CHESHIRE Southwestern New Hampshire - 
The Monadnock Region 
The Campaigns in Cheshire County
updated January 11, 2004

City: Keene (5 wards).  Towns (22): Alstead, Chesterfield, Dublin, Fitzwilliam, Gilsum, Harrisville, Hinsdale, Jaffrey, Marlborough, Marlow, Nelson, Richmond, Rindge, Roxbury, Stoddard, Sullivan, Surry, Swanzey, Troy, Walpole, Westmoreland, Winchester.

Field Office - 217 Old Homestead Row, Swanzey    (office opening Dec. 6, 2003)
Cheshire County Regional Field Director: Tucker McDonald -- McDonald came to New Hampshire in May 2003 for the Graham campaign and ultimately held a similar position before that campaign ended in early October.  Previously he worked at in Austin.  In 2002 he worked on the Tony Sanchez gubernatorial campaign as a city organizer in Dallas.
Regional Coordinator: Liz Sumner --
Regional Coordinator: David Cohen --
Chairman of Cheshire County Steering Committee:
Dan Burnham, former state Rep. from Dublin
Town Chairs:
(announced Dec. 6, 2003)
Harrisville:   Hal Close
Keene:   Terry Pindell
Nelson:   Linda Cates
Jaffrey:   Rosie Poole and Linda Searles
Peterborough:   Betsy and Marc Smith
Rindge:   Joel Van Lennep
Swanzey:   Frank Dobisky
Winchester:   Jim Tetreault

Field Office - 2 Eagle Court, Keene        (announced June 20, 2003)
Regional Director: Bob Lauro -- (June 2003)  2003 graduate of Keene State College with a degree in Communications.  First political campaign.
Area Organizer: David Steinberg -- (June 2003)  2003 graduate of Columbia University with a degree in Political Science.
Area Organizer: Rachel Silbermann -- May 2003 graduate of Brown University with a degree in History.
Area Organizer: Jon Sclarsic -- (late Sept. 2003)  Graduate of Brandeis.
Volunteer Coordinator: Dan Cooper -- (end of Aug. 2003)  Clark University.
former: Sam Bryar -- 2003 graduate of Oberlin College.  From Grafton, Vt.
Rep. Peter Allen - Harrisville 4/4/03
Rep. Tim Dunn - Keene 4/4/03
Rep. Peter Espiefs - Keene 4/4/03
Rep. David Meader - Keene 10/1/03
Rep. McKim Mitchell - chair of the Cheshire County Democratic Committee, Chesterfield   4/4/03
Rep. Barbara Richardson - Richmond   6/6/03
Rep. Tim Robertson - Keene 4/4/03
Rep. Jack Pratt - Walpole (fmrly Gephardt)   4/4/03
Rep. Anna Tilton - Marlborough 4/4/03
Rep. Amy Webber - Dublin 6/6/03
Rep. Chuck Weed - Keene   7/23/03
Mayor Mike Blastos, Keene    4/4/03
Nat Stout - City Councilor, secretary of the Cheshire County Democratic Committee, Keene      4/4/03
Bill Coleman, Jaffrey     4/4/03
Billie Coleman, Jaffrey     4/4/03
Brenda Dunn, Keene     4/4/03
Wendy Dwyer, Dublin     4/4/03
Dyer Moss, Winchester     4/4/03
Kathleen Vetter, Nelson     4/4/03
John Zurich, Nelson     4/4/03
Sept. 25, 2003 Republicans for Dean:
Jeannette H. Bergeron     Keene
Charles H. Butterfield    Hinsdale
Nov. 10, 2003 Veterans:
Stanley P. Smith, Alstead
Larry Colby, Gilsum
Martin Anderson, Jaffrey
James T. Dunn, Keene
Paul D. Cote, Keene
H. Thayer Kingsbury, Keene
Barry Tolman, Marlborough
Geoffrey T. Jones, Stoddard
Charles P. Stroble, Swanzey
Walter R. Carroll, Westmoreland
Dec. 21, 2003 Doctors for Dean:
Nicholas Bartenhagen, Keene
Don Caruso, Keene
William Chase, Westmorland
Tanya DeWitt, Keene
Robert Englund, Keene
Claire Fabian, Keene
John Fraunfelder, Walpole
Gilbert Fuld, Keene
Joseph Guarneri, Keene
Matthew Guiltinan, Keene
Richard Hacker, Keene
David Hall, Keene
Douglas W. Keene, Keene
Gerard Kiernan, Keene
Malcolm MacKenzie, Keene
James Margraf, Keene
Christopher Mills, Keene
Jeffrey Newcomer, Keene
G. Forrest Quimby, Keene
Daniel Rath, Keene
Franz Reichsman, Keene
James A. Robinson, Swanzey
John G. Schlegelmilch, Keene
Melvyn Schupack, Walpole
Gary Shapiro, Keene
Arthur W. Simington, Keene
George Terwilliger, Keene
Donald Wilson, Keene

Field Office: 25 West Street, Keene
Western NH Regional Field Coordinator: James Katz -- From Brown University; 2002-2003 president of Brown College Democrats; organized student campaign efforts for Jeanne Shaheen's 2002 U.S. Senate campaign and Bill Bradley's 2000 NH primary campaign.
Jim Babb - teacher at Fall Mt. Regional High School, Swanzey
Glen Smith - attorney and local Democratic activist, Dublin
Sept. 15, 2003 list:
Nathan Bender, Keene
Kathleen Bove, Westmoreland
Jennifer Cohen, Keene
Carol Crawford, Marlborough
Alan Gross, Swanzey
Nick Kassotis, Fitzwilliam
Wayne Kassotis, Fitzwilliam
Mike Mohan, Swanzey
Clair Oursler, Keene
Marie Owen, Keene
Paul Rochelau, Keene
Tovalt Shotland, Keene

Western Regional Field Director: Nick Watt (started June 9, 2003) -- In 2002 worked on Mike Kelleher's unsuccessful campaign for the Democratic nomination for Lt. Governor of Illinois.  In the 2000 cycle, Watt worked as a regional field assistant for the Illinois Democratic Party.
Rep. Irene Pratt - Winchester 7/23/03
Roger Zerba - Cheshire County Commissioner, former State Representative, Keene 3/15/03
Sigornee Colby - chair, Keene School Board, Keene   3/12/03
Mike Blaisdell - former Executive Council candidate, former State Representative, Keene   2/26/03
Peter and Carol Blaisdell - Keene   3/15/03
Richard Daschbach - former Cheshire County Commissioner, former State Representative, Westmoreland    2/26/03
Virginia Daschbach - activist, Westmoreland   2/26/03
Rep. Bob Batchelder - Marlow 2/26/03  resigned effective July 21 to move to a retirement community in Connecticut.

Field Office - 39 Central Square, Room 205, Keene     (open July 1, 2003)
Monadnock Regional Coordinator: Nate Snyder -- Worked for SEIU in upstate NY as a political and labor organizer.  Field organizer in the James River Valley and the Yankton Sioux Resrvation for the 2002 South Dakota Democratic Coordinated Campaign.  2001 graduate of Syracuse University.
Field Organizer: Monica Weber -- Organized the Rebecca Otto for Minnesota State House Feb. 2003 special election.  Member of Participation 2000's class of 2002, then worked as a communications assistant and field organizer for the Maine Coordinated Campaign.  2001 graduate of the College of St. Benedict in Minnesota.
Kevin Hampsey - chair of Jaffrey Democrats, Jaffrey
Tom Britton of Troy - has served as chair, Monadnock Regional School District; chair, Cheshire County Democratic Committee, Troy Town Moderator; chair of White House Commission on Presidential Scholars appointed by President Clinton.   9/11/03
Patricia Russell - former Mayor of Keene.  Served four years as mayor, six years on the City Council, and six terms as a state Representative.
Randy Filiault -  Keene City Councilman of 12 years.  Owns the Railroad Tavern.  12/15/03
Robert Johnson - Hinsdale Selectman.  Retired school teacher; taught biology, physics, astronomy and chemistry for 33 years.  12/15/03
Molly Kelly - Democratic activist
Nov. 11, 2003 Veterans for Kerry
Keene Regional Co-Chair Robert Richards
Keene Regional Co-Chair Kenneth Swift
John Vance, Dublin
Robert Stammers, Jaffrey
Jacob Skinner, Marlborough
Jake Skinner, Marlborough
John Strauss, Rindge
William Reynolds, Walpole
Robert Davis, Winchester
Dec. 5, 2003 NH Educators for Kerry
Lucille Shonk, Dublin
Judith Draper, Jaffrey
Jane Best, Keene
Len Fleischer, Keene
Melinda Hill, Keene
Richard Lebeaux, Keene
Ken Swift, Keene
Jennifer White, Keene
Tom White, Keene
Martin Yauga, Keene
BJ Wahl, Sullivan
Deborah Crowder, Swanzey
Tony Dubois, Swanzey

Field Office --12 West Street, #6A, Keene    (opened on Sept. 24, 2003)
Eileen Reardon, Keene
William Hay, Keene
Jim Smart, Keene
Robert Cook, Gilsum
Derek Scalia, Rindge
Carolyn Bailey, Harrisville

Field Office -- 141 Winchester Street, Keene     (Marcia Lieberman did grand opening on Sept. 15, 2003)
Keene area: Jon Berkon -- (announced Sept. 25, 2003) A native New Yorker and Yale graduate.
Jan. 11, 2004 "Independents for Joe"
John Bell, Keene 
Marshall Bergeron, Keene 
Warren Buffum, Harrisville 
Jen Burk, Keene 
Leslie Castor, Keene 
Anne Clement, Walpole 
Robert Clement, Walpole 
Sarah Clement, Walpole 
Thomasina Convoy, Swanzey 
Joan Degrandpre, Rindge 
Diane Gaffney, Swanzey 
Diane Ginsberg, Keene 
Carl Granquist, Swanzey 
Lori Greer, Keene 
Beth Harrold, Winchester 
Tom Harrold, Winchester 
Lois Hubbard, Keene 
Richard Jardine, Keene 
Marilyn Lehane, Westmoreland 
David Levene, Dublin 
Grisel Levene, Dublin 
Barbara Lindsey, Keene 
Kathleen Medvidofsky, Keene 
Marilyn Morel, Keene 
Merilee Patty, Alstead 
Edith Quereux, Keene 
Tinka Reed, Jaffrey 
Michael Roberts, Jaffrey 
Cynthia Snow, Jaffrey 
Beverly Walsh, Rindge
Dec. 21, 2003 “McCain Supporters for Joe Lieberman”
Hector Swain, Walpole  -2000 town chair for McCain
Nov. 16, 2003 “McCain Supporters for Joe Lieberman”
Henry Beck, Walpole
Roye Ginsberg, Keene
Jay Kahn, Keene
Louis Kaletsky, Walpole
Nov. 4, 2003 Students for Joe
Anne Mullane, Keene State College

Cheshire County & Monadnock Valley Region Field Organizers
Tucker McDonald -- McDonald started with the campaign on May 15, 2003.  Prior to the campaign he was working at in Austin.  In 2002 he worked on the Tony Sanchez gubernatorial campaign as a city organizer in Dallas.
Adam Mines

State Legislators: A Summary
Cheshire County sends 24 State Representatives (Districts 24, 25, 26, 27 and 28) to Concord.   As of January 1, 2004 16 of them were Democrats.
Dean Gephardt No Endorsement / Information
Rep. Peter Allen - Harrisville4/4/03
Rep. Tim Dunn - Keene4/4/03
Rep. Peter Espiefs - Keene4/4/03
Rep. David Meader - Keene10/1/03
Rep. McKim Mitchell -  Chesterfield   4/4/03
Rep. Barbara Richardson - Richmond  6/6/03
Rep. Tim Robertson - Keene 4/4/03
Rep. Jack Pratt - Walpole (fmrly Gephardt)   4/4/03
Rep. Anna Tilton - Marlborough4/4/03
Rep. Amy Webber - Dublin6/6/03
Rep. Chuck Weed - Keene   7/23/03
Rep. Irene Pratt - Winchester 7/23/03

Rep. Jack Pratt - Walpole2/26/03
(switched to Dean)
Rep. Bob Batchelder - Marlow2/26/03 (resigned effective 7/21/03)

Rep. Dan Eaton - Stoddard
Rep. Henry Parkhurst - Winchester
Rep. Pamela Russell Slack - Keene

Democratic State Legislators from Cheshire County
Dist. 24 (4)
Jack Pratt, Walpole
Dan Eaton, Stoddard

Bob Batchelder, Marlow
resigned effective 7/21/03)

Dist. 25 (7 At-large)
Peter Espiefs
David Meader
Pamela Russell Slack
Chuck Weed
Timothy Robertson
James T. Dunn
District 26 (5 At-large)
Irene Pratt, Winchester
Henry Parkhurst, Winchester
Barbara Hull Richardson, Richmond
McKim W. Mitchell, Chesterfield
District 27 (4 At-large)
Peter Allen, Harrisville
Anna Tilton, Marlborough

District 28 (4 At-large)
Amy Webber, Dublin


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