The Campaigns in Hillsborough County 
updated January 13, 2004

see also Nashua, and Other Hillsborough County.


Regional Director: Joel Gagne --
Regional Coordinator: Andrew Lussen --
Regional Coordinator: Raul Bernal --
Regional Coordinator: Pat Bataillon --
Regional Coordinator: Libby Reder --
Regional Coordinator: Seth Bindernagel --

Dr. Sylvio Dupuis  -  former Mayor of Manchester (1972-75)>.  Subsequent experience includes President and CEO of Catholic Medical Center, New Hampshire Commissioner of Health and Human Services, President of New England College of Optometry in Boston, New Hampshire Commissioner of Insurance, Executive Director of McLane, Graf, Raulerson & Middleton, New Hampshire's largest law firm, and Interim President of Notre Dame College.
Jane Beaulieu  -  Manchester Conservation Commission, community activist
Bill Cashin  -  former Manchester Alderman
Dan Lyman  -  Manchester attorney
Paul Martineau  -  Manchester Welfare Commissioner (elected fall 2001, re-elected fall 2003); current commander of the Manchester American Legion.

Regional Director: Delana Jones -- (started April 1, 2003 as Office Manager and Volunteer Coordinator)  Worked on NH Democratic Party Coordinated Campaign in Derry/Londonderry in 2002.  Graduated Winter 2001 from Westminster College with a BA in Political Science.  From Harrison, Arkansas.
Volunteer Coordinator: Katherine Smith -- (end of Aug. 2003) Graduated Spring 2003 from Ohio University, double majoring in English and Economics.  From Dayton, Ohio.
Area Organizer: Irene Lee -- (June 2003) Graduated Spring 2003 from UC Berkeley with a BS in Business Administration.  From Irvine, California.
Area Organizer: David Gringer -- (end of Aug. 2003) Graduated Spring 2003 from University of Pennsylvania with a BA in American History.  From Brooklyn, New York.  *bad driver
Regional Area Organizer: Lauren Popper -- (Aug. 2003) Graduated Spring 2001 from Yale College with a BA in Theater Arts.  From Greenwich, Connecticut.
Regional Area Organizer: David Rosenblatt -- (mid-Sept. 2003) Graduated Spring 2003 from Harvard College with an AB in Government.  From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

4/4/03 list:
Rep. Lionel Johnson
James Alcorn
Bob Backus
Tracie Buckley
Janet Cataldo
Susan Colwell
Romeo Dorval - former NHDP Chair.
Fran Egbers
Quinton Keefe
Mary Jane Keefe
Angela Mazella
Jeff Michelsen
Chip Soucy
Richard Thorngren
Carol Williams - former Representative.
Anne Zachos

8/1/03 list
Carol Resch (R) - former Vice-chair of the Manchester School Board
Jack Resch (D) - former State Representative; President of the Board of Trustees of Child & Family Services; Professor of History at the University of New Hampshire
Merv Weston (D) - veteran presidential campaign media consultant
Peter Ramsey (D) - former State Representative; President of the Palace Theatre
Kathleen Kelly (D) - At-Large School Board Member
Clifford Ross (D) - former Manchester City Chair
Glen Gervais (D) - former Manchester City Chair
Robert K. Lord (D) - Social Studies Department Chair at Central High School; NEA member
Karen Sheehan Lord (D) - Chair, Board of Trustees, Manchester City Library; NEA member
Dick Decloux (D) - former Representative at the New England Association of Schools and Colleges; former President of Beede Electric Instrument Company

9/25/03 Republicans for Dean
Carol B. Resch 
Juliana Maglathlin
Elizabeth M. Staulcup
Paul Staulcup
Gregory Joseph Barrett

11/10/03 Veterans
David Alperovitz
James Edwards
William J. Farrell
Peter Giampa
Paul Harkinson
Robert Lord
Elair Perron 
Jessica Tustin
Frank Weaver
Michael White

12/21/03 Doctors for Dean
Chris Calhoun
Charles Carrier
David Charlesworth
Peter Corrigan
Selma Deitch
Sam Dugan
Paul Emery
Laura Emmick
Gerry Gehr
Sam Gold
Elisabeth Haeger
Connor Haugh
Bob Hayes
Scott Hochgraf
Francis Kheriaty
Richard Knab
Keith Lammers
Eugene Lariviere
Paula Leonard-Schwartz
Charles Leutzinger
Susan Lynch
Lynne Margesson
Phat Nguyen
John Robinson
Daniel Rosenbaum
Christine Rosenwasser
Johann Rothwangl
Steven B. Schwartz
Stephen Smith
Dennis Stepro

Manchester Area Regional Field Coordinator: Pauley Rodney
Manchester Assistant: Jon Menesee
Formerly Manchester Area Regional Field Coordinator: Mike Palamuso -- Left position as deputy director at the NHDP to join the campaign; a regional field director for the New Hampshire Democrats' 2002 Coordinated Campaign, then worked on Sen. Landrieu's runoff in Louisiana.

Sen. Lou D'Allesandro (District 20)  10/30/03

Paul Crawford - social worker with N.H. Catholic Charities.
Ryan Dillion & Rory Fitzgerald - co-chairs of St. Anselm Students for Edwards.
Maureen Raiche Manning - partner at Nixon Raiche Manning Leach.
George Pressley - local Democratic activist.

Sept. 15, 2003 list:
Mark Anderson
David Balinson
Bob Bauer
Lisa Conley
Kevin Devine
Mary Devine
Sean Devine
Fatima LaPerle
Rosemary LaRock
Wanda Lembo
Sheilagh McGreevey
Carmen Polo
Jack Pross
Kathy Pross
Judith Russell
Mark Smith
Steve Stoddard

Deputy Field Director Mike Mattoon -- (started as an organizer for the campaign in February 2003)  Worked at Gephardt's Effective Government Committee in Washington, DC from mid-2001 to 2003.  In spring 2002 he worked on the John Kacavas for Executive Council race and in fall 2002 he was in New Hampshire helping the House Caucus to elect Democrats to the NH House.  Previously Mattoon served as a legislative assistant to Rep. Zoe Lofgren.
Manchester Field Organizer: Erin Ford -- Graduated from Wellesley College and spent the summer volunteering for Gephardt.
Manchester Field Organizer: Jason Powell --G raduated from Cornell University.

Rep. Ben Baroody  10/24/03
Rep. Jim Craig  4/10/03 
Rep. Robert Haley 
Rep. Eric Palangas 4/10/03 
Rep. Alice McDonough Wallace 
Rep. Barbara Shaw 5/15/03

Norman D'Amours - former member of Congress, State Committee member
John Kacavas - At-Large school board member, former Executive Council candidate, former State Representative
Bill Barry - Manchester City Committee member
Karla Bayko - activist
Melissa Bayko - activist
Maurice Belair - former candidate for State Representative
Robert Blaisdell - lobbyist, consultant
Eugene Boisvert - former school board member
Ann Bourque - former State Representative, Alderman
Caitlin Corrigan - student, St. Anselm College
Molly Craig - teacher, activist
William Craig - activist, student
Sharon Craig - teacher, activist
Betsi DeVries - Alderman
Maurine Duval - teacher, activist
Paul Dwyer, former State Representative   7/23/03
John Early - activist
Lucille Forest - Manchester City Committee member
Armand Forest - Alderman
Paul Gagnon - former State Representative
Eddie Gazda - Manchester City Committee member
Everett Godbois - Manchester City Committee member 
Pauline Ikawa - Manchester City Committee member
Jackie Johnson - Manchester City Committee member
Steve Johnson - former candidate for Executive Council
Mindy Kacavas - activist 
Nick Kacavas - activist
Betty Kacavas -  activist
John King - fmr Vice President and Democratic Leader of the Senate, Manchester    8/14/03

Jennie Magdziasz -Manchester City Committee member
Stephanie Magdziasz - activist 
Pat Mallory - activist
Andy Manning - activist 
Vincent McHugh - Manchester City Committee member
Ralph Medina - activist
Phil Mongan - activist
Dick Moquin - former chair, Fish and Game Commission 9/4/03
Thomas Murphy - activist
Shannon O'Brien - State Committee member, former candidate for Executive Council
Debbie Ouellette - activist
Russell Ouellette - school board member
Roger Paradis - activist
Sandra Dubisz Paradis - school board member
Marie Poirier - Manchester City Committee member
Helen Reidy - Manchester City Committee member
Frank Reidy - former State Representative
Lorraine Riel - activist
Vincent Roukey - activist
Rebecca Roy - activist
Mark Roy - fmr candidate for Alderman, Manchester City Committee member
Leslee Stewart - Vice Chair, school board
Diane Swasey - activist, former candidate for State Representative
Chris Taylor - activist
Richard Taylor - activist
Henry Thibault - Alderman
Jim Townsend - activist
John Trisciani - activist
Tony Turner - activist
Randall Walden - activist
George Wight - activist
Violet Woodin - activist

Manchester Field Staff:
Kate Murphy - Manchester field organizer for NH Democrats 2002 Coordinated Campaign.
Pat Morris - veteran Democratic campaign worker in New Hampshire.
Andrew Stone:  Manchester Field Coordinator - 2003 graduate of the George Washington University; native of Massachusetts.
Seth Williams - 2003 graduate of Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pennsylvania with a B.A. in Political Science.  Volunteer on Ed Rendell's 2002 gubernatorial campaign in Pennsylvania.
Matt Fish
Kasara Williams
Shannon Hughs

Manchester Steering Committee (announced Jan. 13, 2004)
Dick Anagnost, Manchester; Manchester Region Developer
Gerry Angoff, Bedford; Surgeon at Catholic Medical Center
Roz Angoff, Bedford; Business Leader
Mayor Bob Baines, Manchester; Mayor of Manchester
Brenda Beer, Auburn; Auburn Town Democratic Chair
Carolyn Benthien, Goffstown; Business Leader
Randy Benthien, Goffstown; Business Leader
Dan Calegari, Deerfield; Business Leader and Hart Campaign Leader in 84 and 88
Clare Callaghan, Manchester; Democratic Activist
Dan Callaghan¸Manchester; Former Democratic State Committee Treasurer and Bill Bradley 2000 Steering Committee
Rep. Bill Clayton, Manchester; State Representative and Firefighter
Patty Cornell, Manchester; Manchester Water Commissioner, Vice Chair of Manchester Democrats and Gore 2000 Delegate to the Democratic National Convention
Rik Cornell, Manchester; Manchester Ward 12 Democratic Vice Chair
Carolyn Cottrel, Bedford; 2000 Candidate for State Representative
Richard Denton, Manchester; Manchester Ward 2 Democratic Chair
George DerKoorkanian, Manchester; Treasurer of the Hillsborough County Democratic Committee
Jean Durning, Manchester; Manchester Ward 3 Democratic Vice Chair
Hon. Jeff Duvall, Manchester; Former State Representative and Fire Fighter
Kelly Dwyer, Manchester; Former Educator and Environmental Activist
Peter Favreau, Manchester; Former Manchester Police Chief
Joan Flurey, Manchester; Manchester Ward 7 Democratic Chair
Jim Freiburger, Manchester; Professor at Southern New Hampshire University and Community Activist
Gerry Hanauer, Bedford; Democratic Activist
Jean Jeudy, Manchester; Head of Manchester Haitian Community Center
Ralph Lavalee, Goffstown; Former Goffstown Postmaster
Hon. Bill Riley, Francestown; Former State Representative
Bev Teach Wiegler, Goffstown; Environmental Activist
Ellen Healy, Manchester; President of the Manchester Education Association
Joe Keefe, Manchester; Former Chair of the State Democratic Committee and former Democratic nominee for Congress
Tom King, Manchester; Former Manchester Chief of Police
Aline Lotter, Manchester; Former Chair of the New Hampshire Sierra Club
Karen McGonagle, Manchester; Educator
Dave Nixon, Manchester; Prominent Attorney and Veteran
Alan Reische, Manchester; Partner at Sheehan, Phinney, Bass & Green
Joan Reische, Manchester; Women in Transition Board Member and Democratic Activist
Nancy Richards-Stower, Merrimack; Clinton 1992 Delegate to the Democratic National Convention
Carol Scott, Manchester; Manchester School Board Member
Ald. George Smith, Manchester; Manchester Alderman
Joan Stevens, Goffstown; Director of Community Health at Elliot Hospital
Robert Walsh, Manchester; Former Democratic State Committee Member
Ellen Wheatley, Manchester; Democratic Activist
Other Announced Supporters
Mayor Bob Baines - elected 1999 and re-elected to a third term in Nov. 2003; served as principal of Manchester's West High School for almost 20 years.  12/05/03
Maya Blanchette
Clare Callaghan - Bradley supporter in 2000.
Dan Callaghan - former Democratic State Committee Treasurer and Bill Bradley 2000 Steering Committee.
Patty Cornell - vice chair of Manchester Democrats and secretary of Hillsborough County Democrats.
Rik Cornell - vice chair of Manchester Ward 12 Democratic Committee.
Tim Decker - former president of the State Employees Association.
Cora DerKoorkanian
George DerKoorkanian - treasurer of Hillsborough County Democrats.
Abby Easterly - Bradley supporter in 2000.
Katy Easterly - Bradley supporter in 2000.
Joan Flurey - educator.
Jim Freiburger - professor at Southern New Hampshire University and community activist.
Murray Grant
Ellen Healy - president of the Manchester Education Association.
Peter Hutchins - former State Senate nominee.
Joe Keefe - former state Democratic party chairman, former member of the DNC; Democratic nominee for Congress in the1st CD in 1988, 1990 and 1996.
Tom King - former Chief of Police.
Aline Lotter - former chair of the N.H. chapter of the Sierra Club.
Karen McGonagle - educator.
David Nixon - Bradley supporter in 2000.
Alan Reische - partner at Sheehan Phinney Bass + Green, PA; Bradley supporter in 2000.
Joan Reische - Bradley supporter in 2000.
Matthew Sheaff  - Anselm College, Democracy Matters.
Chris Spirou - former state Democratic party chairman (1992), former House Democratic leader and 1984 Democratic nominee for governor.
Dee Dee Tagalakis - educator.
George Tagalakis - SEIU Local 1984 member.
Robert M. Walsh, Jr.
Ellen Wheatley
Nov. 11, 2003 NH Veterans for Kerry
William Donoghue, Manchester Regional Co-Chair
Tom Lewry, Manchester Regional Co-Chair
David Nixon, Manchester Regional Co-Chair
Christos Argeropoulos
Roger Boisvert
Edward Bolton Sr. 
James Bersnahan
Angelo Camberis
Bob Cobb
David Connor
C. Richard Denton
George DerKoorkanian
Robert Dunn
William Fiocca
Edgar Fournier
Charles Gosselin
Murray Grant
Herve Groleau
Diane Hall
Edward Hoey
Joseph Kasinskas
Cornelius Keane
Dick Kelley
Jacques Lavigne
Charles Leclair
Menelaos Lianos
Charles Luiz
Stanley Maesk
Socrates Makris 
Albert Mandeville
Francis Manning
Robert McNaughton
John Moran
Frank Moulin
Tom O'Neil
George Palos
Marcel Pinard
Charles Reagan
Frank Reidy
Adrien Roy
George Smith
Frank Szerlog
Richard Taylor
William Welch
Spyros Zarakotas
Dec. 5, 2003 NH Educatiors for Kerry
Dick Bens
Patty Cornell
Jean Durning
Kelly Dwyer
Joan Flurey
Kristin Fossum
Jim Freiburger
Lynda Henry
Mary Lianos
Karen McGonagle
Margie Moore
Ravi Pandit
Kathryn Robinson
Carol Scott
Didi Tagalakis

Ginny Mahan, Manchester

Michael Rollo - (announced July 28, 2003) Executive director for the Manchester City Democrats, 2002-03.  Manchester coordinator for John Kacavas during the special election for Executive Council.  Started working in Manchester politics in 2001 as a field coordinator for the Manchester City Democrats.  Served three terms in the NH House of Representatives from Rollinsford (Strafford County).  NH native.
Tom Petrillo - (started as Office Manager on May 19, 2003; announced as regional coordinator on Sept. 25, 2003) Started at the DNC in September 2000 as the research supervisor in the Compliance Division.  Elevated to director of operations for the COO's office in July 2002.
Tim Sullivan - (announced Sept. 25, 2003) Previously worked on Mark Warner's gubernatorial race in Virginia.
Caitlin Daniuk - (one of 16 field staffers announced on Oct. 20, 2003) A native of Manchester, New Hampshire and current student at UNH-Manchester as well as the NH National Committeewoman for Young Democrats of America.
Tammy Palmer - (announced July 28, 2003) Graduate of Lawrence University in Wisconsin; worked on state senate and city council races in Oklahoma.

Rep. Raymond Buckley - Manchester 3/13/03
Rep. Tom Katsiantonis - Manchester
Rep. Chris Pappas - Manchester 4/8/03
Rep. Maurice Pilotte - Manchester 6/5/03
Rep. Frank Sullivan - Manchester
Rep. Peter Sullivan - Manchester
Manchester Alderman Mike Lopez (At Large)   ...November 2003
Manchester Alderman Mary Sysyn (Ward 4)  ...November 2003
At Large School Board Member Tom Donovan
Caitlin Daniuk - from Manchester, New Hampshire Young Democrats Committeewoman.    4/8/03
Jeff Goley - firefighter and former state rep. from Manchester    ...reported by Union Leader's John DiStaso, June 5, 2003
Donna Soucy - chair of Hillsborough County Democrats.  Soucy is a Manchester fire commissioner and former Manchester alderman.  ...reported by Union Leader's John DiStaso, March 27, 2003 "Granite Status"
C. Arthur Soucy - father of Donna Soucy.  ...reported by Union Leader's John DiStaso, March 27, 2003 "Granite Status"
Bob Shaine - Former Manchester City Alderman
Nov. 16, 2003 "McCain Supporters for Joe Lieberman"
Roger Gardner
Kathie Taylor
Jan. 11, 2004 "Independents for Joe"
William Barber
Tracey Degges
Tina Frechette
Marie Garneau
Armand Guillemette
Tina Harmon
Brian O'Connor
Arthur Pappas
John Peters
Rose Richmond
Terry Robicheau
Amanda Rodier
Bob Rosenthal
Adam Sosnow

Manchester Region Field Organizer: Chris Smith
Bill Cashin - retired Manchester Alderman.    ...04/17/03 during Graham's first visit to the state.

State Legislators: A Summary
Manchester sends 35 State Reps. to Concord.  (Districts 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56).   As of January 1, 2004 15 of them were Democrats.  In addition State Sen. Lou D'Allesandro of Manchester is one of only 6 Democratic Senators.
Dean Edwards Gephardt
Rep. Lionel Johnson 4/4/03 list Sen. Lou D'Allesandro Rep. Ben Baroody 10/24/03
Rep. Jim Craig  4/10/03 
Rep. Robert Haley  3/12/03
Rep. Eric Palangas 4/10/03 
Rep. Alice McDonough Wallace 3/12/03
Rep. Barbara Shaw 5/15/03
Kerry Lieberman No Endorsement / Information Yet
Rep. Bill Clayton Rep. Raymond Buckley 3/13/03
Rep. Tom Katsiantonis 
Rep. Chris Pappas 4/8/03
Rep. Maurice Pilotte 6/5/03
Rep. Frank Sullivan 
Rep. Peter Sullivan
Rep. Paul Brassard

Democratic State Legislators from Manchester
 Sen. Lou D'Allesandro (Dist. 20)

 Rep. Chris Pappas (Dist. 49  ...wards 1,12)

 Rep. James Craig (Dist. 50 ...wards 2,3,10,11)
 Rep. Paul Brassard (Dist. 50 ...wards 2,3,10,11)
 Rep. Bill Clayton (Dist. 50 ...wards 2,3,10,11)
 Rep. Peter Sullivan (Dist. 50 ...wards 2,3,10,11)
 Rep. "Tommy" Katsiantonis (Dist. 50 ...wards 2,3,10,11)

 Rep. Lionel Johnson (Dist. 51 ...ward 4)

 Rep. Alice Wallace (Dist. 52 ...ward 5)
 Rep. Eric Palangas (Dist. 52 .ward 5)
 Rep. Frank Sullivan (Dist. 52 ...ward 5)

 Rep. Ben Baroody (Dist. 54 ...ward 6)

 Rep. Robert Haley (Dist. 53 ...ward 7)

 Rep. Raymond Buckley (Dist. 56 ...ward 8), House Dem. Whip
 Rep. Maurice Pilotte (Dist. 55 ...ward 9)
 Rep. Barbara Shaw (Dist. 59 ...ward 9)


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