Laconia (6 wards).  Towns (10): Alton, Barnstead, Belmont, Center Harbor, Gilford, Gilmanton, Meredith, New Hampton, Sanbornton, and Tilton.


Field Office - 376 Union Avenue, Suite 7, Laconia     (announced Dec. 5, 2003)
Regional Director: Evan Hutchison -- Prior to the campaign Hutchison was working as a paralegal at a law firm in New York; he helped with some of the early fundraisers there in Sept. 2003.  In 2002 he worked on the Sanchez campaign doing GOTV in Taylor County (Abeline).  Hutchison spent time in Quito, Ecuador working towards a Masters degree.  He is a 2000 Columbia graduate with a degree in Religion.
Regional Coordinator: Jeannette Fields -- Resident of Northfield, NH.  Textile designer.  Fields has never been involved in a campaign beyond voting.  She heard Clark on the Diane Rehm show in July 2003 and hooked up with Susan Putney of the Draft movement.

Lakes Region Field Office - 61 Water Street, Laconia     (announced July 19, 2003)
Regional Director: Josh Levin (started June 1, 2003; announced July 9, 2003)  ...Most recently worked as a budget and policy analyst for the Chicago Park District; volunteered on Rod Blagojevich's 2002 gubernatorial campaign.  2000 graduate of University of Wisconsin at Madison with a degree in International Relations.
Area Organizer: Kay Parish (Sept. 10, 2003)  ...Worked on Congressman Elijah Cummings re-election campaign in 2002.  From Oklahoma.
Area Organizer: Raam Wong (approx. Sept. 28, 2003)  ...Wong was working for a weekly paper in San Diego.  He cut short a backpacking trip in Europe to join the campaign.  2002 graduate of Middlebury with a degree in Psychology.
Area Organizer: Pia Carusone (approx. Nov. 17, 2003)  ...2003 graduate of Bard College in New York.
Volunteer Coordinator: Jesse Cross-Call (Sept. 12, 2003)  ...After graduating from Northwestern in 2002 with a degree in American History, Cross-Call taught English in South Korea for seven months.  From Cleveland, Ohio.
Intern: Ariel Pardo (Oct. 30, 2003)  ...Graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with a degree in Aeronautical Science in June 2003.  Pardo holds a commercial pilot certificate.  Most recently he lived in Longmeadow, Mass.
former: Intern: David Mihalyfy (second week of Sept. 2003)  ...From Aug. 2002-June 2003 Mihalyfy was a Rockefeller travelling fellow, studying preservation of Nivkh, a dying language on Sakhalin Island in Russia.  Graduated from Harvard in 2002 with a degree in Linguistics (Slavic).  From Gaylord, Michigan.
Beth Arsenault - Belknap County Democratic Chair.  Serves on the Laconia School Board and is a board member of the New Hampshire School Boards Association and a State Democratic Executive Committee member.   Oct. 21, 2003
Peter Brunette, Laconia attorney. >
Richard Hamm, New Hampton
Judy Reever, Laconia, member of  the State Board of Education.
Jonathan Seaver, Tilton
Ken Reichstein, Sanbornton dec.
Sept. 25, 2003 Republicans for Dean
Gerald Knight, Gilford
Nov. 10, 2003 Veterans
Norman Crawford, Alton
Warren A. Roberge, Alton
Richard Hamm, New Hampton
Dec. 21, 2003 Doctors for Dean
Susan Bayer, Tilton
Michael Dowe, Laconia
Madeline Gerken, Laconia
Noshi Ishak, Laconia
Russell Jones, Tilton
Philip Maiorano, Gilford (on list twice)
Denise Merritt, Alton
Alan Rosenfeld, Laconia
Tajammul Shafique, Laconia

Field Office: 17 Messer Street, Laconia
Lakes and North Country Regional Field Coordinator: Christy Cunningham -- Worked on New Hampshire Democrats' 2002 Coordinated Campaign; previous work on campaigns in Oregon and Oklahoma.
Michael Dashnaw, Laconia
Lonnie DeHart, Laconia
Sarah Sesotell, Meredith
Barbara Manson, Meredith Town Chair
Patricia Moore, Laconia
Sandra Mucci, Meredith
Melissa Murphy, Laconia
Alice Purcell, Laconia
Dan Purcell, Laconia
Jeanette Roy, Laconia

Northern Regional Field Director (Coos, northern Grafton, Carroll, Belknap, eastern Merrimack, western Rockingham)
Jason Fried (started June 9, 2003) -- In 2002 worked on Tim Johnson's re-election campaign in South Dakota.
Armand Bolduc - City Council member, Laconia
Margaret Kerns - chair, school board, Laconia
Kathleen Anders - school board member, Laconia
Glenn Davis - activist, Gilford
Denis Dionne - former candidate for state Rep., Laconia
Timothy Kern, Laconia Planning Board and activist, Laconia
Doris Makeley - former City Council member, Laconia
Ed Philpot - Laconia School Board      8/14/03
Stan Post - former state party secretary, Center Barnstead
Linda Salatiello - activist, Sanbornton

Lakes Region Field Office - 24 Canal Street, Laconia    (opening July 21, 2003)
Regional Coordinator: Emily Torpey (beginning of June 2003) ...2001 graduate of the University of New Hampshire, studied Communication and Political Science.  Did field work for the Manchester City Democratic Committee in 2001; worked on Mayor of Houston Lee Brown's re-election runoff in Nov.-Dec. 2001; from Feb.-Aug. 2002 worked on Rep. John Dingell's primary re-election campaign in Michigan, overseeing vote by mail.
Field Organizer (Lakes Region and Carroll County): Peter Applegate (interned for the campaign from July-Sept. 2003; started Sept. 1, 2003) ...2003 graduate of Williams College with a degree in Theatre.  Originally from Ohio.
Field Organizer: Dan O'Connor...2002 graduate of Colby College, majored in Government.  Worked on the 2002 Maine Democratic Coordinated Campaign.  Originally from Brunswick, ME.
Cinde Warmington, Gilford.
Charlie St. Clair - exec. director of Laconia Motorcycle Week, community activist, Laconia. Sept. 11, 2003
Cheryl Leone - Sanbornton.
Robert Castonguay Jr. - works in retail in Tilton, from Laconia.
Matt Lahey - former Mayor of Laconia, 1995-2001.
Bob Hemeon - a prominent activist in the Lakes Region.  Served on the Laconia School Board for seven years, and as the Executive Director of the New Hampshire Democratic State Committee.  Navy veteran, graduated from UNH and Suffolk Law School.
Nov. 11, 2003 NH Veterans for Kerry
Jeffrey Gaudet-Lakes Regional Co-chair
John Townsend-Lakes Regional Co-chair
Raymond Valliere, Barnstead
Thomas DeSisto, Gilford
Gary Liptak, Gilford
Peter Casey, Gilmanton
Lorenzo Belanger, Laconia
James Chassie, Laconia
Joyce Drysten, Laconia
Robert Giguere, Laconia
David Grenier, Laconia
Raymond Guyer, Laconia
Norvin Laubenstein, Laconia
James Lettieri, Laconia
Norman Roy, Laconia
Paul Visco, Laconia
Dec. 5, 2003 NH Educators for Kerry
Mary Frost, Gilford
Nancy Frost, Gilford
Gary Liptak, Gilford
Susanne Price, Laconia
Elinor Thorsell, Laconia
Scott Betournay, Meredith
Bob Ewell, Meredith


Dick de Seve, Gilmanton  - de Seve has been involved in NH politics since 1986 when he moved to the area from Maryland.  He was the lobbyist for the NH Sierra Club for 10 years while in private practice.  de Seve appeared on Howard Dean's April 4, 2003 list of supporters, however on Oct. 6, 2003 he started as labor coordinator for the Kucinich campaign.  He explained in an Oct 15 e-mail:  "I started out as a Dean supporter as the first candidate that I knew about who opposed the war in Iraq.  I soon discovered many holes in Dr. Dean's platform, and then found Dennis Kucinich.  Dennis has been a consistent supporter of peaceful means of international conflict resolution, and has stood up and voted against the draconian USA PATRIOT Act, the only candidate to do so.  He also understands the devastating impact that NAFTA and the WTO have had on workers' wages, benefits, and rights to organize.  He also supports strong environmental protection, and is pro-choice, having arrived at that position after careful consideration of the impact of his former position on women and their physical and mental health."
Sue Hale de Seve, Gilmanton   -also appeared on Howard Dean's April 4, 2003 list
Leo Sandy, New Hampton
James Bachhuber, Laconia
Carolyn Namaste, Barnstead
Bruce Shearer, Barnstead
Anne Oehlschlaeger, Laconia

Field Office - 14 Pleasant Street, Laconia    (Hadassah Lieberman opened Nov. 3, 2003)
Lakes Region: Jen Gaspar -- (announced Sept. 25, 2003) A 2002 graduate of Johns Hopkins University.  Field director on Mike Swaim for State Rep. in Salem, Oregon in 2002.  Interned at the DNC, at Greenberg Quinlan, and in 2000 for the Host Committee in Los Angeles.  Originally from Los Angeles.
Dennis Feehan (Nov. 3, 2003)
Nov. 16, 2003 "McCain Supporters for Joe Lieberman"
Frank Lantagne, Gilford
Dec. 21, 2003 "McCain Supporters for Joe Lieberman"
Constance Bracchi, Center Harbor
Julie Monahan, Laconia
Claire Natola, Meredith
Jan. 11, 2004 "Independents for Joe"
Robert Bonner, Meredith
Scott Caplain, Chocorua
Andrew Dagoumas, Sanbornton
Kenneth Dyrsten, Laconia
Carol Faragi, New Hampton
Margaret R. Healy, Gilmanton
Julia Rudman, Tilton
Devina M. Tusi, Laconia
Tracy Wood, Sanbornton

Lakes Region Field Organizers: Lisa Ann Apps and Peter Knudsen (announced Aug. 5, 2003)

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