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How Much is that Lemonade?!

ACT-NH Photo

From America Coming Together-NH:

ACT's Halliburton Lemonade Stand Sours Cheney's Visit to New Hampshire

While former Halliburton chief, Vice President Cheney, addressed Granite Staters at a Town Hall meeting on Tuesday, September 7th, ACT NH was helping quench New Hampshire's thirst for the truth with a Halliburton Lemonade Stand at Veterans Park on Elm Street in Manchester.

In addition to providing voters with information about how Cheney's old firm has scammed American taxpayers for billions of dollars, ACT served up glasses of lemonade for the Halliburton-style price of $45 per glass--and $100 for two.

Halliburton, a huge multinational corporation formerely led by Vice President Dick Cheney, has been embroiled in scandal since it was revealed that the company has been price-gouging and overcharging the U.S. Government hundreds of millions of dollars for various services, including meals, that were never served to our troops.  Despite this, Cheney has helped his old company secure billions of dollars in no-bid contracts-all at the expense of American taxpayers.

"New Hampshire voters are thirsty for the truth about how their tax dollars are being spent," said Dennis Newman, New Hampshire state director of America Coming Together.  "And the truth is that Dick Cheney is using our hard-earned money to fill his own pockets and the already fat-wallets of the corporate interests who support Bush."

ACT has been hawking over-priced lemonade all over the country to illustrate how Cheney's involvement with Halliburton and the company's apparent misuse of public funds has hurt our troops and American taxpayers.

September 13 press release from America Coming Together-AZ:


Lemonade Stand In Downtown Phoenix Offering Drinks At Halliburton Prices: $100 a Glass, Free for Wealthiest 1%

Phoenix, AZ – With Arizona’s senior citizens and disabled residents paying $667 million more for Medicare premiums under the Bush Administration, ACT-AZ will sponsor a Halliburton Lemonade Stand in downtown Phoenix at noon today.  Arizonans can compare the vice presidential choices for themselves.  While Democratic candidate John Edwards speaks in Tucson, ACT will highlight the work Vice President Dick Cheney has done fighting for the company he was once CEO of: Halliburton.

WHAT:         Halliburton Lemonade Stand

WHERE:      Downtown Phoenix, 3rd Avenue and Jefferson Street

WHEN:         TODAY, 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

“On a scorchingly hot day, ACT is offering thirsty Arizonans the same kind of deal Dick Cheney’s Halliburton offers the American taxpayers in a difficult time. Prices are fairly set at $100 a glass. Overcharging people simply because we could, would be wrong,” said Sean Carr, ACT-Arizona Communications Director.

However, in true Halliburton fashion, glasses of lemonade will be free for those earning more than $200,000 a year.

While the price may seem high, even excessive, any lemonade stand profits will not go to a typical Halliburton use such as investing in terrorist nations like Iran, or Iraq under Saddam Hussein. Instead, they will go to offsetting the $667 million more the 708,210 Arizona seniors and disabled persons will have paid for basic Medicare costs under the four years of the Bush Administration ($942 each, on average).

“While promising to ‘strengthen’ Medicare, the Bush Administration, with its misplaced priorities, has instead gouged those Americans who can least afford to give more with the largest-ever increase in monthly premiums. This hurts entire families, not just senior citizens,” said Lynn Hand, a concerned Phoenix resident and ACT-AZ volunteer.

ACT-Arizona will provide free bottles of water for passers-by.