The Campaigns in Hillsborough County
updated January 13, 2004

see also Manchester, and Other Hillsborough County.


Field Office -71 Spitbrook Road, Ste. 309, Nashua  ...announced Dec. 5, 2003
Colin Mahoney --
Cecily Vizas --
Josh Kurland --
Sirin Bidel Niyat --

Field Office - 120 Main Street, Nashua...announced June 20, 2003
Regional Director: Josh Peck (Sept./beginning of Oct. 2003 as an area organizer in Nashua)  In 2002-03, Peck worked for Congressman Steve Rothman in Washington, DC.  He is a 2002 graduate of Brandeis University with a degree in Sociology.  Born and raised in San Jose, California.
Area Organizer: Chris Jackson (June 2003)  2003 graduate of Cornell with a degree in Government; began working for Dean one week after graduating.  From Pound Ridge, New York.
Area Organizer: Sam Simon (June 2003)  Taking a semester off from Harvard where he finished his freshman year in Social Studies.  In 2002-03 Simon worked as a legislative correspondent for Rep. Tom Udall in Washington, DC.  He is from New Mexico.
Merrimack Area Organizer: Mario Bravo (Sept. 2003)  Has worked on campaigns in Texas including a two-month stint as field director on Henry Cuellar's congressional campaign in 2002.  2001 graduate of the University of Texas with a degree in History.  From Texas.
Area Organizer: Ethan A. Brosowsky (Nov. 2003)  Has spent much of the past few years in London and Los Angeles.  In autumn 2002 he served as deputy legal director for Shaheen for Senate.  Degree in American Political History and the History of Twentieth Century Art from New York University, May 2002.   A native New Yorker.
Area Organizer: Katie Mae Simpson (Nov. 2003)  Prior to joining the campaign Simpson worked for a year doing community organizing with Toxics Action Center in Massachusetts, helping towns with environmental problems figure out the tactics they needed to use to clean up their communities.  2002 graduate of Middlebury College with a degree in Religion. Born and raised in Maine.
Volunteer Coordinator: Gretchen Lee (Oct. 8, 2003)  On leave from pursuing a Masters in Public Affairs at the University of Washington (Lee drove to NH from Seattle).  1999 graduate of UC Davis with a degree in Political Science and History.  From Moraga, California.
Intern: Leah Barbee (started in Nashua Sept. 20, 2003)  Graduated from the University of Arkansas in May 2003 with a degree in Political Science.
former: Regional Director: Marc Baranov -- (started May 1, 2003)  A regional field worker on the Wellstone campaign in 2002, 4th CD focusing on colleges and education.  In Washington, DC Baranov interned for Rep. Brad Sherman and worked as a waiter at ESPN Zone.  2001 graduate of UC Berkeley with a degree in Political Science.  From Tarzana, California.
Rep. Claudette Jean 10/1/03
Rep. Mary Ellen Martin   12/21/03
Rep. Steve Michon   12/21/03
Vinnie Hall  4/4/03 list
Sept. 25, 2003 Republicans for Dean
Ray W. Karras
Nov. 10, 2003 Veterans
Tom Deary
Alphonse Haettenschwiller
John J. Schena
Dec. 21, 2003 Doctors for Dean
Albee Budnitz
Corin Dechirico
Robert Feder
Sean Fitzpatrick
Birgit Houston
Peter Klementowicz
John Kukay
Donald Levi
Dana O'Shea
James O'Shea
Philip Santora
Albert Scaramella
Bill Siroty
Ram Yadati

Field Office - 80 Main Street, Nashua
Nashua Area Regional Field Coordinator: Clarinda Landeros  Worked on New Hampshire Democrats' 2002 Coordinated Campaign, then worked on the Landrieu runoff.  Previously an elementary school teacher in California.
State Sen. Joe Foster - elected in Nov. 2002. Served in the House, 1995-98.  Attorney. 1/21/03
Bill Barry, III - former state representative; former chair of Nashua Democrats.   1/21/03
Dave Gottesman - founding partner of Gottesman & Hollis law firm.
Helen Honorow - attorney at Hamblett & Kerrigan in Nashua where she chairs the firm's Family Law Practice Group; Honorow is also very active in the community, serving on various boards of directors and committees. 1/21/03
Sept. 15, 2003 list
Marissa Baltus
Scott Burns
Michael Chung
Joanne Corzilius
Alana Pahku
Paul Stanish
Robert Vaughan
Robert Vaughan Jr.
Dick Wall

Field Office - 1 Water Street, Nashua...Gephardt held initial event there on Sept. 1, 2003
Southern Regional Field Director: Katie Kiernan (started June 23, 2003)  Worked on Martha Fuller Clark's 2002 congressional campaign.  Kiernan is a New Hampshire native and graduate of UNH.
Field Organizer: Peter Weeks -- Grew up New Hampshire and graduated from Randolph-Macon College in Virginia.
Field Organizer: Mike Richards -- A former campus organizer for Illinois Legislative Caucus and graduate of University of Illinois.
Rep. Peter Cote
Rep. Mary Gorman
Rep. Angie Kopka
Rep. Debra Kudalis
Rep. Roland Lefebvre
Rep. Cynthia Sweeney
Paul G. Bergeron - activist
Normand Bergeron - former State Representative
David Brody - former State Committee member, former candidate for State Representative
Helen Cote - activist
Phil and Ann Grandmaison 9/4/03
Lee Lombard - State Committee member
Joan Matarazzo - activist
Anthony Matarazzo - former candidate for State Representative
Timothy Nickerson - City Council member
Marc Plamondon - City Council member
Theresa Drabinowicz - former State Representative

Field Office - 70 East Pearl Street, Suite 1, Nashua     ...open July 1, 2003
Regional Coordinator: Chris Mullin  ...worked on Kerry's 2002 re-election campaign in Boston.
Nashua Field Coordinator: Jenilee Keefe  ...2003 graduate of the George Washington University, degree in Political Communication.  She worked as a student assistant for the Eleanor Roosevelt and Human Rights Project at GW.  Keefe also interned on Kerry's 2002 Senate re-election campaign.
Laurie DePalo (Sept. 2, 2003)  May 2003 graduate of Hofstra University with a Bachelor's degree in Political Science.
Nathaniel Bruhn (Nov. 1, 2003)  2003 graduate of Vassar College, majored in International Studies.  Previously worked in the campaign's New York City office.
Jennifer Tomasello (Nov. 7, 2003)  2002 Master's of Public Administration from UConn.  2000 graduate of Wesleyan University.  Served as college coordinator (volunteer) of Connecticut Students for Bradley; has managed municipal races in Connecticut.
former: Kristen Browning:  Field Organizer...2003 graduate of Boston University.  Previously interned for the Kerry campaign in Boston and Manchester.

Nashua Steering Committee
Andrea Amodeo-Vickery, Amherst; Prominent Local Attorney
Mike Atkins, Lyndeborough; Prominent Local Attorney
Hon. Lucien Bergeron, Nashua; Former State Representative and Democratic Nominee for State Senate
Alderman Steve Bolton, Nashua; 2003 Democratic Nominee for Mayor, and Nashua Alderman At-Large
Helen Cady, Milford; Veteran and Democratic Activist
Ben Clemons, Nashua; State Committee Member
Rep. Jane Clemons, Nashua; State Representative and Chair of Nashua Democratic Committee
Mike Clemons, Nashua; Nashua School Board Member and Assistant Principal at Manchester Central High School
Rep. David Cote, Nashua; State Representative
Hon. Jim Donchess, Nashua; Former Mayor of Nashua, former Democratic Nominee for Congress, former delegate to Democratic National Convention
Larry Finkelstein, Hollis; former candidate for State Representative
Hon. Suzan Franks, Nashua; Former State Representative, former Alderman-at-large, and former candidate for State Senate
Jim Grant, Peterborough; Democratic Activist
Lillian Grant, Peterborough; Democratic Activist
John Knowles, Hudson; Hudson School Committee member and former Hudson Democratic Chair
Maryann Knowles, Hudson; Vice Chair of Hillsborough County Democratic Committee
Bill Marot, Milford; Veteran, Democratic Town Committee Member
Larry McGonagle, Nashua; Democratic Activist
Stephen Nodvin, Nashua; Published Environmentalist, High School Teacher and College Professor
Scott O’Connell, Amherst; Prominent Local Attorney
Hon. Mary Ouellette, Nashua; Former State Representative and former candidate for State Senate
Marilyn Peterman, Amherst; Democratic State Committee Member and Chair of Amherst Democratic Committee
John Pendleton, Nashua; Attorney and Democratic Activist
Sarah Pendleton, Nashua; Democratic Activist
Lara Rice, Nashua; Community Activist and Domestic and Sexual Violence Victim Advocate
Gail Robinson, Peterborough; Democratic Activist
Victor Schulze, Nashua; Veteran, Secretary and Clerk of Nashua Democratic Committee
John Shepardson, Wilton; Environmental Leader
William Shutt, Hudson; Democratic Activist
Daniel TwoEagles, Wilton; Democratic Activist and Environmental Leader
Joe Whelton, Nashua; Former Chair of the Nashua Democratic Committee

Earlier Announced Supporters
Rep. Jane Clemons of Nashua (Hillsborough, Dist. 62) - chair of Nashua Democrats.
Rep. David Cote of Nashua.
Leo Balzano  - Nashua Democratic Committee member and former candidate for State Rep.
Lucien Bergeron  - former State Senate nominee and former State Rep.
Steve Bolton - Democratic nominee for mayor of Nashua in the 2003 municipal elections; member of the Nashua Board of Aldermen for six years.
Benjamin Clemons - Democratic State Committee member.
Jim Donchess - former Nashua Mayor
Suzan Franks - former State Rep. and former Nashua Alderman.
Benjamin Pignatelli.
Mary Ouellette - former State Rep.
John Pendleton - Democratic activist
Sarah Pendleton - Democratic activist
Lara Rice - community activist, domestic and sexual violence victim advocate.
Jeff Richardson - former candidate for State Rep.
Victor Schulze - Democratic City Committee Member
Joe Whelton - former chair of the Nashua Democratic Committee.
Nov. 11, 2003 Veterans for Kerry
Lucien Bergeron, Nashua Regional Co-Chair
William Marot, Nashua Regional Co-Chair
Daniel TwoEagles, Nashua Regional Co-Chair
Joseph Whelton, Nashual Regional Co-Chair
Leo Balzano
Thomas Barry
Raymond Belanger
Herb Bennett
Geroge Bergeron
Karin Berkeley
James Birch Kenneth Bixby
Roy Blaisdell
Paul Bleau
Charles Boghigian
Harold Bracey
Herman Brownstein
Joseph Calvetti
Joseph Caron
Armand Charron
Roger Cloutier
Albert Coffey
Henry Cote
Lester Dawson
Anna Denis
Benjamin Devoid
Willaim Diagle
Charles Dombrowski
Robert Donovan
John Dufour
Walter Foster
Kelly Gousios
Roger Gravelle
William Hagerty
James Hamel
John Hostage
Pauline Janules
Merton Johnston
Laurie Keller
Joyce Kelley
John Kelly
Nien Ku
Juliette Kudalis
Robert Lansing 
Carolyn L'Ecuyer
Theodore Lessard
George Levitsky 
Herbert LYon 
Peter Markiewicz
Bernard Martin
Edward Mequoid
Richard Mosca
Lucien Nadeau
Horace Nicholson
Gerald Olsen
John Palmer
William Petit
William Pettit
Roger Poliquin
William Powell
William Ryan
Marylin Salgado
John Schappler
Robert Schimp
Victor Schulze
Anthony Skowron
Faith Skowron
Thomas Smith
Eugene Spano
Theodore St Onge
Henry Staples
Walter Visken
Robert Whitmore
Edward Williams
George Zettelmeyer
Dec. 5, 2003 NH Educators for Kerry
Linda Argenti
Nancy Brehm
Michael Clemons
Jay Hayes
Michael Kane
Jane Mackey
Kathy Mackey
Pam Magrath
Stephen Nodvin
Ellen Svenson

Sharona Merel is a very strong supporter who is organizing visibility and gatherings.

Regional Campaign Office - 291 Main Street, Nashua    ...Rebecca Lieberman grand opening September 2, 2003
Andy Wolf (announced July 28, 2003)  Graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder.
former (moved to Salem office): Nancy Texeira - (announced Sept. 25, 2003) Previously worked as the deputy field director in Bergen County for the New Jersey Coordinated Campaign.
Rep. Bette Lasky - State Representative from Nashua.
Rep. Lori Movsesian - State Representative from Nashua.
Mary Andosca - former state rep from Nashua.
Kris Durmer - attorney in Nashua; Gore 2000 NH Counsel.
Elliot Lasky - Nashua City Democratic Committee Treasurer.
Nov. 16, 2003 "McCain Supporters for Joe Lieberman"
Rhonda Della Sala
Lorraine Perkins
Dec. 21, 2003 "McCain Supporters for Joe Lieberman"
Steve Gladstone
Sue Lavalla
Frank Tortolano
Jan. 11, 2004 "Independents for Joe"
Justin Ambrose 
Jeffrey Babington 
Stella Bloom 
Despina Cherevas 
Sarah Crisman
Linda Evers 
Roland Gagne 
Marilyn Gladstone
Pauline Gladstone 
Aaron Goldstein 
Leon Goldstein
Robert Goldstein 
Alan Green 
Marilyn Holsberg
Michael Joy
Joe MacIntyre
Adam Mermer 
Ken Mermer 
Virginia Savarese 
Scott Silver 
Elliot Silver
Deborah Stoner 
Melvin Stoner 
Linda Tunkel 
Scot Weisman 

note: Rep. Chris Konys - State Representative from Nashua, deputy Democratic Whip in the House.    ...endorsed Lieberman on March 18, 2003, but he moved to Mass. and was replaced in Sept. 30, 2003 special election.

Nashua Region Field Organizers:  Al Yorston and Lenorae Atter

State Legislators: A Summary
Nashua sends 27 State Reps. to Concord (Districts 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65).  As of January 1, 2004 14 of them were Democrats.  In addition State Sen. Joe Foster, is one of only 6 Democratic Senators.
Dean Edwards Gephardt
Rep. Claudette Jean  10/1/03
Rep. Mary Ellen Martin  12/21/03
Rep. Steve Michon  12/21/03
Sen. Joe Foster 1/21/03 Rep. Peter Cote   2/26/03
Rep. Mary Gorman   5/15/03
Rep. Angie Kopka   2/26/03
Rep. Debra Kudalis  3/12/03
Rep. Roland Lefebvre  3/12/03
Rep. Cynthia Sweeney   5/15/03
Kerry Lieberman No Endorsement / Information
Rep. Jane Clemons
Rep. David Cote
Rep. Bette Lasky
Rep. Lori Movsesian
Rep. Joan Schulze

Democratic State Legislators from Nashua
Sen. Joe Foster

Rep. Lori Movsesian (Dist. 60)
Rep. Mary Gorman (Dist. 62)
Rep. David Cote (Dist. 62)
Rep. Jane Clemons (Dist. 62)
Rep. Debra Kudalis (Dist. 62)
Rep. Cynthia Sweeney (Dist. 62)
Rep. Roland Lefebvre (Dist. 62)
Rep. Nancy Kopka (Dist. 63)
Rep. Mary Ellen Martin (Dist. 64)  --elected Nov. 4, 2003 special election
Rep. Peter Cote (Dist. 65)
Rep. Claudette Jean (Dist. 65)
Rep. Bette Lasky (Dist. 65)
Rep. Stephen Michon (Dist. 65)  --elected Sept. 30, 2003 replacing Chris Konys, who moved to Mass.
Rep. Joan Schulze (Dist. 65)


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