CARROLL Lakes Region/White Mountain National Forest 
Along the Maine Border 
The Campaigns in Carroll County
updated January 11, 2004

Towns: Albany, Bartlett, Brookfield, Chatham, Conway, Eaton, Effingham, Freedom, Hart's Location, Jackson, Madison, Moultonborough, Ossipee, Sandwich, Tamworth, Tuftonboro, Wakefield, Wolfeboro. Unincorporated: Hale's Location.

Field Office - 631 White Mountain Highway (Rt. 16) (announced December 29, 2003)
Regional Director: Sam Bryar (started with the campaign in June 2003; announced as Carroll County Regional Director Sept. 3, 2003)  2003 graduate of Oberlin College.
Kathryn Cauble, Freedom
Michael Cauble, Freedom
Wendy Gaal, North Sandwich
Roy Morrison - Vice Chair of Caroll County Democrats, State Committee Member, Tamworth
John Myer, Sandwich
Margaret Myer, Sandwich
Roger Palm, Wolfboro
Sept. 25, 2003 Republicans for Dean
Anita Engle, Conway
William Proctor, Conway
Todd Blodgett, Wolfeboro
Margaret Blodgett, Wolfeboro
Nov. 10, 2003 Veterans
Richard Wickboldt, Brookfield
David Schurman, Madison
Jeffrey R. Fleischmann, Sandwich
Frederick C. Rozelle, Jr., Sandwich
Wolfe W. Schmokel, Wolfeboro
Dec. 21, 2003 Doctors for Dean
Gerard Bozuwa, Wakefield
Sylvia Kennedy, Wolfeboro
Andrew Stewart, Effingham
Wendy Palm - Democratic Town Chair, Wolfboro  initially supported Dean because of anti-war position, but switched to Kerry

Northern Regional Field Director: Jason Fried (started June 9, 2003)  In 2002 worked on Tim Johnson's re-election campaign in South Dakota.
Carol LaPierre - Treasurer of Carroll County Democrats, State Committee Member


Stanley Solomon, Albany, chair of the Albany Town Democratic Committee
Wendy Palm, Wolfeboro, chair of the Wolfeboro Town Democratic Committee
Nov. 11, 2003 Veterans for Kerry
Peter Hooghkirk, Conway
Dec. 5, 2003 NH Educators for Kerry
Wendy Palm, Wolfeboro
Lynne Slocum, Wolfeboro

Kathy Grant, Conway
Nina Grenfell, Conway
Beth McCarthy, Tamworth
Mia Gannon, South Tamworth
Brenda Johnson, Wolfeboro

Nov. 16, 2003 "McCain Supporters for Joe Lieberman"
Jim McKinnon, Ossipee - in 2000 Primary was a McCain town chair
Dec. 21, 2003 "McCain Supporters for Joe Lieberman
Ed Foley, Madison
Jan. 11, 2004 "Independents for Joe"
Josh Anderson, Ossipee
Mary Budroe, Conway
Edwards Crabtree, Effingham
Betty Crabtree, Effingham
Randy Davis, Jackson
Thelma Davis, Jackson
Charles Dill, Wolfeboro
Eleanor Dill, Wolfeboro
Richard T. Giglio, Freedom
David Haag, Ossipee
Jane Kerr, Wolfeboro
John Landry, Ossipee
Robert Schundler, Wolfboro
Rose Willey, Ossipee
William Willey, Ossipee


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