The Food Corner

During his August 14, 2003 visit to the Iowa State Fair, Gov. Howard Dean continued
his full throttle campaign, tackling a Deep Fried Oreo.
Photo courtesy Dean for America.
Dean's reaction to this fare is not clear.  However the photograph prompted many readers of the campaign's blog to weigh in with reactions of their own.  Anna wrote, "...somebody send in some fresh veggies for the gov - stat!"  Sandra urged, "Howard, please don't become a Taft! Quit eating that crap!"  And Teri Mills, signing herself "Concerned National Nurse," wrote, "There are important nutrients missing from these pictures and I thought Iowa was a huge farm state too.  Don't they grow things like corn and tomatoes and lettuce and that sort of thing???"

Eight of the nine Democratic candidates made trip to the Iowa State Fair in August 2003.  Lining the Concourse were stands offering all manner of fair food, none of it particularly healthy, everything from corn dogs on a stick to pork tenderloin sandwiches to deep fried Oreos.  Gov. Dean was up for the deep-fried Oreo.   Sen. Joe Lieberman had a deep-fried Twinkie on his visit -- they're kosher -- and pronounced it "not bad."