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Manchester, NH radio station AM 610 WGIR staged a "Presidential Donut Poll" promotion on October 7-9, 2003.  Each morning the hosts did a remote at an area Dunkin' Donuts outlet; the nine candidates were each assigned a product.  Joe Lieberman, who won the poll, was assigned bagels and cream cheese.

Full text:
Lieberman Wins Crucial Donut Primary

MANCHESTER, NH -Joe LIeberman today was officially declared the winner of New Hampshire's one-and-only 'Presidential Donut Poll.'  AM 610 WGIR in Manchester conducted the poll over a three-day period at different Dunkin' Donut locations around the Queen City.

The poll used specific Dunkin' Donuts products to represent the nine Democratic candidates.  Lieberman was assigned bagels and cream cheese.

"We are proud of Joe Lieberman," said Lieberman's NH State Director Peter Greenberger.  "It's clear voters are looking for a breakfast with more substance rather than just a flavor of the month such as the Maple Frosted or the Boston Cream donut."

Campaign exit-poll results showed the strong lean towards bagels and cream chees is likely a result of Lieberman's frequent visits to the Granite State during which he has worked hard to 'spread' his message.  Earlier suggestions that Lieberman's poll numbers were inflated as a result of name recognition from his "Cup of Joe with Joe" Tour were proven unfounded on all-importand donut primary day.

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