The Food Corner

Fish Fry
Congressman Jim Clyburn's Fish Fry in Columbia, SC on the evening of May 2, 2003 drew hundreds of South Carolina Democrats and six of the Democratic presidential candidates.  The event was party of a busy Dem Fest weekend which included the party's annual convention and a 90-minute Democratic Presidential Debate.

Held in a parking garage in downtown Columbia, the Fish Fry provides delegates to the convention an opportunity for some inexpensive fun.  It features music, dance, food and even bid whist.  The food is served on disposable plates with  paper napkins.  Eight hundred pounds of whiting were served.  Candidates Dean, Edwards, Gephardt, Graham, Kerry and Moseley Braun all stopped in.  Clyburn initiated this event before he was elected to Congress in 1992, for delegates who couldn't afford the $100 dollar price tag to attend the J-J dinner.  The Clyburn Fish Fry used to happen every two years but is now an annual affair.  This was  the sixth Fish Fry, and the third held in the garage. [more]