COöS The North Country 
The Campaigns in Coös County
updated January 13, 2003 

City: Berlin (4 wards).  Towns (20): Carroll, Clarksville, Colebrook, Columbia, Dalton, Dixville, Dummer, Errol, Gorham, Jefferson, Lancaster, Milan, Northumberland, Pittsburg, Randolph,  Shelburne, Stark, Stewartstown, Stratford, Whitefield.  Unincorporated Places: Atk. & Gilm. Ac. Gt., Bean's Grant, Bean's Purchase, Cambridge, Chandlers' Purchase, Crawford's Purchase, Cutt's Grant, Dix's Grant, Erving's Location, Green's Grant, Hadley's Purchase, Kilkenny, Low & Burbank's Gt, Martin's Location, Millsfield, Odell, Pinkhams' Grant, Sargent's Pur., Second College Gt, Success, Thompson & Mes.'s Pur., Wentworth's Loc.. 

Field Office: 80 Main Street, Berlin  (mid-December 2003)
Regional Director: Zachary Heineman

Field Office: 19 Pleasant Street (Berlin Shopping Plaza), Berlin     (announced July 30, 2003)
North Country Field Director: Allen Zigman (announced July 9, 2003) -- Has worked on seven presidential campaigns.
Sept. 25, 2003 Republicans for Dean
Tom Southworth, Lancaster
Nov. 10, 2003 Veterans
Harold Nelson, Berlin
Rodny Sawyer, Gorham
Dec. 21, 2003 Doctors for Dean
Benson Eisenberg, Randolph
Lars Nielson, Lancaster
Robert Soucy, Colebrook

Lakes and North Country Regional Field Coordinator
Christy Cunningham -- Worked on New Hampshire Democrats' 2002 Coordinated Campaign; previous work on campaigns in Oregon and Oklahoma.

Field Office: 695 Main St., Berlin
Field Organizer: David Loughran -- Graduated from the University of Southern Maine.  He worked on John Baldacci's successful gubernatorial campaign in Maine and ran a successful state legislative campaign in 2002.
Rep. Ed Mears - also Vice President of the NH AFL-CIO; member, NH Democratic State Committee, Berlin
Rep. Robert Theberge - Berlin
Paul Grenier - Coos County Commissioner, Berlin
Beverly Ingersoll - City Council Member, Berlin
Richard LaFleur - City Council Member, Berlin
?Marie Hughes - activist, Berlin
Paul Ingersoll - fmr cand. Coos Cnty Sheriff, Berlin
Bill Maddalena - activist, firefighter, Berlin
Tina Withington - activist, member, State Employees Association Executive Board, SEIU, Berlin

Field Office - 136 Pleasant Street, Unit 4, Berlin      (open July 1, 2003)
North Country Regional Coordinator: Patrick Foster -- 2003 graduate of Boston College; has been involved in several Boston area campaigns.
Rick Sigler
North Country Steering Committee (announced Jan. 13, 2003)
Jeanne Boisseau, Bethlehem; Board Vice President of the Women’s Rural Entrepreneurial Network
Larry Boisseau, Bethlehem; Member of Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 131
Yvonne Coulombe, Berlin; Former Mayor of Berlin
Norm Charest, Dummer; Director of Economic Development for the Tri-County CAP
Lee Dube, Milan; Former President of IAFF Local 1088
Ray Dube, Berlin; Vice President of IAFF Local 1088
Larry Enman, Errol; Chair of Errol Town Democratic Committee
Robert Fink, Lancaster; Secretary of Coos County Democratic Committee and Lancaster Town Democratic Chair
Bill Hatch, Gorham; Business Manager of Currier Auto Dealers
Rob Jewett, Berlin; President of IAFF Local 1088
Larry Kelly, Berlin; Vice Chair of Coos County Democratic Committee and Berlin Town Democratic Chair
Bryan Lamirande, Milan; AFSCME Council 93 Staff Representative
Lloyd Murray, Stark; Owner of White Mountain Chalet
Rep. Dick Poulin, Berlin; State Representative
Dan Record, Berlin; Vice Principal of Hillside Elementary School
Charlie Ricardi, Twin Mountain; Democratic Activist
Paul Robitaille, Gorham; Chair of Coos County Democratic Committee, PACE Member
Patti Stolte, Berlin; Director of Main Street Program
Other Supporters
Nov. 11, 2003 NH Veterans for Kerry
Norman Perkins, North Country Regional Chair
Ed Bergeron, Berlin
Mark Chapman, Berlin
Francis Gendron, Berlin
Herbert Gilbert, Berlin
Paul Godin, Berlin
Paul Kluchnick Jr., Berlin
Joseph Mulligan, Berlin
J.P. Poirier, Berlin
John Roberge, Berlin
George Stanley, Berlin
Richard Marshall, Dalton
Tadd Drumm, Errol
Ronald Dalphonse, Gorham
Norman Gagnon, Gorham
Bill Hatch, Gorham
Paul Magnon, Gorham
Dec. 5, 2003 NH Educators for Kerry
Barbara Demers, Berlin
Liz Kelly, Berlin
Ann Elise Record, Berlin
Daniel Record, Berlin
Margaret Ambrose, Lancaster

Field Office - 2 Main Street, Berlin  (Lieberman officially opened December 2, 2003)
North Country: Josh Robinson -- (announced Sept. 25, 2003) Previously worked as a regional coordinator for the North Carolina
Democratic Party.  A native of Alabama.
Paula Bradley - former State Rep. from Randolph, member NH Democratic State Committee.
Dec. 21, 2003 "McCain Supporters for Joe Lieberman"
Karen Eitel, Berlin
Woody Eitel, Berlin
Nathan Morin, Berlin
Jan. 11, 2004 "Independents for Joe"
Sheldon Gray, Colebrook
Stephanie Kennedy, Gorham
Janine Larin, Berlin
Anthony Migetz, Berlin
Bernice Migetz, Berlin
Joann Platt, Stark
Franklin Platt, Stark

Sue-Ann Sidell, Gorham
Dorienne Cramer, Glen
Jennifer Burt, Whitefield

North Country Region Field Organizer
Matt O’Brien (announced Aug. 5, 2003)

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