The Campaigns in Strafford County
updated April 2004

Cities: Dover (6 wards), Rochester (6 wards), Somersworth (5 wards).  Towns (10): Barrington, Durham, Farmington, Lee, Madbury, Middleton, Milton, New Durham, Rollinsford, Strafford.

Field Office - 266 Central Avenue, Dover (initially was Draft Clark office)
Regional Director: Charlie Galemmo -- from Dover, quit his job as a chef to work on the Draft Clark movement (source: Concord Monitor)
Regional Coordinator: Mike Banyus
Rep. Marjorie Smith of Durham, Assistant Democratic Whip   12/19/03

Field Office - 284 Central Avenue, Dover     (announced July 19, 2003)
Regional Director: Sarah Holmes -- (from June 16, 2003; announced July 9, 2003)  May 2003 graduate of UNH with a degree in Political Science; president of College Democrats at UNH, 2002-03.  From Charlestown, NH.
Volunteer Coordinator: Rick Coelho -- (Aug. 2003)  Studied Political Science at McGill University in Montreal.  From Pennsylvania.
Field Office - 26 North Main Street, Rochester   (announced December 29, 2003)
Rep. Anne Grassie - Rochester   7/23/03
Rep. Nancy Johnson - Milton   6/6/03
Rep. Joseph Miller - doctor, Durham  4/4/03
Rep. Arthur Pelletier - Dover   6/6/03
Rep. Peter Schmidt - Dover 10/15/03
Rep. Clair Snyder - Somersworth 6/6/03
Rep. Judith Spang - Durham  1/2/04
Rep. Dennis P. Vachon - Northwood   8/29/03

John Applegath, Durham
Vivian Bingham, Dover
Chris Bober, Dover
Jim Casey - NH Labor Commissioner, Dover    3/6/03
Professor Michael Ferber, Strafford
Caroline French - State Committee Member, Dover
Terry Jones, Dover
John Joyal, Somersworth. (initially announced as a Kerry supporter)
Elizabeth Knight, Rochester
Richard Knight, Rochester
Joe Malfitani, Durham
Amanda Merrill - former State Rep., Durham
Gordon Millar - State Committee Member,  Dover
Dr. John Moeschler, Durham
Professor Jane Nisbet, Durham
Cindi Sneirson, Durham
Jerry Sneirson, Durham
Deanna Wood,  Durham

9/25/03 Republicans for Dean
William J. Sammis, Rochester 
Robert C. Henson II, Rochester 

11/10/03 Veterans
Jay Judson Dean, Dover
Richard H. Fall, Dover
Paul Masse, Dover
Joseph McDonald, Dover
John F. Shepard, Dover
Howard O. Stith, Dover
William H. Annis, Durham
W. Arthur Grant, Durham
Thomas G. Dolan, Jr., Lee
Richard A. Gardner, Madbury
Laurence Kelley, Rochester
Douglas G. Stanton, Rochester
Richard J. Couture, Somersworth
Clair A. Snyder, Somersworth
John Penney, Strafford

12/21/03 Doctors for Dean
William Dudley, Dover 
Robert Kraunz, Dover 
Joseph Miller, Durham 
Jack Myers, Dover 
Richard Naimark, Dover 
Betsy Sandberg, Durham 
George Shaker, Lee
Virginia Siegfried, Dover 

Field Office: 537 Central Avenue, Dover
Strafford County Regional Field Coordinator
Mazie Kukachka -- Worked in the office of former Clinton aide Harold Ickes, serving as liaison with Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's PAC.
(Also note: Edwards' State Director, Caroline McCarley, is from Rochester).
Rep. Frank Callaghan - Rochester 9/15/03
Mary Lou Beaver - director of the Dover Children's Center, Dover.
Wil Boc - mayor of Dover for four years from 1998 to Jan. 2002; partner at Wyskiel, Boc and Tillinghast in Dover.
Carol Boc - Democratic activist, wife of Wil Boc, Dover.
William Brennan - former state representative, city councilor and school board member, Rochester.
Jack Buckley - former mayor of Dover.
Brian Cummings - local Democratic activist, Dover.
Dan Harkinson - Rochester native, serves on the Rochester School Board; served on the Rochester City Council.
Ray Lundborn - city councilor at large; former State Rep., Rochester
Rick & Abbi Lundborn - local Democratic activists (teacher and engineer), Dover.
Leo Lessard - Milton Register of Deeds.
George Maglaras - chairman of the Strafford County Board of Commissioners; former Dover mayor; active in the Clinton '92 and '96 campaigns.
Audrey Stevens - State Committee Member, Rochester.
9/15/03 list
Stephanie Bradley-Swift, Durham
Laura Bratz, Lee
Sharon Buckley, Dover
Dorothy Callaghan, Rochester
Babe Chagnon, Farmington
Imogene Chagnon, Farmington
Tyler Collins, East Rochester
Abby Collins, Rochester
Jack Collins, Rochester
Shannon Cummings, Dover
Doris Gibbas, Somersworth
Kathleen Givens, Durham
Martha Hartnett, Dover
Marianne Iannuzzo, Dover
Mike Lyons, Strafford
Dan Markey, Somersworth
John McCooey, Dover
Greg Pearlman, Dover
Jane Shannon, Durham
Ryan Tirren, Durham
Francine Torge, Durham

Field Office: 501 B Central Ave., Dover
Nick Watt (started on the campaign in NH on June 9, 2003) 2002 worked on Mike Kelleher's unsuccessful campaign for the Democratic nomination for Lt. Governor of Illinois.  In the 2000 cycle, Watt worked as a regional field assistant for the Illinois Democratic Party.
(Note.   Andrew Ausanka-Crues started September 18, 2003 as field organizer in Dover but left in November).
Pamela Arnold - Strafford County Treasurer, Rochester
Bob Berry - activist, Dover
Jennifer Brown - State Committee Member, former Dover Town Chair, Dover
Jay Dean - activist, Dover
Clair Dean - activist, Dover
John Demers - activist, Dover
Bill McCann - former State Representative, former school board Chair, State Committee member, former candidate for Executive Council,  Dover
Marsha Pelletier - former State Representative, Dover
Deborah Reed - activist, Farmington
Mary Brown - activist, Rochester
George Brown - activist, former State Representative, Rochester
Bruce May - former Strafford County Democrats Vice-Chair, Rochester   9/4/03
James McGranaghan - school board member, Rochester
Brian Tapscott - City Council member, Somersworth

Field Office - 274 Central Avenue, Dover          (open July 1, 2003)
Tim Penna:  Seacoast/Strafford Regional Field Dir.
...field staff of Shaheen for Senate in 2002.
David White:  Rochester Field Coordinator
...interned on Kerry's 2002 re-election campaign.
Ben Pignatelli
Johanna Milburn
(Also note: Kerry's state chair, Bill Shaheen, and national chair, former Gov. Jeanne Shaheen, are from Madbury).
Sen. Iris Estabrook - Durham 10/7/03
Rep. Roger Berube - Somersworth 9/11/03
Rep. Irene Creteau - Rochester 9/11/03
Rep. Roland Hofemann - Dover
Rep. Naida Kaen - Lee
Rep. Bill Knowles - Dover 9/11/03
Rep. Emma Rous - Durham 12/22/03
Carole Appel - chair of the Strafford County Democratic Committee since 1996; secretary of the Democratic State Committee (elected in 2003), Dover.
Joan Ashwell, Durham
Joan Burkholder - chair of the Madbury Town Democratic Committee, Madbury
Wayne Burton - former State Rep., Durham
Irene Callahan  - Dover Democratic Committee member.
Robert Callahan  - Dover Democratic Committee member.
Fred Catalfo  - former Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate, Dover.
Hiram Connell, Somersworth.
Joanne Dodge - seniors advocate and community activist, Dover
Paul Dumont - former Strafford County Commissioner, Rochester
Paul Ferland - former State Rep., Rochester
Maya Glos  - Barrington Democratic Committee member.
Roland Hofeman  - Dover City Councilor.
Beth Mahoney, Rollinsford.
Ann MacKinnon, Lee.
Alex Nossif  - Mayor of Dover.
Fred Ross - President of the Seacoast chapter of the NAACP, Dover.
Janice Rundles - Strafford County Attorney, Lee.
Stephany Shaheen, Durham.
Ted Walsh  - Barrington Democratic Committee member.
David Watters - 2000 Bradley convention alternate, former chair of the Strafford County Democratic Committee, Dover.
Craig Welch, Durham.
11/11/03 NH Veterans for Kerry
Mr. Wayne Burton, Dover Regional Co-Chair 
Mr. Kenneth Latchaw, Dover Regional Co-Chair 
Dick Latour, Barrington 
Jim Alty, Dover 
Kenneth Appel, Dover 
Baldwin "Dom" Domingo, Dover 
James Gaudet, Dover 
Charles George, Dover 
Mckinley Grobes Jr., Dover 
Lois Hofemann, Dover 
Roland Hofemann, Dover 
Charles Hyde, Dover 
William Knowles, Dover 
Richard La Pierre, Dover 
Robert McGloan, Dover 
Kevin Mone, Dover 
Kevin Quigly, Dover 
Fred Ross, Dover 
Martin Smith, Dover 
William Wishart, Dover 
Alfred Bogle, Durham 
Richard Downs, Durham 
Earl Hagstrom, Durham 
Donald Lent, Durham 
Louis Ryan, Middleton 
Earl Congram, Rochester 
Barry Flanagan, Rochester 
Irwin Greenberg, Rochester 
Carmel Radwan, Rochester 
Norman Talbot, Rochester 
Joseph Tardiff, Rochester 
Robert Cullen, Rollinsford 
12/05/03 NH Educators for Kerry
Maya Glos, Barrington
Carole Appel, Dover
Ken Appel, Dover
Theresa Burke, Dover
Bety Hannan, Dover
Robert Hannan, Dover
Kathy Latchaw, Dover
Kenneth Latchaw, Dover
Daniel McCooey, Dover
David Watter, Dover
Charlotte Wood, Dover
Cassie Thompson, Dover
Wayne Burton, Durham
Serita Frey, Durham
Barret Rock, Durham
Eugene Elander, Farmington
Barbara Heath, Lee
Elsie Hyde, Rochester
Carol Mulligan, Strafford
Thomas Mulligan, Strafford

John Dow, Dover
Vivian Bingham, Dover
Ernie Ketel, Rochester
Raenya Burkhart, Somersworth
Lew Henry, Lee
Karolina Bodner, Barrington
David Diamond, Dover
Bill Woodward, Durham
Wayne Staples, Milton

Regional Campaign Office - One Wakefield Street, Suite 10, Rochester      (Rebecca Lieberman at grand opening September 2, 2003)
Dover/Rochester Regional Field Director
Liz Mullane (announced July 28, 2003)  Graduate of the University of Michigan; managed Sarah Boot's campaign for student body president there.
Nick Blair - (announced Dec. 31, 2003) A native of Norton, Massachusetts and a graduate of Edinboro University in Pennsylvania.
Rep. Deanna Rollo - State Representative from Rollinsford.   ...announced May 10, 2003
Rep. Kathy Taylor - State Representative from Dover, now serving her 4th term.   ...announced May 10, 2003
Rep. Kati Taylor - State Representative from Dover; student at UNH, daughter of Kathy.  ...announced May 10, 2003
Walter Hoerman - Mayor of Rochester.
Michael Rollo - former State Representative from Rollinsford. New Hampshire Young Democrats Committeeman.
 ...announced April 8, 2003

11/16/03 "McCain Supporters for Joe Lieberman"
Charles Burnham, Strafford   -McCain town chair in 2000 NH primary
Van Wallace, Farmington   -McCain town chair in 2000 NH primary

Dover Region Field Organizer
Tommy Davis (announced Aug. 5, 2003)

State Legislators: A Summary
Strafford County 37 State Representatives to Concord.  As of January 1, 2004, 21 of the 37 State Reps. are Democrats.  Sen. Iris Estabrook of Durham (Dist. 21) is one of the six Democratic Senators.
Clark Dean Edwards Gephardt
Rep. Marjorie Smith - Durham 12/19/03 Rep. Anne Grassie - Rochester   7/23/03
Rep. Nancy Johnson - Milton   6/6/03
Rep. Joseph Miller - Durham 4/4/03
Rep. Arthur Pelletier - Dover   6/6/03
Rep. Peter Schmidt - Dover 10/15/03
Rep. Clair Snyder - Somersworth 6/6/03
Rep. Judith Spang - Durham  1/2/03*
Rep. Dennis P. Vachon - Northwood   8/29/03
*Spang initially supported Kerry.
Rep. Frank Callaghan - Rochester  9/15/03
Kerry Lieberman No Endorsement / Information Yet
Sen. Iris Estabrook of Durham (Dist. 21)  10/7/03
Rep. Roger Berube - Somersworth 9/11/03
Rep. Irene Creteau - Rochester 9/11/03
Rep. Roland Hofemann - Dover
Rep. Naida Kaen - Lee
Rep. Bill Knowles - Dover 9/11/03
Rep. Emma Rous - Durham 12/22/03
Rep. Deanna Rollo - Rollinsford 5/10/03
Rep. Kathy Taylor - Dover 5/10/03
Rep. Katie Taylor - Dover 5/10/03
Rep. Richard Heon - Somersworth
Rep. Janet Wall - Madbury

Democratic State Reps. from Strafford County
21 of the 37 State Reps.:
Dist. 67 (14)
Roger Berube, Somersworth
Frank Callaghan, Rochester
Irene T. Creteau, Rochester
Anne Grassie, Rochester
Richard Heon, Somersworth
Deanna Rollo, Rollinsford
Clair Snyder, Somersworth
Dist. 68 (8)
Nancy Johnson, Milton
Dennis P. Vachon, Northwood
Dist. 70 Dover Wds 1-2 (3)
Peter Schmidt 
Kathy L. Taylor
Katie L. Taylor

Dist. 71 Dover Wds 3-4 (3)
Arthur Pelletier

Dist. 69 Dover Wds 5-6 (3)
Roland Hofemann
William V. Knowles 

Dist. 72 (6)
Naida Kaen, Lee
Joseph Miller, Durham
Emma Rous, Durham
Marjorie Smith, Durham
Judith Spang, Durham
Janet Wall, Madbury


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