The Campaigns in Merrimack County
updated January 13, 2004, with correction Sept. 4, 2006

Cities: Concord (10 wards), Franklin (3 wards). Towns (25): Andover, Allenstown, Boscawen, Bow, Bradford, Canterbury, Chichester, Danbury, Dunbarton, Epsom, Henniker, Hill, Hooksett, Hopkinton, Loudon, New London, Newbury, Northfield, Pembroke, Pittsfield, Salisbury, Sutton, Warner, Webster, Wilmot.

Field Office - 40 N. Main Street, Concord       (announced Dec. 5, 2003)
Regional Director: Amy Ward --
Regional Coordinator: Dan Wachtel --

Rep. Christine Hamm – New Hampshire State Representative (Dist. 34- seven towns Bradford, Henniker, Hopkinton, Newbury, Sutton, Warner and Webster)

Field Office - 7 Pleasant Street, Extension, Concord        (announced June 20, 2003)
Regional Director: Jarel Lapan -- (June 1, 2003)  Worked as Seacoast Area Organizer until the beginning of Sept. 2003, then replaced Alex Lee.  May 2003 graduate of the George Washington University with a degree in Political Science.  From Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Area Organizer: Trevor Haskell -- (July 1, 2003) Graduated from UC Berkeley in June 2003 with a degree in Political Science.  From Northern California.
Area Organizer: Rachel Burlage -- (Aug. 11, 2003)  A 2001 graduate of the University of North Texas with a degree in Political Science; Burlage is working toward a Masters in Public Law.
Area Organizer: Aaron Lavallee -- (Sept. 1, 2003)  From Henniker, NH.  Graduated from UNH in 2001 with a degree in Accounting and Finance, and was working as an accountant in Concord through the end of August 2003, when he left to join the campaign.  Started volunteering on the campaign in June.  This is the first campaign Lavallee has worked on; he did not even vote in 2000.
Area Organizer: Nick Tomb -- (November 11, 2003)  From Nevada City, CA.  Graduated from Humboldt State University with a degree in Political Science in 1999.  Taught English in Japan.  Masters degree from the Monterey Institute of International Studies in 2002.
Volunteer Coordinator: Jake Decker -- (October 1, 2003)  2003 graduate of the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, with a degree in Political Science.  He took a two-day roadtrip from Lincoln to get to New Hampshire.
Volunteer Coordinator: Cal Blake -- (November 3, 2003)  May 2003 graduate of U.C. Berkeley with a degree in History (focused on public health and the business of health care).  From Redwood City, CA.
former: Alex Lee --(started May 1, 2003 was Regional Director until beginning of Sept. 2003)  Most recently assistant to one of the commissioners on the NH Public Utilities Commission.  Graduated from Vermont Law School in 2001.  Founder and executive director of Project Laundry List.
former--Manchester office since November 2003: Area Organizer: Maja Gray -- (June 24, 2003)  From Northwest Connecticut. Gray was studying Political Science at Smith College for the past two years and is taking a year off from school.  This is the first campaign she has worked on.

Rep. Candace C. W. Bouchard, Concord   6/6/03
Rep. Donald Brueggemann, Concord   12/5/03
Rep. Derek Owen, Hopkinton 8/29/03
Rep. Fran Potter, Concord 4/4/03
Rep. Gloria Seldin, Concord 4/4/03
Rep. Mary Stuart Gile, Concord 4/4/03
Rep. Jessie Osborne, Concord 10/29/03
Rep. Mary Jane Wallner, Concord   4/4/03

Bill Stetson - Merrimack County Democratic Committee Chair; AFL-CIO NH Secretary-Treasurer 12/17/03

Charlie Albano       Warner 
Patty Albano        Warner 
Tom Avallone        Concord 
Chris Avallone       Concord 
Patti Baum        Concord 
Mo Baxley        Epsom 
Doug Bechtel        Warner 
Gracia Berry        Concord 
Nan Bliss        Concord 
Lenita Bofinger       Concord 
Cheryl Bourassa       Concord 
Nancy Brockway - Commissioner      Concord 
J. Willcox Brown - fmr National Committee Member, Concord 
Lisa Brown        Concord 
Natale Brown       Concord 
Nancy Brownstein       Canterbury
Debby Butler - State Committee Member, Concord 
George Calder        Contoocook 
Nancy Calder       Contoocook 
Laura Chaney        Concord 
George Chase - former Representative,  Hopkinton 
Sally Chase        Hopkinton 
Nancy Churchill       Pittsfield 
Monica Ciolfi        Concord 
Maria Dalterio        Concord 
Tim Dougherty       Concord 
Mim Dunn - former Representative, Concord 
Dr. John Echternach       Henniker 
Dorothy Emery       Concord 
Judie Englander       Henniker
Marianne Feliciano       Concord 
Peter Foley        Concord 
Cheyne Foreman       Henniker
Rob Fried        Concord 
Irene Gabree        Concord 
John Gfroerer        Concord 
Andrea Goldberg       Concord 
Steve Gordon        Hopkinton 
Christopher Graham       Concord 
William Grenert       Contoocook 
Dr.Bill Gunn        Bow 
Mary Louise Hancock - former State Senator, Concord 
Carol Hargrove       Concord 
Norman Harris       Hopkinton 
Dr.Linda Hassan       Canterbury 
Liz Hebbel        Concord 
John Higgs        Concord 
Gary Hirshberg       Concord 
Meg Hirshberg       Concord 
Kitty Hok        Concord 
Roland Hok        Concord
Frank Irvine        Concord 
Irene Irving        Concord 
Cordell Johnston       Henniker
Pamela Kenison       Concord 
Benjamin Kimball       Concord 
Dr.Gerri King        Concord 
Ron King        Concord 
Ruth King        Concord 
Sarah Kinsler        Concord 
Ron Klemarczyk       Contoocook 
Jane Lemeland       Concord 
Jim Leon        Concord 
Mary Ann Leon       Concord 
Carol Leonard        Hopkinton 
Barbara Lilly        Concord 
Charlie Lilly        Concord 
Terry Lochhead       Canterbury 
Kudra MacCaillech       Concord 
John MacIntosh       Concord 
Virginia MacIntosh       Concord 
Paul Maggiotto       Concord
Helen McGlashan       Concord 
Carol Moore - former Representative, Concord 
Tom Moore        Canterbury 
David Morin        Concord 
Dean Murray        Allenstown 
Ken Nielsen        Concord
Alice Nye        Concord 
Pilar Olivo        Concord 
Donna Palley        Concord
Jessana Palm        Warner
Susan Palmer Terry       Concord 
Susan Paschall        Bow 
Dr. Rick Pollak       Concord 
Donna Raycraft       Concord
Harold "Chip" Rice     Concord
Former member of both the New Hampshire State House and State Senate.  Retired president and CEO of Bancroft Products, a non-profit organization that provides employment training and educational services. In addition, Rice has served on the New Hampshire Mental Health Advisory Board.   8/8/03

Eva Sartwell        Concord 
Mary Sayer        Concord
Mary Schuh        Concord 
Professor Bob Seidman      Concord 
Student Rachel Sobelson      Concord 
Kirk Stone        Concord 
Terry Sturke        Concord
John Tobin        Concord 
Mary Townsend       Hopkinton 
Paul Twomey        Chichester 
Andru Volinsky       Concord 
Amy Vorenberg       Concord 
Ilse Wahle        Concord 
Jean Wallin - former Representative, Concord 
Patricia Wilczynski       Concord 
Pamela Young        Concord 
Linda Zollo        Concord 

9/25/03 Republicans for Dean
Robert K. Ehlers    Hooksett
Cordell Johnston    Henniker 
Hilary Cleveland    New London

11/10/30 Veterans
Chris Bofinger, Concord
William Halacy, Concord
John Hoar, Concord
William P. Kiernan, Concord
William Kuhlman, Jr., Concord
Charles Lilly, Concord
David Morin, Concord
Ralph Sartwell, Concord
Arthur Warwick, Concord
Rena McDonald, Epsom
Raphael McDonald, Epsom
Robert Clark, Henniker
Martin Curran, Henniker
Ronald Lavallee, Henniker
Stephany Marchut Lavallee, Henniker
Robert Ehlers, Hookset
Bill Andrews, New London

Dec. 21, 2003 Doctors for Dean
Tom Akey, Concord 
Wendy Angelo, Concord 
Jonas Aviza, Concord 
David Bisbee, Concord
Suzanne Boulter, Concord
David Conway, Concord
Skip DeVito, Concord
Lynn Durand, Concord
BJ Entwisle, Concord
Don Eubank, Concord
Rachel Garrett, Concord
Chris Hallowell, Concord
Gerry Hamilton, Concord
Travis Harker, Concord
Sarah Henry, Concord
Roland Hok, Concord
Gray Jones, Concord
Patricia Kegel, Concord
David Kehas, Concord
Robert Kiefner, Concord
Ursula Kneissl, Concord
Carl Levick, Concord
Thomas Meehan, Concord
Richard Nelson, Concord
Nick Perencevich, Concord
John Richey, Concord
David Ross, Concord
Molly Rossignol, Concord
Elizabeth Sanders, Concord
Gail Sawyer, Concord
Tom Sheldon, Concord
Gary Sobelson, Concord
Jane Spragg, Concord
Brian Stacey, Concord
Trinidad Tellez, Concord
Rob Thomson, Concord
Charles Ward, Concord
Arthur Warwick, Concord
Robert Wilson, Concord
Charles Winterling, Concord
Gary York, Concord
Oge Young, Concord
John Echternach, Henniker
Bob Friedlander, Hooksett
Adam Garretson, Hooksett
John Bassi, Hopkinton 
Brian Carroll, Hopkinton
Walter England, Hopkinton
J. Howard Lightfoot, Hopkinton
Lynn Webster, New London
Winifred Mullins, Webster

Note: Dean showed early strength in Merrimack County.  Of the initial list of more than 300 names that the campaign released on April 4, 2003 over 100 (at least 107) were from Merrimack County.

Field Office - 18 N. Main Street, Suite 202, Concord         (opened July 1, 2003)
Concord Area Regional Field Coordinator: Bo Memory
former Kinsey Casey -- A regional field director for New Hampshire Democrats' 2002 Coordinated Campaign, then worked on Sen. Landrieu's runoff.

Rep. Steve DeStefano, Bow ...Sept. 15, 2003

Jon Bresler - vice president of the board of trustees of Temple Beth Jacob, Bow.
Peter Callaghan - a founder of Stein, Volinsky and Callaghan, P.A. in Concord; active in Clinton '92 and Bradley 2000 campaigns.
Tenley Callahan - local Democratic activist, Concord.
Tom Maher - a principal and co-founder of the Edison Group, a political consulting firm; Seacoast Field Coordinator for Joe Keefe's 1988 congressional campaign.
Chris Miller - psychotherapist in Bedford; active in the Gore campaign; Clinton delegate to the Democratic National Convention.
Steve Rothenberg - District Technology Coordinator for the Concord School District.
Bill Smith & Kristin Phillips - partners at Phillips-Smith Communications, Concord.
Chuck Su - local Democratic activist, Concord.
Chris Sullivan - attorney with Rath, Young and Pignatelli in Concord.  Member of the executive committee of the NHDP.  Delegate to the 2000 Democratic National Convention.
Kristin Sullivan - real estate agent in Concord; active in Bradley 2000 campaign and co-chair of Gov. Shaheen's 2001 inaugural committee.
Robert Werner - Vice Chair of Merrimack County Democrats.
Mike Vlacich - served as Economic Policy Development Advisor to Gov. Shaheen; former Vice Chair of Merrimack County Democrats and a past president of the NH Young Democrats.  In 2001 New Hampshire magazine named him as one of the state's "Top Twenty Somethings."  1995 graduate of UNH.
Pam Yonkin - economist; volunteer on Clinton's NH presidential campaign; served on the staff of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee.
Sept. 15, 2003 list:
Karen Aframe, Concord
Grace Bowser, Bow
Eleanor Brothwell, Henniker
Robert Brown, Concord
Barbara Kuhlman Brown, Concord
Mary Ann Lakevicius, Concord
Joan Lax, Bow
Michael Lax, Bow
Bea Pszonowky, Pittsfield
Kimberly Rye, Pittsfield
Timothy Shurtleff, Concord

Field Office - 40 North Main St. #200      (Matt Gephardt opened Sept. 14, 2003)
Regional Field Director: Jason Fried (started June 9, 2003)  In 2002 Fried worked on Tim Johnson's re-election campaign/the coordinated campaign in South Dakota as a regional field director in Pierre (Central Region).  Starting in mid-2000 worked in the Office of the Vice President as an agency representative for the Department of Interior.  Worked at the Department of Interior for 7 to 8 months doing scheduling and advance and briefing books, starting in mid-1999.  Worked for Congressman George Brown as legislative assistant and office manager from 1996-99 after serving as a field organizer on Brown's 1996 re-election campaign.  Fried graduated from U.C. Riverside in 1995 with a degree in Political Science.

Rep. Frank Davis, Pembroke 5/15/03
Rep. John DeJoie, Concord
Rep. Tara Reardon, Concord
Rep. Deanna Rush, Pembroke 5/15/03

(alpha by town)
Gabby Daneault - Allenstown Democratic Committee chair, Allenstown    6/18/03
Barbara Brewster - activist, Andover
Richard Brewster - former State Representative, Andover
Janet Amrol - activist, Concord
John Amrol - Executive Vice President, NH AFL CIO, Concord
Arlene Atkinson - activist, Concord
Jeffrey Bart - City Council member, Concord
Jim Bouley - Mayor Pro Tempore, consultant, Concord
Richard Bouley - lobbyist, consultant, Concord
Jeffrey Brown - activist, Concord
John Hoar - president of NH Association for the Elderly, charter chapter of the Alliance for Retired Americans, Concord   8/14/03
Paul Parisi - activist, Concord
Shawn Riley - firefighter, former candidate for State Representative, Concord
Katherine Rogers - Merrimack County Commissioner, Concord City Council member   6/18/03
Dr. Bob Williams - Heritage Heights Residents Association president, Concord   8/14/03
Clayton Gassett - City Council member, Franklin
Elaine Hennessy - activist, Franklin
Lawrence Hennessy - Chair, Franklin Democrats, Franklin
Pat Davis -activist, Pembroke
Vincent Greco - former State Representative, Pembroke
Pat Manseau - activist, Pembroke
Ron Rush - activist, Pembroke

Field Office - 154 N. Main Street, Concord       (open July 1, 2003)
Spencer Hutchins: Greater Concord Area Field Organizer
...(from June 2003) 2003 graduate of Colby College; studied Government and Economics.
Amy Morse: Volunteer Coordinator
...(from Oct. 2003) 2003 graduate of UMass.  Grew up in Concord, NH.
Bryan Driscoll:
...2003 graduate of Trinity College.  From Melrose, MA.
former-now in Manchester office: Johanna Voss: Regional Coordinator...worked for OSPIRG (Oregon Student Public Interest Research Group) at the Univ. of Oregon as a campus organizer.
Concord Steering Committee (announced Jan. 13, 2004)
Richard Adams, Hillsborough; Veteran, Democratic Activist
Heather Barber, Hopkinton; Professor at the University of New Hampshire
Dorothy Bazos, Bow; Democratic Activist
Katie Belgard, Deerfield; Concord High School Student
Robert Burns, Concord; Democratic Activist
Arnie Burdick, Warner; Health Care Professional
Susan Calegari, Northfield; Hart 1988 Campaign Director and Bradley 2000 Deputy Director
Alice Chamberlin, Warner; Chair of New Hampshire Nature Conservancy and Member of New Hampshire Democratic State Committee
Bill Christie, Concord; Prominent Attorney
Scott Clay, Contoocook; Democratic Activist
Candy Dale, Concord; Faculty Member at St. Paul’s School (She is actually the Dean of the Faculty)
Claudia Damon, Concord; President of Concord School Board
Betsy Donnelly, Pittsfield; Democratic Activist (Student at NHTI)
Dave Emerson, Canterbury; Democratic Activist (Shakers style woodworker)
Anne Emerson, Canterbury; Democratic Activist
Nick Forge, Franklin, Franklin High School Student
Rep. Barbara French, Henniker; State Representative
Kathy Fuller, Franklin; President of the School Board
Chris Gallagher, Concord; Co-Chair of Bill Clinton’s New Hampshire Presidential Campaign
Clayton Gasset, Franklin; Former Mayor of Franklin and City Councilor
Betsy Gates, Pembroke; Democratic Activist
Keith Gates, Pembroke; Democratic Activist
Emily Gilbert, Concord; High School Student
Kate Goegel, Canterbury; Democratic Activist
John Goegel, Canterbury; Veteran and Teacher
Ned Helms, Concord; Former Chair of the New Hampshire Democratic State Committee, Former Candidate for Governor, former head of New Hampshire Health and Human Services
Sally Helms, Concord; Democratic Activist
Larry Hennessey, Franklin; Franklin Town Democratic Chair
June Iffland, Bow; Democratic Activist
Harold Janeway, Webster; Former Chair of New Hampshire Nature Conservancy and Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests
Frank Jones, Bow; deputy Sheriff, Hillsborough County, adjunct Professor New England College
Irene Kelly, Chichester; Student at Bishop Brady High School
Sally Kelly, Chichester; Democratic Activist
Ann McLane Kuster, Hopkinton; Attorney and Women’s Leader
Sen. Sylvia Larsen, Concord; Senate Democratic Leader
Tillie Lemire, Franklin; Former State Representative
Glenn Liebert, Concord; Democratic Activist
John Lilly, Franklin; Quarter Master of the Franklin V.F.W.
Joanne Linden, Hopkinton; Democratic Activist
David Liberatore; Northfield; Democratic Activist
Jen Lucic, Concord; Democratic Activist
Robert Lucic, Concord; Attorney at Sheehan, Phinney, Bass & Green
Bob MacLellan, Henniker; Teacher at Londonderry Middle School
Brenda MacLellan, Henniker, Teacher at Kearsarge High School
John Malmberg, Concord; Attorney at Orr & Reno
Thomas Matzke, Franklin; Former Mayor of Franklin and business owner
Jim McConaha, Concord; Former Democratic State Committee Member and Historic Preservationist
Scott McGuffin, Tilton; Prominent Attorney
Hon. Malcolm McLane, Concord; Former Mayor of Concord and Former Executive Councilor
Katherine Mitchell, Contoocook, Concord High School Teacher
Valery Mitchell, Concord; Head of Concord New Democratic Network and Former State
Terry Murray, Henniker; media professional
Sarah Parker, Boscawen; Democratic Activist
Rep. Randy Perkins, Franklin; State Representative
Gary Peters, Andover; Democratic Activist
Jeanette Peters, Andover; Democratic Activist
Todd Quinn, Hopkinton; Chief of Staff for New Hampshire House Democrats
Beth Rodd, Bradford; Former State Representative
Mark Rouvalis, Concord; Legal Counsel for New Hampshire Democratic State Committee, 1997-2002
Jim Ryan, Henniker; Head of Think Dynamic New Hampshire
Charles Sheridan, Concord; Ward Democratic Vice Chair
Stephen Shurtleff, Concord; Former United States Marshall
David Sutherland, Concord; Democratic Activist
John Swope, Concord; Former CEO of Chubb Insurance
Marjory Swope, Concord; Concord City Council
Katherine Mitchell, Concord; Teacher at Concord High School
Bethany Tarbell, Concord; Democratic Activist
Pam Tarbell, Concord; Democratic Activist Artist
Marsha Turner, Concord; Retired Teacher and Democratic Activist
Dan Viederman, Concord; Democratic Activist
Mary Jo Viederman, Concord; Democratic Activist
Jae Whitelaw, Concord; Attorney and Democratic Activist

Earlier Announced Supporters
Sen. Sylvia Larsen - Concord (Dist. 15)
Rep. Barbara French - Henniker (Dist. 34)   ...Sept. 11, 2003
Rep. Randy Perkins - Franklin (Dist. 33)

Jennifer Anderson - director of Laconia Motorcycle Week, Northfield. ...Sept. 11, 2003
Susan Calegari of Northfield - Deputy Director of Bill Bradley’s 2000 New Hampshire campaign.  Gary Hart delegate to the national convention in 1984.  New Hampshire Director of Gary Hart’s presidential campaign in 1987,  and then co-chair of Bruce Babbitt's campaign after Hart withdrew.  Currently director of development at Odyssey House.
Alice Chamberlin of Warner - a key supporter of Bill Clinton in the 1992 NH primary.  Appointed by Clinton to the International Joint Commission-United States and Canada and served as commissioner from 1994 to 2001.  Currently chair of the board of the Nature Conservancy of New Hampshire.  ...August 7, 2003
Tom Cooper  - legal counsel to former Gov. Hugh Gallen, Concord.
Candace Dale - Bradley supporter in 2000, Concord.
Claudia Damon - community activist, Concord.     ...Sept. 11, 2003
Michael Hall, Concord.
Ned Helms - former state Democratic party chairman and former candidate for governor (1992); currently director of the New Hampshire Institute for Health Policy and Practice, Concord.
Sally Helms, Concord.
Paul Hodes - Bradley supporter in 2000, Concord.
Harold Janeway - former chair of The Nature Conservancy and the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests, Webster.   ...Sept. 11, 2003
John Lilly - Quarter Master of the Franklin V.F.W., Franklin.   ...Sept. 11, 2003
Anne McLane Kuster - Democratic activist, Hopkinton.   ...Sept. 11, 2003
Bob Larsen, Concord.
James McConaha - Democratic Network leader and Concord Democratic Committee member.
Malcolm McLane - former Mayor of Concord and former Executive Councilor.
Ricia McMahon of North Sutton - co-chair of Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential primary campaign and state director of his upset win of New Hampshire in the 1992 general election.  Senior policy advisor and manager in the Clinton administration, working in the White House Drug Policy Office and Department of Health & Human Services from 1993 through 2001.  Currently president of G2M Communications. ...July 3, 2003
Valery Mitchell  - Democratic Network leader and former Concord Democratic Committee member, Concord.
Todd Quinn  - chief of staff to House Democratic Leader Peter Burling, Contoocook.
Mark Rouvalis, former Democratic State Committee Legal Counsel, Concord.  ...Sept. 11, 2003
Jim Ryan - chair of "Think Dynamic," Democratic Party issues working group, Henniker.  ...Sept. 11, 2003
Apiar Saunders, Hopkinton.
Gail Wolek of Concord - former Concord Democratic Committee member.
11/11/03 NH Veterans for Kerry 
Paul Camacho, Concord Regional Co-Chair
Stephen Shurtleff, Concord Regional Co-Chair
Frank Jones, Bow
John Goegel, Canterbury
Thomas Ainsworth, Concord
David Bates, Concord
Patricia Britton, Concord
Robert Brunelle, Concord
Herbert Church Jr., Concord
Michael Clements, Concord
Harold Cooks, Concord
Margaret Cote, Concord
Gabriel Dahood, Concord
Charles Dinger, Concord
Paul Dombrowski, Concord
Bill Douillette, Concord
John Falvey Jr., Concord
Edgar Helms, Concord
William Klapproth Jr., Concord
F. Ellen Knowlton, Concord
John Lavalley, Concord
Jim McConaha, Concord
David Merrill, Concord
Richard Merrill, Concord
Betsy Milianes, Concord
Frank Mitchell, Concord
Paul O'Connor, Concord
Clement Quintiliani, Concord
Clay Ratcliff, Concord
Robert Vallieres, Concord
Anne Warwick, Concord
Lawrence Hennessy, Franklin
Lawrence Hennessy Jr., Franklin
Tilly Lemire, Franklin
Ernest Mahar, Franklin
Daniel O'Connor, Hooksett
Thomas Thibeault, Hooksett
Ed Kenney, Warner
Howard Kirchner, Warner
John Shurtleff, Webster
12/5/03 NH Educators for Kerry 
Claudia Damon, Concord  -one of five chairs
Gary Peters, Andover
Jeannette Peters, Andover
Frank Jones, Bow  -also veteran
John Goegel, Canterbury  -also veteran
John Billings, Concord
 Paul Camacho, Concord
Candy Dale, Concord
Dan Hare, Concord
Jodie Hare, Concord
Sumner Hayward, Concord
Ned Helms, Concord
Robert Hill, Concord
Toni King Callahan, Concord
James Mahoney, Concord
Karen Maitland, Concord
Thoreau Raymond, Concord
Marsha Turner, Concord
Mary Jo Viederman, Concord
Kristin Jacques, Epsom
Karen Litner, Franklin
Donna O'Donnell, Franklin
Mary Perkins, Franklin
Barbara French, Henniker
Bob MacClellan, Henniker
Brenda MacClellan, Henniker
Heather Barber, Hopkinton
Glen Secor, Hopkinton
Bill Scoble, New London
Katherine Perkins, Newbury
Violet Lynn, Northfield
Betsy Gates, Pembroke
Keith Gates, Pembroke
Kathy Perkins, Warner

Bethany Brenner, Concord
Maggie Faneuf, Epsom
Jim Newton, Franklin
Elizabeth Allen, Henniker
Dennis MacDonald, Hooksett
Peter Phippen, New London
Richard Padova, Concord
Sept. 4, 2006 Ed. note.  The campaign had also listed Marcy Charette of Concord as a supporter.  In a Sept. 3, 2006 e-mail she corrected the record: "I NEVER supported Kucinich - I stopped in to his office once out of curiosity and his campaign repeatedly called me for contributions and wouldn't remove me from their list.   It was pretty much of a headache at the time."

Regional Campaign Office - 40 N. Main Street, Concord      (Matt Lieberman officially opened Sept. 4, 2003)
Eileen Donohue - (announced Sept. 25, 2003) Graduate of the University of Michigan.
former: Adam Nicholson - (announced July 28, 2003) Graduate of the University of Tennessee.  Served as regional field coordinator for Bill Curry's gubernatorial campaign in Connecticut in 2002; also worked as a field coordinator on state senate races in Tennessee and Oklahoma.

Dick Swett  -  congressman for the 2nd CD from 1990-94; U.S. Ambassador to Denmark from 1998 to 2001; Joe 2004 Senior Energy Advisor.  Swett is an architect by training.  ...announced Feb. 27, 2003

Katrina Swett - 2002 Democratic nominee for the 2nd CD seat held by Rep. Charlie Bass (R); Joe 2004 National Co-chair. ...announced Feb. 27, 2003

Martin Gross - former mayor of Concord; attorney with Sulloway Hollis.

Jeff Woodburn - chair of the NHDP, 1997-99.  After 2 years in the NH House Woodburn managed Dick Swett's 1990 congressional campaign and worked for him in Congress.  He is president of Historic Properties and a resident of Pembroke.
Nov. 16, 2003 "McCain Supporters for Joe Lieberman"
Philip Chandler, Bow

Dec. 21, 2003 "McCain Supporters for Joe Lieberman"
Karin Akin, New London
Phil Hall, New London
Shirley Jones, Concord
Chester LaPointe, Concord
Geoff Lizotte, New London
Micheline Lizotte, New London
Joyce Prowse, Concord
John Prowse, Concord
Ronald Rayner, Concord
Bill Ritchie, Concord
Marguerite Ritchie, Concord
Jane Sylvestre, Franklin

Jan. 11, 2004 "Independents for Joe"
Kenny Berman, Concord 
Edward Bowser, Henniker 
Reba Bowser, Henniker 
Dick Boyd, Concord 
Kathryn Brigham, Concord 
Robert Coffey, Webster 
Lillian Cote, Franklin 
Lawrence Dowling, Pembroke 
Doris Fitzpatrick, Franklin 
Alice Hofstetter-Mange, Boscawen 
Thomas Kilmister, Loudon 
Theo Kilmister, Loudon 
Jim McNulty, Concord 
Stephen Noyer, Newbury 
Rich Padova, Concord 
Sandra Putney, Danbury 
Louie Smirnioudis, Concord 
Greg Smith, Concord 

Concord Region Field Organizers:  Amy Ward and Dan O’Connor

Jim Monahan - Joined the Concord-based government relations and public relations firm The Dupont Group in fall 1993.  Ran John Rauh's U.S. Senate campaigns.  In 1992 worked on Bob Kerrey's presidential campaign as a deputy director with Paul Johnson; in 1988 worked on Bruce Babbitt's campaign as a field person in the Seacoast area.

State Legislators: A Summary
On Jan. 1, 2004, 17 of the 44 State Reps. are Democrats; in addition Sen. Sylvia Larsen is one of six Democrats in the Senate.
Clark Dean Edwards Gephardt Kerry
Christine Hamm, Hopkinton (Concord)
Candace C. W. Bouchard 6/6/03
Donald Brueggemann 12/5/03
Fran Potter  4/4/03
Gloria Seldin  4/4/03
Mary Stuart Gile  4/4/03
Jessie Osborne  10/29/03
Mary Jane Wallner 4/4/03
Derek Owen  8/29/03
Steve DeStefano, Bow 9/15/03 Frank Davis, Pembroke 5/15/03
John DeJoie, Concord
Tara Reardon, Concord
Deanna Rush, Pembroke 5/15/03
Sen. Sylvia Larsen, Concord (Dist. 15)
Barbara French, Henniker 9/11/03
Randy Perkins, Franklin
No Endorsement / Information Yet
Claire Clarke, Boscawen

State Legislators from Grafton County
Sen. Sylvia Larsen of Concord (Dist. 15) - Minority Leader.
Dist. 32 (2)
Dist. 33 (3)
Randy Perkins, Franklin
Dist. 34 (6)
Barbara French, Henniker
Christine Hamm, Hopkinton
Derek Owen, Hopkinton
Dist. 35 (6)
Claire Clarke, Boscawen
Dist. 36 (3)
Frank Davis, Pembroke
Deanna Rush, Pembroke
Dist. 37 (8)
Dist. 38 (4)    Concord
Mary Stuart Gile
Frances Potter
Dist. 39 (5)   Concord
Candice W. Bouchard
John DeJoie
Tara Reardon
Gloria Seldin
Dist. 40 (4)   Concord
Donald Brueggemann
Jessie Osborne
Mary Jan Wallner
Dist. 41 (3)
Stephen DeStefano, Bow



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Donald Brueggemann
Jessie Osborne
Mary Jan Wallner Dist. 41 (3)
Stephen DeStefano, Bow


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