The Food Corner

Barbeque Sauce
In the "Ask Chrissy" section of the Gephardt website in a Nov. 28, 2003 posting, Gephardt's daughter Chrissy responded to a question from Jared S. Cram of Temple University.  Cram asked "I was wondering if it would be possible to get the recipe for that world famous BBQ sauce your father cooks up.  Im hoping to do a little grilling over winter break when I get back up to NH and Id love to try the sauce out on some chicken."  Chrissy complied: "2 bottles of Open Pit Barbeque sauce, Brown Sugar, Dry Mustard, Ketchup, Cayenne Pepper, Worcestershire Sauce, A1 Sauce, Beer (not too much- otherwise sauce will be too runny).  Mix all ingredients together in a large simmering pot.  Ingredient proportions depend on the taste you prefer (sweet or sour, hot or mild, etc.) Good luck!"