The Campaigns in Rockingham County
updated December 31, 2003

Cities: Portsmouth (5 wards).  Towns (36): Atkinson, Auburn, Brentwood, Candia, Chester, Danville, Deerfield, Derry, East Kingston, Epping, Exeter, Fremont, Greenland, Hampstead, Hampton, Hampton Falls, Kensington, Kingston, Londonderry, New Castle, Newfields, Newington, Newmarket, Newton, Northhampton, Northwood, Northwood Narrows, Nottingham, Plaistow, Raymond, Rye, Salem, Sandown, Seabrook, South Hampton, Stratham, West Nottingham, Westfield, Windham.

Field - Portsmouth
Field Office: 10 Commercial Alley, Portsmouth (announced Dec. 5, 2003)
Regional Director: Peter Knudsen -- Worked as a NH field organizer for the Graham campaign.  Prior to that Knudsen worked for two years as a legislative correspondent for Congressman Mike Honda.  Originally from Milwaukee.
Regional Coordinator: Sue Mayer -- Resident of Lee, NH.  Started as a volunteer late in the draft movement.  Most recently working on a dissertation on medieval Europe (ninth century Saxony), Mayer holds four degrees including a Master's in German.  Originally from New York State.

Seacoast Field Office - 147 Congress Street, Office D (Worth Plaza), Portsmouth      (announced July 19, 2003)
Regional Director: Ben LaBolt -- (interned in Burlington starting in Jan. 2003; announced July 9, 2003)  2003 graduate of Middlebury College with a degree in Political Science.  President of College Democrats at Middlebury, 2001-03.  Helped out on Dean's 2000 re-election campaign.
Area Organizer: Abi Green -- Graduated from Northeastern University in Spring 2003 with a BA in Political Science.  She worked on the Tolman for Governor campaign in Massachusetts.
Area Organizer: Ben Brandzel -- Graduated from Brandeis University in Spring 2003 with a degree in Politics; student body president in his senior year.  He has worked on the Robert Reich for Governor campaign in Massachusetts as well as for the United Nations World Food Program, Oxfam America and Moveon.Org.  Native of Berkeley, CA.
Area Organizer: Aswini Anburajan -- Graduated from Brown University in Spring 2003 with an honors degree in International Relations and a Capstone certificate in creative writing.  Anburajan was a grassroots organizer in South Africa focusing on AIDS advocacy.
Volunteer Coordinator: Joe Ackley -- Graduated from Dartmouth in June 2003 with a degree in Art History; while worked for the Admissions office.
Office Manager: Garrett Bridgens --  Graduated from the University of Oregon in Spring 2003 with a degree in Theatre Arts.

Field Office - 31 Vaughn Mall, Portsmouth(opened July 1, 2003)
Paul Dunn -- Worked as volunteer coordinator for Martha Fuller Clark's 2002 congressional campaign.  Previously worked on Democratic campaigns in Wisconsin.

Field Office - 37 Vaughn Mall, Portsmouth     (Matt Gephardt officially opened Sept. 13, 2003)
Deputy Field Director: Geoffrey Ward -- (started as an organizer for the campaign in February 2003)  Lifetime resident of New Hampshire.  Vice chair of Portsmouth Democrats.  Worked on the 2002 NH Democratic Coordinated Campaign and ran unsuccessfully for State Rep. in 2002.  Worked on the 2000 NH Democratic Coordinated Campaign.  During the 2000 NH primary campaign Ward worked in Gore's Seacoast regional office.
Field Organizer: Greg Gifford -- Graduated from the University of Nebraska.

Field Office - 133 Islington Street, Portsmouth        (open July 11, 2003)
Portsmouth Regional Coordinator: Kelly Farrell -- Seacoast field organizer for the NH Democrats 2002 Coordinated Campaign.
Hampton Regional Coordinator: Sarah Donahue -- 2003 graduate of Stonehill College in North Eaton, Mass.  Native of North Hampton, NH.
Field Organizer: Sam Gager -- most recently worked as the GOTV coordinator for the Norwich Connecticut Democratic Headquarters.  Previously was a member of the Bozrah Connecticut Democratic Town Committee. Gager has volunteered on half a dozen campaigns.  B.S. in Corporate Finance and Management from Fordham University and Masters in Survey Research from the University of Connecticut.
Field Organizer: Eric Marshall -- After EMILY's List campaign training, Marshall worked on the successful Mark Sickles for Delegate campaign in No. VA in 2003. Originally from Waltham, MA.

Field Office - 127 Daniel Street, Portsmouth
Portsmouth and Event/Schedule Coordinator: Jane Cowan -- (Started early Nov. 2003)  Originally from Ohio; has lived in New Hampshire for 18 years.
Seacoast Coordinator and State Volunteer Coordinator: Christina Kraich Rogers

Regional Campaign Office - 801 Islington Street, Suite 13, Portsmouth       (Rebecca Lieberman did grand opening September 2, 2003)
Sarah Boot (announced July 28, 2003)  2003 graduate of the University of Michigan and student body president there 2002-03.

Portsmouth Region Field Organizer
Austin Oxford (announced August 5, 2003)

Field - Salem, Derry, Southern Tier Communities
Field Office - 16 Route 111, Building 2, Unit 5, Derry (announced Dec. 5, 2003)
Regional Director: David Yoken --
Regional Coordinators: Jeremy Mullen --
Regional Coordinator: Liz Packard --

Field Office - 8 East Industrial Way, Unit One, Salem      (announced Sept. 26, 2003)
Regional Director: Yoni Cohen -- 2003 graduate of the Washington University in St. Louis with a degree in Political Science.  In Spring 2003 Cohen was active in the Students for Dean effort, working on chapter coordination and development.  He served as president of the Washington University Democrats.  Originally from Lexington, Mass.
Area Organizer (Hampstead, Plaistow, Kingstown, Sandown, Danville and Newton): Stephanie Noguera -- (end of Aug. 2003)  Studied at Champlain College, then transferred to UVM.  Interned at Dean for America in Burlington from March-Aug. 2003.  From Londonderry, NH.
Area Organizer (Salem and Pelham): Josh Weiner -- Harvard graduate; pre-med and had planned to go to medical school.  Experience includes internship at the White House during the Clinton administration.  Native of Edgemont, New York.
Area Organizer (Atkinson and Derry): Seth Yurdin -- Originally from Long Island, New York.
Area Organizer (Londonderry and Windham): Clay Haynes -- Native of Gallatin, Tenn.
Volunteer Coordinator: Kate Herring -- Born in New Hampshire; grew up near Boston.
Intern and Office Manager: Missy Luft -- Originally from Glenview, Illinois.
former: Emily Barson -- (announced July 9, 2003) Worked on the NH Democratic Party Coordinated Campaign in 2002.
former: Volunteer Coordinator: Tim Razel -- 2003 graduate of Darmouth with a degree in Government.  As a student he volunteered on Gore's primary campaign, helped with fundraising for congressional candidate Barney Brannen, and did some calling for Shaheen's Senate campaign.  In fall 2000 he served as president of the Dartmouth Young Democrats.  From Connecticut.

Field Office - 75 Gilcrest Road, Suite 200, Londonderry
Katherine Miller -- A North Carolina native.  Worked on Edwards' PAC while completing law degree at North Carolina Central University.

Field Office - 11 Red Roof Lane, Salem      (Kerry at grand opening Sept. 6, 2003)
Ian Rogan -- Worked on Mass. Democrats Coordinated Campaign in 2002.
Field Organizer: Damian Murphy -- Worked for the National Democratic Institute on political party development programs in Eastern Europe.  In 2000 he was involved in the Chuck Robb for Senate and Bill Bradley for President campaigns.  Graduate of Catholic University with a degree in World Politics.
Erica Mattieson
Nancy Stolberg

Field Coordinator Stephen Barrows -- A 2002 graduate of Yale University.  He worked in the fundraising and press departments of the Robert Reich for Governor campaign in 2002.
Catherine Welker
Christine Hammer

Field Office - 232 North Broadway (RT 128), 2nd Floor    (Matt Lieberman did grand opening on Oct. 24, 2003)
Nancy Texeira - (announced Sept. 25, 2003, initially worked in Nashua office) Previously worked as the deputy field director in Bergen County for the New Jersey Coordinated Campaign.
Jason Ascher - (one of 16 field staffers announced on Oct. 20, 2003) A native of Staten Island, New York and recent graduate of SUNY-Buffalo.
former: Carl Van Note - (announced July 28, 2003) Graduate and former class council president at Merrimack College.  Van Note served as a field operative in Salem for the 2002 NH coordinated campaign, and worked on several statewide campaigns in Massachusetts.

Ann Bodden - A native of Kewaskum, Wisconsin and recent graduate of University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.
Gretchen Smith - A native of Waverly, New York and recent graduate of SUNY - Binghamton as well as a former summer intern on the campaign.

Salem and Derry Region Field Organizers
David Placher and Pat Bataillon (announced Aug. 5, 2003)

Rockingham County Supporters
John and Mary Rauh of New Castle.  Mary Rauh ran for U.S. House 2nd CD seat in 1998.  John Rauh ran for U.S. Senate in 1992, losing to Judd Gregg.  12/8/03

Rep. Jane Kelley (R) - Hampton    6/6/03
Rep. Betsy Shultis - Portsmouth 4/4/03
Audrey Bierhans       Portsmouth 
Scott Brody - Windham Town Democratic Chair   9/10/03
Dave Brody - Salem High School Democrats Chair, Windham   9/10/03
Leah Caswell        Portsmouth 
Noele Clews - fmr Portsmouth School Board Chair, Portsmouth 
Kit Clews        Portsmouth 
Michael Collins - fmr Salem State Rep.   9/10/03
Jennifer Craigue       Londonderry 
Dr.John Daley        Derry 
Christine Davidson       Portsmouth 
Steven Dawson       Brentwood 
Kurt Ehrenberg       Rye 
Bruce Fink        Londonderry 
Laura Fink        Londonderry 
Elinor Frank        Portsmouth 
Frank Heffron        Exeter 
Richard Holzer       Portsmouth
Rebecca Hutchinson - fmr State Rep.,  Deerfield 
Michael King - fmr State Rep. and state party chair, Portsmouth
Anne Leslie - fmr Democratic leader in the NH House, represented Salem   9/10/03
Mel Low - Selectman, Rye 
Jean Low        Rye 
Robert Padian - Portsmouth Ward Clerk, Portsmouth 
Andrew Rea        Derry 
Phil Rowe        Portsmouth 
Patricia Rowe        Portsmouth
Gayle Sanders        Stratham 
Andrew Scease       Exeter 
Ginny Scease        Exeter 
Raymond "Mr. Mayor" Senechel     Plaistow    9/10/03
Robert Spiegelman       Londonderry 
Ian Spring        Derry 
Candace Thayer - Portsmouth Ward 2 Registrar, Portsmouth 
Barbara Tsairis       Portsmouth
Larry Vogelman       Portsmouth
Larry Weil - fmr State House candidate, Salem
Randall Werner       Derry 
Jonathan Wyckoff       Portsmouth 
Ron Wyman        Portsmouth 
9/25/03 Republicans for Dean
Diane L. Bingham    Atkinson 
Deborah D. Boisvert    Deerfield
Jason A. Boucher    Portsmouth 
Lorna G. Boucher    Greenland 
Edward S. Chase, Jr.    Exeter
Cathy McDonough    Rye 
Peter McDonough    Rye 
11/10/03 Veterans
John Ray, Auburn
Sam Defreese, Candia
Lee Townsend, New Castle
Michael Ploski, Newmarket
Bruce A. Iverson, Portsmouth
Clifford Ross, Portsmouth
Phil Rowe, Portsmouth
George Shultis, Portsmouth
Earl W. Titus, Portsmouth
Charlie Vaugh, Portsmouth
Curtis Hoffman, Rye
Brian J. Anderson, Salem
Kenneth E. Parr, Salem
Frank Hart, Stratham
James Cain, Windham
Joseph C. Calitri, Windham
Linda M. Chinn, Windham

12/12/03 Doctors for Dean
Elizabeth Buchanan, Exeter
John Daley, Derry
Valerie Danielson, Newmarket
Mark Durcan, Derry
Douglas Eddy, Derry
Henry Ferrell, Exeter
Wendy Gladstone, Exeter
Richard Kaplan, Exeter
John Klunk, Exeter
Everett Lamm, Portsmouth
Murray Levin, Windham
Theodore Lindauer, Exeter
Michael Mattin, Rye
Herb Meyer, Danville
Michael Mortelliti, Derry
Daniel Nadeau, Exeter
Robert Polombo, Plaistow
Greg Prazar, Exeter
David Schopick, Portsmouth
Karl Singer, Exeter
Henry Sonneborn, Portsmouth
Nathan A. Swanson, Portsmouth
Kristin Vaughan, Exeter
Edward Yourtee, Windham
Anthony Zwaan, Exeter

Paul Dionne - local Democratic activist, Derry.
Denise Grady - local Democratic activist, Londonderry.
Dr. Allan & Phyllis Lurvey - local Democratic activists, Stratham.
Jeremy Mayhew - founder of, Londonderry.
Shawn Monks - local Democratic activist, Londonderry.
Paul Needham - chairman of the Derry Town Council.
Joe Pace - chairman of the Exeter Board of Selectman, Exeter.
Joan Pike -  local Democratic activist, Stratham.
Tom Watson - Portsmouth attorney.
Carolyn Werner - local Democratic activist, Derry.
Duane Armstrong, Portsmouth
Lila Couture, Portsmouth
Eileen Cusick, Exeter
Anna Dolan, Hampton
Alice Downer, Hampton
Gloria Fletcher, Hampton
Mary Fontaine, Rye
John Ford, Hampton
Pamela Ford, Hampton
Jaci Grote, Rye
Otto Grote, Rye
Christopher Hemmingway, Portsmouth
John Kemp, Exeter
Jennifer Lemire, Portsmouth
Roger Lemire, Portsmouth
Hayden Odell, South Hampton
Maureen Reilly, Portsmouth
Luke Schulman, Rye Beach
Bob Schumacher, Exeter
Kurt Schumacher, Exeter
Margaret Sofio, Portsmouth
Elissa Stone, Portsmouth
Mikki Tabron, Portsmouth
James Zuckerman, Portsmouth

Rep. Mary Ann Blanchard - Portsmouth   7/23/03
Rep. Bob Davidson - Newmarket
Rep. Paul McEachern - and former gubernatorial candidate, Portsmouth
Rep. Laura Pantelakos - Portsmouth
Rep. Jacqueline Pitts - Portsmouth
Anita Freedman - Democratic National Committeewoman, Portsmouth
Jim Demers - former Congressional candidate, former State Representative, lobbyist, Hampton
Debra Crapo - NH Democratic Party Vice Chair, Rockingham County Chair, Rye
Evelyn Sirrell - Mayor, Portsmouth
(alpha by town)
Beth Bellevue - activist, Derry   8/14/03
Elizabeth Cary - activist, Derry
Mary Gillis - activist, Derry
Eleanor Settle - activist, Derry
Barbara St. George - activist, Derry
Marcie Zingo - activist, Derry   8/14/03
Ruth Allen - activist, Hampstead
Charlene Carliell - former candidate for State Representative, Hampton
Jerry Dignam - activist, Hampton
Barbara Doyle - NEA NH Vice President, Hampton   6/18/03
Dick Doyle - activist, school teacher, Hampton    6/18/03
Sunny Kravitz - activist, Hampton
Norman and Augustine McNerney - activists, Hampton
Parker Ryan - activist, Hampton
Lisa Ryan - activist, Hampton
Jim Kennedy - activist, former Hampton Beach Commissioner, Hampton Beach
Jennifer Davidson - activist, Newmarket
John Hynes - City Council member, Portsmouth
Tom Kociemba - activist, Portsmouth
Rosalyn Kociemba - activist, Portsmouth
Leo and Doris Langelier - activists, Portsmouth
Shaun McEachern - activist, Portsmouth
Justin Nadeau - activist, Portsmouth
Gerald Ward -activist, Portsmouth
Geoff Ward - First Vice Chair, Portsmouth Democrats, Portsmouth (on staff)
Barbara Ward - State Committee member, Portsmouth
Randy Crapo - activist, Rye
Shawn Crapo - activist, Rye
Gary Dodds - School Board Member, Rye    9/4/03
Cynthia Hickson - State Committee member, Rye
Courtney Hickson - Student, activist, Rye
J.P. Nadeau - former Rockingham County Chair, Rye
Helen Durham - activist, Rye Beach
Paul Durham -activist, Rye Beach
Doris Flaherty - activist, Salem
Michael Hatem - former State Senate candidate, Salem
Joe Herdade - activist, Salem
Pat Keegan - activist, Salem
David Hussey - activist, Seabrook
Elizabeth Thibodeau - Chair, Seabrook Democrats, former Treasurer, Rockingham County Democrats, Seabrook
Ralph Romano - activist, Windham

Sen. Burt Cohen - New Castle (Dist. 24)
Lea Aeschliman - former P.U.C. Commissioner, Portsmouth
Nick Aeschliman, Portsmouth
Elaine Ahearn - chair of the Hampton Falls Democrats.
Mark Aronson, Londonderry 9/11/03
Laura Aronson, Londonderry 9/11/03
Ellen Bennett, Portsmouth
Dick Caravati - community activist, South Hampton.
Samuel Clark, Exeter.
Martha Fuller Clark - 1st CD Democratic nominee for Congress in 2002 and 2000, Portsmouth. 7/1/03
James Devine  - Timberlane School Board member and former State Senate nominee, Sandown.
Eileen Foley of Portsmouth - served as mayor of Portsmouth for 16 years.  (Foley's mother served as mayor for two terms around the time of WWII).
Maggie Hassan - 2002 Democratic nominee for State Senate, Exeter.
Alan Hoffman, Londonderry.
Marilyn Hoffman, Londonderry - Bradley delegate to the 2000 Democratic National Convention.
Chip Moynihan - member of the State Democratic Committee, Hampton.
Maryann Moynihan, Hampton.
Salem Town Chair: Dick O'Shaughnessy -  member of the Salem Democratic Town Committee; retired educator (teacher and principal in NH schools), Navy veteran. 11/3/03
Paul Ossenbruggen - Prof. of Civil Engineering at UNH, Newmarket
Lenore Patton - co-chair of the Hampton Democratic Committee.
Gary Patton - co-chair of the Hampton Town Democratic Committee
Grace Reisdorf - former Derry School Board chair and N.H. School Boards Association chair, Derry. 9/11/03
Mary Tetreau - former candidate for State Rep., Londonderry
Phil Tetreau, Londonderry.
Bill Verge of Plaistow - Plaistow Town Chair; Democratic nominee for U.S. House in the 1st CD in 1994; former chair of the Rockingham County Democrats.
Gordon Graham of Derry - an Attorney at Soule Leslie Kidder Sayward.   10/29/03
Margie Ives of Derry - Treasurer of the Derry Democrats.  10/29/03
Grace Reisdorf of Derry - Manager of Community Relations for the Mary Baker Eddy Library in Boston.   10/29/03
Ed Boutin of Londonderry - Attorney at Boutin and Associates.   10/29/03
Katie Wolff of Londonderry - American History Teacher at Hampstead Middle School.    10/29/03
Nov. 11, 2003 NH Veterans for Kerry
James Reinhardt, Derry Regional Co-Chair
Gregory Warner, Derry Regional Co-Chair
George Fleming, Salem Regional Co-Chair
Charles Mooskian, Salem Regional Co-Chair
Paul Caradonna, Atkinson
William Connell, Atkinson
Peter Leonardos, Atkinson
Charles Polizzotti, Atkinson
Paul R. White, Atkinson
David Clouatre, Candia
Samuel Akins, Derry
Peter Doyle, Derry
Dave Dyson, Derry
Robert Gober, Derry
Kenneth Hamer, Derry
Wayne Jacques, Derry
Joseph Marston, Derry
Roger Poulin, Derry
Kenneth Putney, Derry
Stanley Ratay, Derry
Nelson Doucette, Exeter
Richard Hermann, Exeter
Tony Woody, Exeter
Paul Brennan, Hampstead
Anthony Ferranti, Hampstead
Jacqueline Ferranti, Hampstead
Edward Kidder, Hampstead
Frances Mahoney, Hampstead
Norman Fecteau, Hampton
Dick Johnson, Hampton
William Silva, Hampton
Donald Keene, Hampton Falls
Ed Kneeland, Kingston
Robert Whitney, Kingston
Dennis Boivin, Londonderry
Rose Mary Bruno, Londonderry
Harvey Grondin, Londonderry
David Martin, Londonderry
Charles Shapiro, Londonderry
Glen Sell, Nottingham
Aldo Carbone, Plaistow
Marco Fiore, Plaistow
Lawrence Gil, Plaistow
Geoffrey Clark, Portsmouth
Eileen Foley, Portmouth
Thomas Mcinerney, Portsmouth
Coleman O'Brien, Portsmouth
Leonard Pufahl, Portsmouth
Jeffrey Roberts, Portsmouth
James Roland, Portsmouth
Michael Roneker, Portsmouth
Robert Stuart, Portsmouth
Jack Brouse, Salem
Kathy Cote, Salem
Roger Duhamal, Salem
Ralph Frye, Salem
Gerald Gendron, Salem
William Gosselin, Salem
Donald Gray, Salem
Clarence Hedge, Salem
Sylvan Levy, Salem
William McDonald, Salem
Andrew Prevete, Salem
Stephen Stephanian, Salem
Irving Caputo, Sandown
Louis Rizzo, Sandown
Louis Defazio, Seabrook
Howard Rainey, Windham 

Dec. 5, 2003 NH Educators for Kerry
Jack Brouse, Salem, Chair (one of five)
Grace Reisdorf, Derry, Chair (one of five)
Catherine O'Brien, Atkinson
John Vaughn, Auburn
Dan Mitchell, Derry
Kurt Rever, Derry
Thomas Washburn, Derry
Eileen Flockhart, Exeter
Pamela Gore, Exeter
Donna Hermann, Exeter
Richard Hermann, Exeter
Timothy Sheahan, Exeter
Mark McFarlin, Hampton
Joanne Millette, Hampton
Mary Ann Moynihan, Hampton
Elaine Ahearn Hampton Falls
Ed Beattie, Hampton Falls
Lisa Collibee, Kingston
Deborah Cuenca, Londonderry
Katie Wolff, Londonderry
Diane Cunningham, Plaistow
Stacey DeSimone, Portsmouth
Eileen Foley, Portsmouth
Thomas McInerney, Portsmouth
Jean Putnam, Portsmouth
Stephen Wallerstein, Raymons
Mary Boland, Salem
Drugan Colleen, Salem
Judy Landry, Salem
Hope Micklon, Salem
Eunice Miller, Salem
James Devine, Sandown
Judy George, Stratham
Jim Walsh, Windham

Joan Bilich, Exeter
Doug Bogen, Portsmouth
Maureen Bunce, Portsmouth
Sue Madden, Portsmouth
Susan Kanor, Portsmouth
Robert Giffin, Nottingham
David Anderson, Newmarket
Ben Chichester, Rye
Phyllis Abell, Portsmouth
John Alcheman, Nottingham
Barbara Peterson, Greenland

Rep. Corey Corbin - Sandown    6/17/03
Rep. Matt Vallone - Epping 4/8/03
Mike Garofalo - Salem Democratic Town Committee Chair.
11/16/03 "McCain Supporters for Joe Lieberman"
Peter Rice, New Castle   - town chair for McCain in 2000 NH Primary
Corrine Baker, Hampton
Patricia Baker, Seabrook
Bruce Comes, Londonderry
Catharine Comes, Londonderry
Jean Gove, Seabrook
Melinde Lutz Sanborn, Derry
Rebecca Scott, Hampton
Stephen Scott, Hampton
12/21/03 "McCain Supporters for Joe Lieberman"
Laura Clement, Nottingham
Joseph Clement, Nottingham
Linda Dann, Auburn
Suzanne Ford, Portsmouth
Carol Grant, Atkinson
Stephen LaRocca, Hampstead
Lawrence Rosenzweig, Salem
Susan Rosenzweig, Salem
Helen Rowland, Newmarket
Steve Stevens, Sandown

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