The Food Corner

Vietti Foods, Inc. of Nashville, TN launched commemorative "Liberal Democrat Boston Baked Beans" and "Conservative Republican Texas Chili Beans" in August 2004.  Republican copy reads, "Lets make sure no Bush-bashing, tofu-eating, tree-hugging, government loving, NPR-listening, Hollywood-hobnobbing, animal activist, beeding heart, left-wing socialist gets elected."  Democratic copy charges consumers "to make sure no Kerry-bashing, meat-eating, fur-wearing, oil drilling, SUV-driving, Limbaugh-listening, conservative Republican capitalist pig gets elected."  The press release notes that, "Nutritionists the world over are encouraging human beings to eat more beans because beans can be effective in cutting colesterol."  The two can set retails for $9.95 including shipping and handling; part of the proceeds from the sale of the beans will go to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.