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The Bets are On

From a June 10, 2003 Gephardt Press Release:

"Rep. Dick Gephardt announced today that he has agreed to a bet with New Hampshire House Democratic Leader Peter Burling on the three-game interleague series between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Boston Red Sox, which begins tonight at Fenway Park.  If the Red Sox win the series Gephardt owes Burling and the New Hampshire House Democratic Caucus bags of Gus's pretzels and a case of custard, and if the Cardinals are victorious Burling owes Gephardt a New Hampshire lobster dinner."  [The Cardinals won].

Kerry Press Release
September 7, 2003

John Kerry Bets Howard Dean on Red Sox Versus Yankees

Kerry Campaign Puts up New England Clam Chowder versus Dean Manhattan Chowder that the Red Sox Beat the Yankees

Iowa -- With the Boston Red Sox advancing to the American League Championship against the New York Yankees, John Kerry today challenged Howard Dean to a bet that the Sox would take home the pennant.  When the Red Sox win the series, John Kerry will expect Dean to send over some Manhattan Chowder, and if the Yankees steal the series, Kerry will send some New England clam chowder to the Dean campaign.

Kelley Benander, spokesperson, said, "Howard Dean has a relationship with the Yankees that goes way back so we hope he is willing to put some Manhattan Chowder behind his childhood team.  Dean's Yankees may have been the boys of September, but John Kerry's Red Sox will be the men of October."

Howard Dean, who grew up in Manhattan in New York City, has cited his longtime love of the Yankees.

Asked about childhood hero, Dean "fired back instantly" the name of ex-Yankee catcher Elston Howard...Dean: "He had the same name as me and he played catcher, which I did in third grade.  The great Yankee team of 1961 is still the best Yankee team ever, with the possible exception of 1927."  Dean then named the entire Yankee lineup from '61. [Seven Days, 1/9/03]

"I was a Yankee fan when I was growing up - in New York, you had to," said Dean, who moved to Vermont in 1978.  [Boston Herald, 9/19/2003]

"Even Dean's "bloggers" - supporters who post Web logs on the Internet - are having fun with the controversy.  One blogger described himself as a depressed Yankees fan: "Whoever kidnapped Governor Dean and replace him with a Nomah-loving impostor, please return him safely, and we promise not to taunt you too badly (save some 1918 chants) when the Yankees win the Series again."  [AP, 9/22/2003]

In the next days, John Kerry's cmapiagn will aslo launch the "Cowboy UP for Kerry" campaign for Massachusetts supporters who will barnstorm throughout New Hampshire for John Kerry.