The Campaigns in Grafton County
updated January 13, 2004

City: Lebanon (3 wards).  Towns (38): Alexandria, Ashland, Bath, Benton, Bethlehem, Bridgewater, Bristol, Campton, Canaan, Dorchester, Easton, Ellsworth, Enfield, Franconia, Grafton, Groton, Hanover, Haverhill, Hebron, Holderness, Landaff, Lincoln, Lisbon, Littleton, Lyman, Lyme, Monroe, Orange, Orford, Piermont, Plymouth, Rumney, Sugar Hill, Thornton, Warren, Waterville Valley, Wentworth, Woodstock. Unincorporated area: Livermore.  also Etna

Field Office - 2 Mascoma St., Lebanon
Regional Director: Becky Windt -- (started in June, announced July 9, 2003) Graduated from Harvard with a degree in Sociology in June 2002; taught school in Boston before joining the campaign.  From Canton, New York.
Area Organizer: Montgomery Lee -- (late Aug. 2003) May 2003 graduate of Yale with a degree in Economics and Math.  From Red Hook, New York.
Area Organizer: Sarah Ayres -- (June 2003) Taking a semester off from Dartmouth College to work on the campaign; in 2002 Ayers interned in the Upper Valley office of the Coordinated Campaign.  From Hanover, New Hampshire.
Volunteer Coordinator: Elizabeth Adams -- (late Oct. 2003) Taking a leave of absence from the Trust for Public Land to work on the campaign.  June 1996 graduate of the University of Virginia; June 2001 graduate from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.  From Waynesboro, VA.
Volunteer Coordinator: Sara Orrick -- (Nov. 2003) May '03 graduate of George Washington University.  From Montpelier, VT.
Rep. Ned Densmore - Franconia 4/4/03 
Rep. Estelle Diamond - Hanover 6/6/03 
Rep. Hilda Sokol - Hanover 6/6/03 
Rep. Peter Solomon - Canaan    7/22/03

Mary Chambers, former NH House Democratic leader  (rep'd Hanover), Etna 4/4/03, 7/2/03
more from 4/4/03 list:
Gene Andersen, Lebanon 
Dana Hanson, Etna 
Paul Heintz, Hanover 
Dr. Walter Herbert, Hanover 
Frances Herbert, Hanover 
Agnes Lugo-Ortiz, Hanover 
Dr. Robert McCollum, Etna 
Audrey McCollum, Etna 
Laura McKinnon, Thornton 
Jamie McKinnon, Thornton 
Diane Miliotes,  Hanover 
Professor Robert Norman, Hanover
Anita Norman, Hanover 
Judith Rocchio, Hanover 
Rebecca Stone, Rumney
Gail Townsend, Hanover 

Student Sarah Ayres       Hanover 
Student Nick Danoff       Hanover 
Student Martha May Herbert      Hanover 
Student Rebecca Honck      Hanover
Student Adam Michaelson      Hanover 
Student Tim Razel       Hanover 
Student Graham Roth       Hanover 
Student Henry Tarmy       Hanover 

9/25/03 Republicans for Dean:
Mary L. McClesky    Hanover 
Ida L. Lange     Hanover
Sally Bell     Hanover 
Karen Liot    Lebanon 

Nov. 10, 2003 Veterans
Anthony Keefer, Ashland
David Bishop, Bethelehem
Jules Doner, Campton
C. James Martel, Enfield
John Vail, Franconia
Francis M. Dymnicki, Hanover 
Stephen G. Jones, Hanover
Frederick T. Wilson, Hanover
Thomas P. Duprex, Haverhill
George McKelvey, Haverhill
Jason T. Tann, Haverhill
Anita M. Stafursky, Thornton

Rep. Ruth Bleyler - Lyme  6/6/03

Dec. 21, 2003-Doctors for Dean 
(of the 294 announced, 90 live or work in Grafton County)
Linda Addante, Lebanon
Bradley Arrick, Lebanon
Suellen Balestra, Lebanon
James Barrett, Hanover
Paul Batalden, Lebanon
Richard Baughman, Lebanon
Ralph Beasley, Lebanon
Jackson Beecham, Lebanon
James Bell, Hanover
William Boyle, Lebanon
Charles Brackett, Lebanon
Frances Brokaw, Lebanon
Blair Brooks, Lebanon
Harte Crow, Lebanon
Michael Curtis, Lebanon
Thomas Davis, Lebanon
Allen Dietrich, Lebanon
Susan Edwards, Lebanon
William Edwards, Lebanon
Robert Fairweather, Lebanon
Vergil Ferm, Etna
Robert Foote, Lebanon
Majid Ghazi, Lebanon
David Goodman, Lebanon
Ronald Green, Lebanon
Viking Hedberg, Plymouth
Walter Herbert, Hanover
Brooke Herndon, Lebanon
Da-Shih Hu, Lebanon
Virginia Jeffryes, Franconia
Louis Kazal, Lebanon
Robert Keene, Hanover
Jennifer Keller, Lebanon
Bryan King, Lebanon
William Kinlaw, Lebanon
Robert Klein, Lebanon
William Kmon, Lebanon
Donald Kollish, Lebanon
Gary Levine, Lebanon
Paul Manganiello, Lebanon
Bryan Marsh, Lebanon
Peter Mason, Lebanon
Herbert Maurer, Lebanon
Robert McCollum, Lebanon
Ross McIntyre, Lebanon
G. Neild Mercer, Lebanon
Richard Merrick, Littleton
Dana Merrithew, Rumney
Letha Mills, Lebanon
John Modlin, Lebanon
John Moeschler, Lebanon
Peter Mogielnicki, Lebanon
Susan Mooney, Lebanon
Helene Nagy, Lebanon
Joseph O'Donnell, Hanover
Ernst Oidtmann, Lebanon
Daniel O'Neill, Plymouth
Kim Ornvold, Lebanon
Thomas Oxman, Lebanon
Stephen Plume, Lebanon
Gabriele Popp, Lebanon
Robert Racusin, Lebanon
Charles Ravaris, Lebanon
Robert Reece, Lebanon
Sarah Rickets, Lebanon
William Rigby, Lebanon
Alan Rozycki, Lebanon
Leonard Rudolf, Lebanon
Michael Sateia, Lebanon
Catherine Schneider, Lebanon
Michael Schorsch, Lebanon
David Siepmann, Lebanon
Brenda Sirovich, Lebanon
Michelle Spenny, Lebanon
Thomas Taylor, Lebanon
Vijay Thadani, Lebanon
David Towne, Plymouth
John Trummel, Lebanon
Vidvud Valdmanis, Plymouth
Elizabeth Victor, Lebanon
Fordham Von Reyn, Lebanon
Andrew Werchniak, Lebanon
Donald West, Lebanon
Clare Wilmot, Littleton
Harry Kern Wisner, Lebanon
Charles Wolcott, Franconia
William Young, Lebanon

Western NH Regional Field Coordinator
James Katz (Keene) -- From Brown University; president of Brown College Democrats;organized student campaign efforts for Jeanne Shaheen's 2002 U.S. Senate campaign and Bill Bradley's 2000 NH primary campaign.
Rep. Sharon Nordgren - Hanover    4/24/03

Deb Nelson -  English teacher and local Democratic activist, Hanover.
Scott Pauls - vice chairman of Upper Valley Democrats; assistant professor of mathematics at Dartmouth.      4/24/03
Lis Smith & Phil Peisch - co-chairs of Dartmouth Students for Edwards.
Sept. 15, 2003 list:
Beverly Aamot, Hanover
Julia Beaufait, Lebanon
Michael Dorsey, Hanover
Victor Kaplan, Hanover
Carrie McLeod, North Woodstock
Dan Nelson, Hanover
Jack Nelson, Hanover
Dick Nordgren, Hanover
Bernie Quigley, Haverhill

Northern Regional Field Director (Coos, northern Grafton, Carroll, Belknap, eastern Merrimack, western Rockingham)
Jason Fried (started June 9, 2003) -- In 2002 worked on Tim Johnson's re-election campaign in South Dakota.
Western Regional Field Director (southern Grafton, Cheshire, western Merrimack, western Hillsborough, Sullivan)
Nick Watt (started June 9, 2003) -- In 2002 worked on Mike Kelleher's unsuccessful campaign for the Democratic nomination for Lt. Governor of Illinois.  In the 2000 cycle, Watt worked as a regional field assistant for the Illinois Democratic Party.
Rep. Nancy Scovner - Enfield

Lauren Bates - student, Dartmouth College, Hanover
Vikash Reddy - former chair, Dartmouth College  Democrats; chair, Dartmouth Students for Gephardt, Hanover
Lynn Duffy Rubino - former candidate for State Representative, West Lebanon

Field Office - 254 Plainfield Road, West Lebanon    (open July 21, 2003)
Upper Valley Regional Coordinator: Adam Hinds -- Worked as campaign coordinator and field director for congressional campaigns in the 2000 and 1998 cycles.
Emily Mintz
Former: Jessica Yuen:  Claremont Field Coordinator...2003 graduate of Wellesley University.  Interned on Andrew Cuomo's campaign for governor in New York.

Upper Valley Steering Committee (announced Jan. 13, 2004)
Rep. Susan Almy, Lebanon; State Representative
Robert Ashton, Hanover; Business Leader and Democratic Activist
Sen. Clif Below, Lebanon; State Senator
Rep. Bernie Benn, Hanover; State Representative and Chair of Hanover Democratic Committee
Rep. Ruth Bleyler, Lyme; State Representative
Barney Brannen, Lyme; 2000 Democratic Nominee for Congress, Attorney, and Environmental Leader
Jayne Buckley Sykes, Lebanon; Democratic Activist
Sheila Buckley, Hanover; Retired Foreign Service Officer
Hon. Marion Copenhaver, Hanover; Longtime Former State Representative
Emily Duncan, Hanover; Environmentalist and Democratic Activist
Jim Heffernan, Hanover; Professor at Dartmouth College
Jean Hennessey, Hanover; Former Democratic National Committee Member and longtime leader of Upper Valley Democrats
Barbara Jones, Lebanon; Graphic design and Democratic Activist
Susan Kellogg, Lebanon; Chiropractor and activist
Janos Marton, Hanover; President of Dartmouth College Student Body
Roger Masters, Lebanon; Professor at Dartmouth College
Lilla McLane-Bradley, Hanover; Longtime Democratic Activist
Bill Sharp, Lebanon; Secretary of the Lebanon Democratic Committee
George Sykes, Lebanon; Chair of Lebanon Democratic Committee and Lebanon Deputy Fire Chief
Flobert Tanga, Lebanon; Medical Researcher and Democratic Activist
Perry Williamson, Hanover; Longtime Democratic Activist

Earlier Announced Supporters
Sen. Clifton Below - Lebanon (Dist. 5)
Rep. Susan Almy - Lebanon
Rep. Ruth Bleyler - Lyme (initially supported Dean)  10/23/03

Richard Abel, Lebanon 8/6/03
Barney Brannen - Democratic nominee in the 2nd CD in 2000.  Currently practices law in Lyme and is chair of the Lyme Budget Committee.  Chair of the Lyme School Board from 1999-2000; member of the School Board from 1997 to 2000.  Executive director of the national Environmental Resources Trust, a non-profit organization that promotes the use of market forces to protect and improve the environment, from 2001-03.     7/24/03
Marion Copenhaver - served in the NH House of Representatives representing Hanover for 14 terms. 8/6/03
Carman Deuso, Lebanon 8/6/03
Luke Fleming, Lebanon
Susan Gray, West Lebanon 8/6/03
James Heffernan, Hanover 8/6/03
Jean Hennessey - has served as the U.S. Director of the NAFTA Commission on Environmental Cooperation, Commissioner of the International Joint Commission for the United States and Canada, Director of Dartmouth's Institute on Canada and the United States and as a board member of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.  First director of the N.H. Charitable Foundation. 8/6/03
Elizabeth Hunter, Hanover 8/6/03
Barbara Jones, Lebanon 8/6/03
Wayne King - former State Senator and 1994 Democratic nominee for governor; a founder and principal of the Moosewood Group, Rumney.
Claire Lobell, Hanover 8/6/03
Sid Lovett - former State Representative, Holderness.     9/11/03
Janos Marton - student body president at Dartmouth College.
Lilla McLane-Bradley - founder of the Upper Valley Community Foundation, Hanover.
Mel O’Connor - community activist, Plymouth.     9/11/03
Howard Shaffer, Enfield 8/6/03
Molly Shatavsky, Hanover 8/6/03
Ginny Smith, West Lebanon 8/6/03
George and Jayne Sykes, Lebanon      8/6/03
Flobert Tanga, Lebanon 8/6/03
Perry Williamson  - former fundraiser for Arnie Arneson, Hanover.
Jody Young - environmental activist, Rumney.   9/11/03
Nov. 11, 2003 NH Veterans for Kerry
Howard Shaffer, Upper Valley Regional Chair
Henry Drapeau, Bethlehem
Roger Cantlin, Canaan
John Graham, Franconia
Varujan Boghosian, Hanover
Clinton Gardner, Hanover
Ruth King, Hanover
Howard Nicholson, Hanover
John Williamson, Hanover
Carman Deuso, Lebanon
Brigid Stiller, Lebanon
Roger Delli Colli, Lyman
Phil Cunningham, Plymouth
Jack Saunders, Plymouth
Dec. 5, 2003 NH Educators for Kerry
Jim Heffernan, Hanover, a Co-Chair
Marcia Graham, Franconia
Rachel Aubrey, Hanover
Jane Dewey, Hanover
Joyce Griffen, Hanover
John Hennessey, Hanover
Martha Hennessey, Hanover
Vivian Kogan, Hanover
Suzanne Levi, Hanover
Roger Masters, Hanover
James Quinn, Hanover
Steve Severson, Hanover
John Williamson, Hanover
Martin Green, Lebanon
George Sykes, Lebanon
Flobert Tanga, Lebanon
Patricia Rothney, Littleton
Donald Hundgen, Plymouth
Sarah Hundgen, Plymouth
Mary Kietzman, Plymouth
Pat L'Abbe, Plymouth

James Broehl, Hanover
Claudette Roy-Boyle, W. Lebanon
Bernard du Breuil, Hanover
Alex Kirigin, Hanover
Madith Hamilton, Hanover

Field Office - 20 West Park Street, Lebanon    (Sen. Lieberman did grand opening on Oct. 24, 2003)
Upper Valley: Tracey Rogers -- (announced Sept. 25, 2003) A native of Pennsylvania; served as an organizer for the Illinois Coordinated Campaign in the 2002 elections.
Jan. 11, 2004 "Independents for Joe"
Robert Babler, Campton 
Gayle Clogston, Rumney 
Earle Duncan, Campton 
Virginia Dunn, Plymouth 
Johnathan Edwards, Hanover 
Frank Engel, Plymouth 
Nancy Gray, Waterville Valley 
Keri Hopkins, Enfield 
Nickolas Loupis, Enfield 
Sheila O'Meara, Rumney 
Mark Troiano, Campton 
Therese M. Waters, Enfield 
Alan Whitney, Plymouth 
Mary Wojcik Hanover
Edward Woodbury, Rumney 
Jean Woodbury, Rumney 
Dec. 21, 2003 "McCain Supporters for Joe Lieberman"
Rev. Robert Decker, Rumney
Jean Decker, Rumney
Leonard Emery, Waterville Valley
Gordon McCormack, Ashland
Nov. 16, 2003 "McCain Supporters for Joe Lieberman"
Robert Berti, Rumney   -McCain town chair in 2000 NH Primary
Charlie DeRham, Franconia   -McCain town chair in 2000 NH Primary
Nov. 4, 2003 Students for Joe
Jessica Lawson, Dartmouth College
Stella Lee, Dartmouth College
Kabir Sehgal, Dartmouth College
Matt Slaine, Dartmouth College
Josh Stern, Dartmouth College

Upper Valley Region Field Organizer
Heather Hargreaves (announced August 5, 2003)

State Legislators: A Summary
Grafton County sends 26 State Representatives (Districts 9-18) to Concord.  As of January 1, 2004 04, 11 of the 26 State Reps. are Democrats; in addition Sen. Clifton Below of Lebanon is one of six Democrats in the Senate.
Dean Edwards Gephardt
Ned Densmore - Franconia   4/4/03 
Estelle Diamond - Hanover  6/6/03 
Hilda Sokol - Hanover  6/6/03 
Peter Solomon - Canaan  7/22/03
Sharon Nordgren - Hanover  4/24/03 Nancy Scovner - Enfield
Kerry Lieberman No Endorsement / Information Yet
Sen. Clifton Below - Lebanon (Dist. 5)
Susan Almy - Lebanon
Bernard L. Benn - Hanover
Ruth Bleyler - Lyme (initially supported Dean)  10/23/03
Mary R. Cooney - Plymouth
Lee M. Hammond - Lebanon

Democratic State Legislators from Grafton County
Sen. Clifton Below - Lebanon (Dist. 5)

Edward "Ned" Densmore of Bethlehem (Dist. 10)
Mary R. Cooney of Plymouth (Dist. 15)
Bernard L. Benn of Hanover (Dist. 17)
Estelle Diamond of Hanover (Dist. 17)
Sharon L. Nordgren of Hanover (Dist. 17)
Hilda W. Sokol of Hanover (Dist. 17)
Ruth Z. Bleyler of Lyme (Dist. 17)
Nancy M. Scovner of Enfield (Dist. 17)
Peter E. Solomon of Canaan (Dist. 17)
Susan W. Almy of Lebanon (Dist. 18)
Lee M. Hammond of Lebanon (Dist. 18)


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