The Campaigns in Sullivan County
updated December 18, 2003

City: Claremont (3 wards).  Towns (14): Acworth, Charlestown, Cornish, Croydon, Goshen, Grantham, Langdon, Lempster, Newport, Plainfield, Springfield, Sunapee, Unity, Washington.

Field Office: Moody Building, Room 202, Claremont      ...announced Sept. 30, 2003
Scott Tift - May 2003 graduate of Columbia University where he studied 20th Century US History and English.  During one semester of his sophomore year he interned for US Senator Charles E Schumer in his NYC office.  From Macon, Georgia.
Volunteer Coordinator: Beth Andersen -- (mid-Sept. 2003)  2003 graduate of Brown University.  Originally from Delmar, New York and grew up on a sheep farm in New York.
Rep. Brenda Ferland - Charlestown 8/6/03
Rep. Sandy Harris - Claremont    8/29/03
Rep. Joe Harris - Claremont    8/29/03
Rep. Jay Phinizy - Acworth 4/4/03
Ralph Degnan Hough - former Senate President, represented Lebanon for 22 years in the House and Senate as a Republican, is now a registered Democrat.  A Vietnam veteran, he ran an insurance business in Lebanon.  He is a resident of Grantham. 7/11/03
Karen Dewey, Newport
Kate Trammell, Claremont
 9/25/03 Republicans for Dean
Anthony B. Neidecker, Cornish
11/10/03 Veterans
Sam Foisy, Claremont
Arthur Palmer, Claremont
Rene Sabetto, Claremont
Allen Fields, Cornish
Howard Beardslee, Grantham

Dr. Rob Nordgren - chair of Grantham Democratic Committee, pediatrician, son of Rep. Sharon Nordgren.   4/24/03
Jonathan Estey, Claremont 9/15/03
Cassidy Scott, Cornish 9/15/03
Richard Turgeon, Claremont 9/15/03
Evelyn Watts, Claremont 9/15/03
H. Leslie Watts, Claremont 9/15/03

Field Office: 20 Tremont Square (the Moody Building), Claremont    ...announced Aug. 26, open Sept. 2, 2003
Field Organizer: Shane LaVigne
(Note.   Earlier, Western Regional Field Director Nick Watt worked in this office as Western Regional Field Director; in November he moved on to the Dover office).
Rep. David Allison - Claremont 5/15/03
Rep. Peter Burling - House Democratic Leader, Cornish    6/25/03
Duane Churchill - activist, Cornish
George Disnard - former State Senator, Claremont

Field Office: 162 Washington Street, Claremont    ...announced Nov. 20, 2003
Claremont Field Coordinator: Peter McCollum
Former: Jessica Yuen
Sullivan County Chair, Kerry for President: Chris Shaban - Mayor of Claremont, 2001-02; served on the Claremont City Council and School Board, 1994-2000.  Received the Claremont Volunteer of the Year award, 1999.   11/20/03
Rep. Thomas E. Donovan - Claremont
Judith Kaufman, Cornish 8/6/03
John and Merideth Lunn, Newport     8/6/03
Allen Damren - George W. Bush's 2000 Sullivan County Co-Chair; currently a school administrator in Claremont.  10/29/03

Field Office: 20 Tremont Square (the Moody Building)     ...Hadassah Lieberman officially opened on Dec. 18, 2003
announced 11/16/03 as part of 41-Member "McCain Supporters for Joe Lieberman" Steering Committee
Cathy and Rick Sterling - Newport, McCain town chair in the 2000 NH primary
Bob Stone - Charlestown, McCain town chair in the 2000 NH primary




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